Well plans to return to my apartment near university today got pushed back to tomorrow because of the lazy person (my brother) I'm sharing the ride with was whining about going back today. I hate whiners, especially when said whiner is my self-centered brother. I love my brother but I can admit he is a whiny, lazy, self-centered, manipulative little bastard whose girlfriends never listen to me when I try to give them fair warning about him.
They scurry home from their day's labors, gathering their food, and setting right their homes in eager anticipation. Food, drink, friends, and family. For some fingers ready at the keyboard in preparation to announce to their online brethren and fellow acolytes the glory that is to come. The slight rustling of cloth as they nervously gather, whispered words, hushing voices; all eager. The glow of the screen glints in their eyes as the much anticipated words herald the end to their long deprivation... Previously on Battlestar Galactica *flees from impending barrage of rotten tomato*

Gray’s BSG Vidding Experiment

Thus starts the vidding experiment... Well I've finally narrowed my song selection for my first attempt at a vid down to FSOL's Divinity and Tribal Trance's Forest Dance. Also need to confirm that Tribal Trance is the name of the band that does Forest Dance or if that's the album. I'm leaning towards Divinity since Forest Dance might be a little too abstract for some to get. That and Divinity plays well into the Lee Adama and Kara Thrace relationship (friendship and otherwise). Yes. Gasp! Me a devout BSG non-shipper doing a shippy vid. *ROFL* Now I've just got to...
Coming soon to an LJ near you...BSG Fic. Just some titles of BSG fic I should be posting in the next week or two: 1. Bona Fiscalia Rated: PG Note: A little piece on Starbuck's tatoo. 2. Untitled #12 (Tentative Title: Time's Mirror) Rated: PG Note: A future AU. (Apollo & Starbuck) Twenty years gone and they were back at the beginning. 3. Untitled #3 (Tentative Title: In Cadmus' Stead) Rated: NC-17 Note: Slash warning! (Apollo/Helo) He certainly wasn't expecting this.

BSG Artwork

I was playing around with my old PSP program last night and came up with two pieces. One is just a image I might use at GA, the other is of Lee Adama. I was originally aiming to get an old torn photograph feel but didn't quite get that. I still like both of them. If interested in viewing, look behind the cut. GA Sig My signature image for Galactica Actual. Was playing around with my old PSP and came up with this. Old Lee Phtoto An attempt at creating an old photo, distressed picture. Oddly enough inspired by several...
Well I watched most of the SG-1 marathon on SciFi today. I say most since I decided to skip a few episodes I remembered too well and fell asleep during another two. For the ones a did see it was good to pick up stuff thatI either missed before or had forgotten about. Still found myself disliking the "son of anubis" episode and still completely bored with the Ori story line.

Fannish Resolutions

I've decided to set up some resolutions for myself for my various fannish interests. Won't guarantee I'll actually complete them, but we'll see what happens. New Year's Fannish Resolutions: 1. Complete the 6 fics in 6 months challege at Galactica Actual. (Eee!!!) 2. Write at least 1 fanfic a month of 500+ words (in addition to #1) for one of the following fandoms: BSG, Farscape, Babylon 5. 3. Launch the new and improved ThirdsphereNet by March. 4. Create new LJ icons for self for BSG, Farscape, Babylon 5, and so on. 5. Try my hand at fan vidding. 6. Try...