Battlestar Galactica: Razor

Beware: Spoilers!

Review, thoughts and comments on Battlestar Galactica Razor are under the cut. The following is my initial reaction to viewing the show.

Battlestar Galactica: Razor

Plot:: The story of the Battlestar Pegasus under Helena Cain and Lee Adama.

Miscellaneous Viewing Comments:
  • Nice vis FX of the shipyard.
  • Ah Pegasus, how I've missed you.
  • I need to cap a screen of Shaw's patch and see her previous assignment. Probably someone has already done it but I'm curious.
  • Nice to see Steve Bacic sans facial hair. Haven't seen him that way in role for a while.
  • Ok. No need to beat it over our head. Pegasus was a cold, rude place long before the attacks.
  • Heh. At least Cain has some sort of sense of humor, even if it was making a junior officer squirm.
  • Poor Hoshi, reduced to being a porter for some sniveling new transfer. Not that I didn't mind seeing the boy again.
  • That's right, slap someone who obviously has a head injury. Brilliant move. Sure, it was supposed to have snapped Shaw out of her daze, but rarely works in real life.
  • And we should care that Cain was in a lesbian relationship? Why? To show how such a deep personal betrayal sent her over the edge? Doesn't really fit considering she decided to murder her first XO before the truth became known. I don't know. It just felt contrived to me.
  • Fisk was a pig, but obviously didn't start that way. Fisk's Redemption Point #1: His pure joy at discovering a civilian fleet and his disbelief at Cain's subsequent order.
  • Fisk's Redemption #2: Actually willing to question (in a round about manner and via phone) Cain's order to shoot the family members of those that refuse to be forced into service and his subsequent hesitation. I suspect Fisk might have actually decided not to carry out the order if not for subsequent events. Certainly the Marines with him seemed ill at ease by what was happening.
  • So Shaw's an addict. OK. The why is obvious enough, but the how could have gone some way to making her more sympathetic instead of leaving me the impression of a spoiled, arrogant bitch who I actually hope dies in a painful manner.
  • I lol'ed at Adama being surprised his son could find an XO meaner than Tigh.
  • Speaking of which: NotPirate!Tigh. I like Tigh sans eyepatch.
  • Heh. Loved Lee's hard nosed approach to Shaw about not letting her resign over what she did on Scylla.
  • So we only get to see a short clip of young Adama. Bummer. I wanted to see the other stuff seen in the commercials. Oh well, another chance to bring some genuine impact to the movie lost.. It's probably on the DVD anyway.
  • Old school Cylons! Heh. I admit to snickering at seeing the CGI version and hearing the classic voices, including the difference between a command Cylon (gold) and a centurion (silver), and the higher pitched woom-woom sound.
  • I did loved the FX of the space battle.
  • Um, wait. Thrust? It didn't even look like the strike tam was wearing any sort of maneuvering units in the first place. Definitely need to rewatch that scene because that is a huge mistake if I didn't just miss something. (It's an aerospace engineering thing, especially for those of us tied so heavily into space side.)
  • Yay for seeing Sgt Mathias (sp?) again.
  • The hybrid experiment rooms (past and present) were suitably gruesome and chilling.
  • Nicely tense Adama and Lee moment over the nukes. A fine Adamii moment.
  • The early hybrid was cool, I thought. Didn't seem that much different than the current hybrids the Cylons used. Also helps explain why the Cylons made their own Centurions non-sentient with the newer models.
  • Filming glitch? Starbuck, you need to put the flight suit and collar piece on before the helmet. Otherwise you'll still be sucking vacuum.
  • Shaw dies to save her team. Um, yay?
  • People obviously react to crisis situations differently as was highlighted throughout this story of Pegasus but I couldn't even dredge up a remote iota of sympathy, compassion, understanding, whatever for Shaw. Only one scene had any real impact at that was Shaw's single tear. I can't even put int the category of anti-Hero. I simply did not connect with what the writer's were trying to show me. Cain on the other had in just a few scenes was able to convey so much more to connect with: her concern for Hoshi, berating herself over the casualties her little revenge op had inflicted, standing over the dead, etc.
  • So, wait. Adama is all fuzzy for Cain now? Commander "Put a Gun to Cain's Head and Pull the Trigger 'Cause She's a Threat" Adama? The lame attempt of Adama defending Cain and Shaw's actions is just that: lame. Fairly poor scene if you ask me saved only by EJO and JB pulling out the stops to save it from bad writing.
  • Cheesy Forced Tie into Series#1: The hybrid warning that Kara Thrace was leading humanity to doom, blah, blah, blah.
  • Cheesy Forced Tie into Series #2: Kara telling Lee that she would be there until the end, destiny, blah, blah, blah.
  • Pilots!moment. Well I suppose it is no longer a pilots!moment given that Apollo is the Peggy's CO. But still it was nice to see Kara and Lee joking around.
  • The knife thing through out? Didn't really work for me. Seemed a bit too forced and obvious.


Razor left me ambivalent. While I enjoyed seeing some of the history of Pegasus and how it differed from Galactica's own path from the Colonies, much of the story felt simplistic and two dimensional, a simple rehashing of what was known with a few not so well thought out new bits of information and background. I enjoyed seeing the original series style Cyclon Fighters and Centurions again, though I was admittedly disappointed that the majority of scenes of Adama in the First Cylon War were cut out entirely.

Among these was the rather weak story thread of Kendra Shaw that was woven to try and pull five small sub stories together into something related and cohesive, ala J. Michael Straczinsky's multi threaded episodes of Babylon 5. Unfortunately Razor was not able to pull it off, with so little real character development and emotional impact to really pull me into the story. Sadly it was secondary actors in the roles who brought home that impact rather than the lead actors for in some scenes. Cases in point: Fisk's shock at Cain executing her XO and his stunned expression at Shaw mimicing Cain later when executing a civilian,

I wish I could say that this was one of Battlestar Galactica's better outings but it wasn't. Razor was still enjoyable but lacking that spark that normally sets BSG so far above many shows. It felt rushed and unrefined compared to the series itself.

More thoughts later.

Rating: 7.5/10