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Welcome to A Slip in the Stream
A humor page dedicated to Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda.

Lines You'll Never Hear

1. Hunt: "Engage."
2. Trance: "Meow."
3. Harper: "Captain, she can not take any more!"
4. Tyr: "Peace out, man."
5. Hunt: "Captain's Log. Stardate: 54185.25..."
6. Gerentex: "Is that cheese?"
7. Rev: "Nuke 'em!"
8. Beka: "So, I'm like the female Ieolus (sp?) of this show, huh?"
9. Mapes: "Begin trasmit. Let's party!!"
10. Andromeda: "You will be assimilated."
11. Andromeda: "Resistance is futile."
12. Andromeda: "I'm sorry. I cannot do that."
13. Andromeda: "Danger. Danger, Wil Robinson!"
14. Anyone "Tribble."
15. Anyone: "K'plah"
16. Tyr: "I broke a nail!"
17. Rev: "Thank you for the flea and tick collar."
18. Hunt: "Like a god? I am God!" [12-10-00]
19. Trance: "Kill them! Kill them all!" [12-10-00]
20. Tyr: "I think you need a hug." [12-10-00]
21. Rev: "Do you like my new perm?" [12-10-00]
22. Tyr to Trance: "I can't seem to get this bottle open. Could you open it for me?" [12-10-00]
23. Harper: "Damn! Where's the chewing gum and bailing wire?" [12-10-00]
24. Hunt: "Why is Trance rolling around on the floor?" Harper: "Oh, it's the catnip." [12-10-00]
25. Tyr: (Singing) "Kumbaya." [12-10-00]
26. Any Nietzean (sp?): "I am of the Fluffy Bunny Pride." [12-10-00]
27. Andromeda: "I'm detecting a ship. It's the Dances with Supernovas." [12-10-00]
28. Tyr: "It's the dreaded flower power attack." [12-25-00]
29. Tyr: "Do you think the pink nail polish would go well on my spikes?" [12-25-00]
30. Highguard ship name: "Up Yours and Die." [12-30-00]
31. Alien: "We are the Taelons." Crew: "Hey,wrong universe!" [12-30-00}
32. Any Magog: "Tastes like chicken." [12-30-00]
33. Hunt: "Bow to me for I am your king!" [12-30-00]
34. Rev: "I look funny? Why you little snot nosed, pizza chomping, godzilla-watching four eyed geek!" [12-30-00]
35. Trance: "Oh goody. We're going to die." [12-30-00]
36. Anyone: "I am sci-fi." [12-30-00]
37. Hunt: "This reminds me of a really bad sci-fi show." [12-30-00]
38. Andromeda: "I'll fix it later. My soaps are on." [12-30-00]
39. Tyr: "Damn I look good in leather." [12-30-00]
40. Hunt: "No, my uniform is not a reject from Battlestar Galactica." [01-08-01]

Ship Names You'll Never Hear

1. Dances with Supernovas
2. Enterprise
3. Goldilocks
4. Camel Jockey
5. The Three Pronged Shillelagh
6. Windows Millenium Edition
7. Nietsche Was Right
8. Only Nixon Could Go to China
9. Red October
10. Duck Dogers
11. Cattlecar Gigantica
12. The Ship Formerly Known as Prince
13. The Excrement Express
14. You Are Here

Slippin' Episodes

The Captain Formerly Known as Herc-Captain Dylan Hunt
Miss Kitty Kitty- Trance Gemini
Captain Bubblehead-Captain Beka Valentine
Spikey-Tyr Anasazi
Pig Bat- Rev Bem
Wesley Crusher- Seamus Harper
Mrs. HAL2000- Andromeda (holo)
-Andromeda (human)

Miscellaneous Beings
Weasel Pimp-Gerintex
Gape- Mapes

Episode 101 Under The Night
While commanding the Andromeda, Herc is betrayed by Spikey Chakotay and ends up stuck in time for 300 hundred years near a black hole only to have Weasel Pimp and Bubblehead's Band of the Damned pull them out during a salvage operation.

Review: Let's see, lots of ships, some stars, more ships, people scurrying aorund like rats on a sinking ship, more ships, some dialog, some talk, Spikey Chakotay making use of his um...attributes, Herc in his Battlestar Galatica get up, bug guts spewing all over the place, Matrix slllloooowwww-moooottion fx, Spikey Chakotay gets blasted, freeze frame, garbage scow of the port bow, the Bubble!!, Herc and Mrs Hal2000 discover some unwanted rodents aboard.

Episode 102 An Affirming Flame
Overview: Weasel Pimp and the gang try to take over Andromeda with lots of betrayal, explosions and nifty stuff like that.

Review: Spikey hunts Herc; Herc busts out the manly "righteous armor of doom"; Ms Roboto and Dumb get iced and Dumber gets his own personal lifepod, Wesley Crusher has a close encounter with Ms Hal2000, Miss Kitty and Weasel Pimp have a spat, Weasel Pimp flees pushing the ship towards a black hole. Bubblehead's gang joins up with Herc to retrieve their garbage scow, Miss Kitty is back (minus one life), they nuke the blackhole and slip away to safety, retake the garbage scow, and then happily fly off to the next adventure together. Note: When recruiting people to your cause never tell them "It's an adventure" . This aint the Peace Corps, dude.

Episode 103 To Lose the Fateful Lightning
Overview: Herc and the gang encounter some kids whose motto is If you can beat 'em, nuke 'em and worship the Highguard.

Review: Herc becomes a deity (Gee what a stretch huh?), hands the keys to a couple of dozen space nukes to a bunch of fanatical kamikaze kids, a bunch of people die, Miss Kitty impresses the kiddies (it's gotta be the tail), Crusher boy plays god, Ms Hal2000 becomes a goddess, Herc takes away the nukes and keeps one for himself while giving the kiddies a new commandment. Let's see, what else.... Spikey whines, Pig Bat gets strung up and all philosophically pacifist and Bubblehead might not be a real blonde (duh).