2009 Television Viewing

So 2009 will bring us some new shows, continue others, and spell the end of some.

Battlestar Galactica - So BSG winds down this year in time for the rise of it's spin off show, Caprica. Despite my growing ambivalence towards BSG I intend to watch the final episodes intently and hope RDM & Co don't completely destroy my interest in the show (and Caprica in the process). While frustrated by what I feel is somewhat sloppy writing and continuity for the last two seasons and plagued by bizarre character "development" I still love the show and look forward to it winding down in what I hope will be a return to the quality and intensity the show started with.

Stargate Atlantis - SGA never quite garnered the longevity or gravitas of SG-1. Few spin off series can be equal to their progenitor, though SGA gave it a good shot. I'll miss SGA when it's run its course.

Sanctuary - Sanctuary seems a bit hit and miss as far as stories and acting goes. That and I get slightly annoyed at the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen feel in some of the episodes. Otherwise it seems okay to watch. Doesn't blow me away or anything but it keeps my attention most of the time. Except when Amanda Tapping's Magnus has a muddled accent moment. o.O

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Just when I started to get bored with this show they made it interesting again. Don't know if it'll slump again, but we'll see.

Knight Rider - Died for me on the second episode last year. Good riddance. It deserved cancellation.

Legend of the Seeker - I'm not sure why I like this show but I do. Maybe it's because it breaks from the expected campiness often associated with this genre (ala Hercules and Xena). I don't know. It's not like the actors are spectacular. Steady, but not brilliant. Same for the dialog. Of course I've only seen a grand total of four episodes as of this post, so maybe it gets better, maybe worse. I'm still catching up. Good enough show to veg out on.

Heroes - Anyone else getting bored with the series? So far this season seems to be something of a mess as far as pacing and story go. Still watching it, but starting to wonder why.

Dollhouse - I'm not completely sold on the concept of Dollhouse or the viability of such a show in the long term. I'll give it a shot though.

Fringe - Enjoying the show even if sometimes I yell at the screen correcting science and engineering errors, blunders, and mis-statements  they make, much to the amusement of my brother.

Doctor Who - Of course. Whenever BBC America of SFC get around to showing a new season.

The usual suspects I watch if I can catch them (thanks to the DVR):  Supernatural (getting kind of repetitive), Bones (the UST is boring), House (a little too repetitive), Top Gear, True Blood (books were better, IMO), My Own Worst Enemy, Chuck, Psych, NASA TV (when there's something interesting to watch)

Shows I'm skipping entirely: Castle (retread storyline), Lie to Me (soon everyone will think they can read body language correctly), Kings (meh) , Cupid (rhymes with stupid for a reason), Smallville (boring to me now)

I'm sure there are other shows I'm forgetting at the moment.