Adama & Tigh Thoughts

Thoughts and theories on the history of Cmdr Adama and Col. Tigh.How they met, becamse friends, comrades, and shipmates and the role this past had in shaping the Battlestar Galactica universe.

Spoiler Warning: 2.01 Scattered. Even before the airing of BSG 2.01 Scattered I'd wondered at the history of William Adama and Saul Tigh in the Colonial Fleet. Things like how they met, what they did, and so on. I had two schools of thought on the subject. The first, like many fans and fanfic writers, had them as old war buddies who flew against the Cylons together and just stuck together over the years until the pair ended up on Galatica. The other school of thought I had is based more upon post WWII America, one that seems more akin to the glimpses of their shared past seen in Scattered

The Theory

The post WWII style theory I had considered regarding Adama and Tigh follows much of what happened in the United States post WWII. In this case I conceived both Adama and Tigh as being among millions of young men and women conscripted to fight when the Cylon War began in earnest. Both served as fighter pilots against the Cylons and like many young people developed a sense of belonging, direction, and pride in serving the people in defense against the Cylons. I might even go so far as to say that both men in their own ways found their home in space, feeling more comfortable on Colonial military vessels and their fighter cockpits than they did being at home on the ground.

When the Cylon War ended the Colonies disbanded units conscripted units by the tens of thousands as the perceived Cylon threat began to fade. It also appears that the Articles of Colonization that unified the Colonies under a single government system was founded sometime around the end of the Cylon War or soon after (likely capitalizing on the good feelings the Colonials had at working together to prevent their annihilation at the hands of their own creations).  Jubilant in their apparent victory over the Cylons these respective men (Adama and Tigh) along with thousands of Colonial soldiers eagerly returned home to their spouses/SOs with the intention of rebuilding and reconstructing their society.

However well intentioned their motives things likely became difficult as far desirable jobs and careers went. Adama and Tigh both seem to have a deep seated love of flying. Adama more so that Tigh. I theorize that both men tried to have the "normal" life but found it either lacking the direction or excitement they were used to in the Colonial fleet, perhaps both. Eventually, both return to space via various inter colony shipping companies, transports, and so on as deckhands, mechanics, pilots, engineers, and so on. Given what little was shown in the flashbacks of Scattered there are a large number of ex-Colonial military that have done the same thing with Tigh's remark about Adama getting back into the fleet and the general "okay, whatever"  response from their fellow crewmates that hinted at many previous people making the same claim. Even the younger Tigh is a bit jaded by the whole idea even after Adama, after using his wife's connections, successfully reenters the Colonial Fleet (a move that Tigh is obviously happy for his new friend and likely doubting this Bill Adama he's recently met will honestly help him rejoin the fleet in time). A short time later (a year or two?) Adama makes good on his promise much to the obvious surprise (and dare I say relief) of Tigh, whose looks to have seriously gone down hill personally and professionally.

(A/N: This is not unlike what happened in the post war United States that lead to the so-called Baby Boomers generation. From a pilot's perspective there weren't many aviation jobs in the USA available for the sheer number of people. Also soceity had changed a great deal. Women and minorities had made significant contributions to the war effort. Many were caught in the post war haze and willingly allowed themselves to slip back into the pre-war roles foisted upon them by society and prejudices, even though many had come to be quite skilled at what they did and loved their jobs. Soon discontent at the "old way of doing things" led to the social upheavals for social justice, political reforms, and fight for equality that racked the U.S. during the late 50s and well into the 60s and 70s.

Now, imagine this on the scale of 12 entire colonies of humans who had fought with and against each  other for hundreds of years trying to stabilize themselves under a brand new system of government created in the Articles of Colonization. Obviously things have not gone smoothly with the noted instances in the show of the exploitation of Sagittaron by the other colonies, the riots on Aerilon put down by President Adar, and of course Tom Zarek's terrorist bombing of a government building and banning of his book on politics and philosophy.)

At this point I'm guessing that Adama is still a pilot, likely a CAG, whose about to be bumped out of Vipers in a few years and higher up into the command ranks on his way to his desired Battlestar command position he wants. Tigh gratefully accepts Adama's patronage as it returns to him a modicum of self respect, motivation, dignity, and purpose to return to active Fleet service.

(A/N: It is at this time that I want to interject a comment about Adama's wife of the time. In the mini we learn his ex-wife is named Caroline. In Scattered it sounds like he said his wife name was Anne or something. If this is true, it could be that in the post war rush to celebration he married what would become his first wife. After rejoining the fleet through his wife's influential family, the marriage fell apart leading to divorce. Eventually Adama married Caroline and had his two sons, Lee and Zak.

Adama's use of his connections to get what wants for himself, his friends, and his family point to the favoritism and nepotism that has cropped up in the Conlonial fleet, especially amongst the old war veterans. Of course it is equally as obvious that Adama and Tigh are well suited to their positions and have the skills necessary to carry out their duties despite personal problems. It is this same favoritism though that comes to be sore point with Adama's own children later.) The Effect The most obvious effect of Adama and Tigh returning to Flee duty is that they apparently have served together ever since Adama got Tigh reinstated. The two obviously have an extremely close bond, work well together and look out for each other both professionally and personally. I'm sure Adama has taken a lot of heat from his fellow officers over Tigh and his floozy of a wife, Ellen, over the years even after making Battlestar Commander. This is likely why Tigh is right alongside him aboard the ageing Galactica. The fleet figures the ship's being decommissioned soon so let the two old warhorses finish out their careers together training the rooks and young officers of the fleet and thereby instilling a sense of pride for all involved as the Colonial Fleet moves into a more modern age with faster computers and newer models of the Viper and a different perspective on what the Fleet does and how it operates.

The most noteable effect that can be seen is the sore point between Adama and his children over favoritism and nepotism. Both Lee and Zak express their dislike of any perceived preferential treatment on their behalf by their father. I suspect Lee went out of his way to quash any accusations of favoritism by turning himself into an uptight perfectionist, despite already being somewhat skilled in his piloting and command abilities, that took everything far too seriously and likely had more this his fair share of fisticuffs over his parentage. Zak on the other hand I see as not being so much the perfectionist, but equally committed to carving out his own niche in the shadow of not only his father, but his overachieving brother as well.

(A/N: I am of the opinion that Tigh knew both Adama boys fairly well up until Adama and he being posted to Galactica or even the boys heading off to their military training. Not in an uncle sort of way but just that he likely heard Bill Adama speak of them often and maybe even had a few "babysitting" duties with the boys. After all in the mini, Tigh did seem awfully fond of the picture of the younger Adama and his boys posing in front of the old Viper Mk II. I think in regards to the Adama boys resistance to their Father's patronage, Tigh respects Lee's independence streak and perhaps even admires it to some degree but is ultimately loyal to Bill Adama. Hence Lee loses much of Tigh's respect (for lack of a better term) after the "mutiny" aboard Colonial One because of that same Independence.) So I guess that's my take on Adama & Tigh up until this point and how their backstory may have affected the events that have taken place. Thoughts? Comments? Your own theories?

I really ought to write the fic that been floating around in my head about this. What do you all think?