Guild Wars: Canthan New Year 2010

With the forthcoming Chinese New Year on February 14, Guild Wars once more bring back the Canthan New Year for the players to partake in starting noon Pacific Friday February 12 and ending noon Pacific February 15. Sunday is the main event with the Celestial Tiger's arrival.For the finale I have all but two items remaining to collect for my guildies and friends to enjoy for one or two (assuming they keep to the previous year's dishes). Mainly I'm just interested in getting a mini-celestial tiger and AFKing the rings for the lucky/unlucky title. Everything else is just a bonus.

2010 Olympics

The 2010 Olympics are upon us and being this Friday, February 12, with ski jumping qualifications and the opening ceremony. I think maybe the only sport I'm uninterested in is curling. Hopefully broadcasts will be a little more balanced in their coverage in some sports, but that's difficult given the limited airtime.Websites of interest:Vancouver Olympic Games Medals Results Sports : Vancouver 2010 Winter OlympicsNBC Olympics

Kazakhstan diversifies satellite suppliers

Kazakhstan to diversify satellite suppliers in future | International Space FellowshipKazakhstan will not name Russia as a privileged supplier of satellites and will announce international tenders after the launch of its KazSat-2, the head of the Kazakh space agency said on Tuesday.Somewhat interesting given the potential market for satellites and launch facilities. More interestingly will be if Russia can get the new space center at Vostochny completed by the planned 2018 deadline. The Космодром Восточный (Eastern Spaceport) is expected to have several launch pads for both manned and unmanned flights and being inside Russia is expected to be more cost...