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The Babylon Chronicles are a collection of fanfiction that relate not only to the television show of Babylon 5, but to the entire Babylon 5 Universe created by the "Great Maker", J. Michael Straczynski. Any and all story submissions are welcome, so long as they have something to do with Babylon 5 , Crusade or the Babylon 5 Universe.

Content Rating Notes:
images/b5red.gif Story Rated R due to violence, language, mature theme or other graphic content. All other stories should be considered Rated PG.
Individual Stories Tidal Forces by B5Crusader A "blip" on the run from the PsiCorps joins the Rangers.
Thunder In The Heavens, Part 1 by B5Crusader A sequel to Tidal Forces
In the Shadow of Giants by B5Crusader b5red.gif A Whitestar is missing and the Rangers must find out what happened.
Before Their Time, Part 1-6 by Azmodi A Star Trek-B5 Crossover story.
Reflections in the Night by B5Crusader Vir Cotto's first night on Minbar
Learning Curve by Spiffy John and Delenn come to terms about his marriage to Lochley
Series Fiction FAQ

In the Gardens of the Past by B5Crusader The story of Valen's War against the Shadows.
Book 1: Prologue-Part 22
Book 2: Part 23
Part 24
Part 25
Part 26

Darkened Souls b5red.gif (In hiatus) by B5Crusader A darker, alternate history for Babylon 5
The Deliberations of Savages
To Walk In the Sands of Blood
The Red Sands of Passage
Remembrances and the Future
Humor and Verse Lightbulb 5 by B5Crusader and Friends When Babylon 5 Lightbulb jokes go waaayyy to far...
Sea of Stars by B5Crusader