LJ Popularity

Not that I really care but I decided to be like all the other sheeple when I saw this at carolelombard's LJ and I was slightly curious. Did better than I thought. 's LiveJournal popularity rating is 2.32/10. is more popular than 77.9% of all LiveJournal users. is more popular than 23.5% of their mutual friends.How popular are you?LJ Popularity created by .

Hotel Rwanda

I have to say that all my friends, associates, and others who brought this film to my attention were correct about it. Very powerful and gripping. I've been wanting to see this film ever since I saw it mentioned over at AfricaPundit and now that I have seen it I am in agreement that it is an amazing film. I'm surprised it didn't have a wider distribution in the U.S. but then I probably shouldn't be. In my experience Americans tend not to want to hear or see what is going on/has gone on in the world unless it poses...

Wormy Luv

And no that's not as pervy as it sounds. I'm still loving that Visa Card Break Dancing Worm commercial. (Hey at least I finally realized what they were advertising, right?) For those curious as to what I'm referring to here's a link to the piece in question (you'll need flash in order to view it): YouTube - Break Dancing Worm Yes, I'm wierd but you knew that anyway or you wouldn't be reading this LJ. :-) I couldn't resist making an icon. I think I like this commercial so much is due to it being somewhat original and different from...

Icon Worship

Seriously. It's amazing how many truly awesome icons are out there on LJ. And I'm just looking at ones for those on my flist. There are a lot of creative and talented people out there in LJ land. I am in awe of their skills.

I must be insane (or just in BSG withdrawal)

I can't believe I'm seriously thinking of going along with meyerlemon's idea of intentionally writing a Mary Sue fanfic. Die, Mary Sues! Die! *flaily flailing* Ack! Argh! Bleh. Moo. Moo. Join the herd. The herd is your friend. Oh I'm also getting much amusement over the break dancing worm commercial. I have no idea what they are advertising, but I just love the break dancing worm. :)

Blast From the Past Fic (Farscape Edition)

Just uploading more fic to the Thirdsphere archive. Tonight's selected fandom is Farscape! A Second to Infinity Rated G Alien Eyes Rated G Dog Daze Sunrise Rated PG An Enemy's Love Rated PG Eating Companions Rated PG And the never written (or even started) Farscape Virtual Season 5 outline. Cancelled after PK Wars was okayed for production.

Doctor Who “Aliens of London, Pt 1” & SCaTWoT

Doctor Who "Aliens of London, Part 1" I don't really have much to say about this episode other than I enjoyed it quite a bit, even it was a bit predictable at times. The destruction big Big Ben has me snickering because it was such an obvious ploy as did the "alien pig". Good to see that UNIT is still around in a bi of changed form, but there none the less. I thought it particularly amusing when Rose suggested watching history unfold on television after the Doctor commented that seeing history unfold was why he travelled. The nonplussed look...