Battlestar Galactica 3.06 “Torn, Pt 1”

Warning: Spoilers!

Battlestar Galactica 3.06: Torn, Pt 1

Basic Plot: The fallout from the occupation of New Caprica continues as tensions rise between those who suffered under the occupation and those who fled with the Fleet. Meanwhile the Cylons are afflicted by a mysterious and deadly virus. 

Viewing Commentary:

  • The Baltar and Six mind games have finally returned to their creepy little encounters. Which is a good thing. It was getting a bit boring for a while there.
  • And the Cylons want to know about Earth so they can make it their new home.
  • Apollo is back in the air. Yay! Though he’s only a Major now.
  • Interesting little war games going on. Unfortunately Starbuck’s being a bit reckless.
  • Ooh. Apollo taking Starbuck off flight status. Definitely pissed at her.
  • Poor Tigh. Imagining hearing Ellen.
  • Kacey and her mom came to see Kara. Not going to end well. Yep. See.
  • Shallow Moment Alert: Apollo/Mirror OTP! *THUD*
  • “You got it, Slim.” Heh. Love the little Helo-Apollo moment. Nice to see Lee back in fighting form as well as evidence by the previous thud comment.
  • Gaeta left trying to pull together Baltar’s notes.
  • Interesting, Pythia chronicled the passage to Earth.
  • “I suggest we go lion hunting.”
  • I guess the race for Earth is on with the Cylons looking for the planet as well.
  • Ok. Cylons apparently do Tai Chi Chuan. Well that’s what the exercise looks like to me. I admit its been several years since I did any Tai Chi.
  • Um, I’m going to be brutally honest here and say the whole Cylon Projection thing sounds like a bunch of half-assed bullshit to me. Sorry, but it just sounds completely stupid by the explanation given. Gives more credence to Cavill’s comments about Cylons being delusional machines.
  • Sharon’s new call sign came from Hot Dog of all people: Athena. The other suggestions were amusing though. And interesting that they all seemed to be given in a light hearted manner.
  • Well, you knew resentments were going to come up with the crews what with everything that happened.
  • A virus is killing the Cylons.
  • What are the Hybrids the Cylons are talking about? I’ve got a sinking feeling what they might be. I hope I’m wrong if and when they reveal what they are.
  • Tigh and Kara’s little pity party is starting to get heated with their little us versus them attitude. I’m with Kat on this one. Take it out on their real enemy- the Cylons.
  • Ew. I was right about the Hybrid. Although it is a rather ironic term for the Cylons to use.
  • Whatever virus it is it’s pretty insidious and fast. Interesting that the Cylons found what appears to be a human made device that brought the disease.
  • Interesting that Baltar decides to withhold the information about the unknown device.
  • The Cylons are definitely freaked over the disease.
  • About time Adama came to confront the Pity Party Pair. As much as I love Tigh I’m with Adama when it comes to losing patience with him.
  • At least Adama’s metaphorical kick in the ass seemed to get Kara back into the game. Too bad she ditched the hair though.
  • “It’s the MGM Lion. Run!” Sorry. Heh.
  • Athena and Racetrack find the Lion’s Head and the dead Basestar.
  • Certainly seemed to freak Athena. (I can tell I’m going to enjoy using Sharon Agathon’s new call sign.)

Miscellaneous Commentary: 

It figures the Cylons would want to find Earth given their short sightedness in destroying the Twelve Colonies which will likely take centuries to recover ecologically and may not be suitable for human life even longer given the number of nuclear weapons used to destroy the human population.

Tigh. I feel for the guy but I have to agree with Adama’s actions. Adama can’t have people sowing discord and dissent on his ship, especially from someone like Tigh. Now, whether Tigh has hit bottom yet or not is hard to say. Killing Ellen obviously has ripped him up emotionally on top of his decisions as a leader of the resistance and his torture at the hands of the Cylons. Whether Adama’s little ass chewing will finally help bring Tigh out of it we’ll have to wait and see. 

Kara Thrace. I wish I could say I feel more sympathy for her given her month’s long imprisonment under Leoben’s psychotic/obsessive care but her recklessness and sniping pretty much finished off my sympathy. This is especially so given that Anders is still alive and she apparently threw that relationship away, her attempt to punish Gaeta, Kacey’s mom apparently was more than willing to let Kara have a place in Kacey’s life and rejecting that, and Adama still considered her his daughter and blew that by her behavior as well. I think Adama kicking the legs right out from under her and in essence disowning her shocked her into at least trying to pull herself together by making her realize she still had a lot to lose: her remaining friends, her career as a pilot, her home on Galactica, and the last of those that consider her family.

Rating: 8.0/10