Title: Sea of Stars

Author: B5Crusader@geocities.com
Date: 02-05-98

Dedication/Notes: This my first attempt at verse, so I can't say I think it's good. It seems ok. To be honest I'm not sure why I wrote it I just woke up in the middle of the night and typed it up. Anyway, I was cleaning up my hard drive when I found it and decided to post it for anyone review.

Sea of Stars

I walk alone now.
My path had been a long one full of great dreams, 
Greater desires, terrible darkness and even terrible woes. 
Joyous beauty and horrifying pain. 
Near the end now I wonder, 
Was it worth it? 

I have seen much, done more. 
My body aches with the toil of my work. 
The great cities gleam, 
The children play in the light of peace. 
My work is complete
It is time to go.

The stars surround me, beautiful and yet cold. 
They swirl about me, the weight begins to lift. 
So tired, so tired. 
Perhaps if I rest, if only for a while.
I close my eyes and see tomorrow again.
The path unfolds.

He is gone, but I am not alone.
My path once empty, sorrowful, saddening
Now filled with desire, greatness reborn.
Horrifying beauty and triumphant pain
Watching and receeding I wonder,
Will I ever see him again?

I have seen so much, done more than they know.
My soul aches with the burden of my past
My beautiful cities in flames,
The children sing no more today.
Can they forgive me?
The work begins, reborn in pain.

The stars before, silent and comforting.
The passage of aeons, unchanging, they remain.
I am tired, so tired.
No longer alone I may rest, he will wait.
I close my eyes and see it all again.
The path unfolds.