BSG Ep. 4.05: “The Road Less Traveled”

Warning: Spoilers under the cut!

BSG Ep. 4.05: "The Road Less Traveled"

Plot: Tensions rise amongst the crew on the Demetrius. Meanwhile Baltar's religion gets Tyrol's attention.

Viewing Comments:
  • Demetrius. 58 days out.
  • Helo's obviously worried.
  • Kara looks a bit looney.
  • Sweaty!pilots.
  • Sharon suddenly seems decidedly antagonistic towards Kara. Wonder why? Or as my brother put it: "What the f*** is up with Sharon?"
  • What's with Baltar's lame robe?
  • Shaven head Tyrol.
  • Tyrol's questioning Cally's "suicide". Good.
  • Tory is such a psycho. I mean serial killer type psycho.
  • The symbol of Baltar's group is familiar. Vaguely shaped like the Ichthus symbol. Sorta. If rotated.
  • Enter one Heavy Raider. Leoben included. Did they really need to dress him like he was in the miniseries though?
  • KCR rules. Seriously, he plays Leoben so well.
  • Cool painting.
  • Ok. So Baltar's just become the fleet's first evangelical talk show host. Great.
  • Tigh's looking fairly spry for someone getting his ass beat by a Cylon. Even if he is a Cylon himself.
  • Note to Baltar: Don't mention the dead wife. Leads to choking.
  • Baltar looked a little miffed when Tory dismissed his little groups importance.
  • So Sharon is ok as a Cylon but Kara as a possible Cylon is not. Hmm 'k.
  • Creepy similarity to Leoben warning Roslin about Adama being a Cylon and Leoben telling Kara her officers don't trust her.
  • Ack! They killed Sgt Mathias. I liked Mathias.
  • I briefly thought Tyrol was going to kill himself until the over the top yell. Then it seemed to devolved into over acting.
  • Why do I get the feeling Tyrol would just as soon slit Baltar's throat as shake his hand, even when shaking Baltar's hand. Pretty chilling dead pan expression there.
  • Huh. Weird. I can not decide whether Athena was warning Helo to not follow Kara's orders or to not stage a mutiny against Kara. I guess that line was written to be intentionally vague for the events that followed.
  • Mutiny on the Demetrius. Sounds like a bad pulp novel.
  • I'm torn on the mutiny. While Helo did have a point about returning to Galactica before looking for the Basestar given mission time was running out and all were rattled by the Raider explosion and Mathias' death , I also firmly believe in following the chain of comment when given a lawful order. That brings about a point that's bothered me about the rather undisciplined nature of the "crew" of the Demetrius. Helo as XO should not be allowing any of the innuendo and disrespect about the CO of the op especially to the extent Athena and Gaeta have been allowed. It leads to the problems that arose in the crew this episode with the subordinates.
  • Why did the final image of Kara's face remind me of a cat getting ready to not only eat the canary but torture it most painfully first. Or as my brother put it: "Helo's a dead man and Gaeta's gonna be a eunuch." Heh.
  • No Adama, Roslin, or Lee this episode.

Miscellaneous Comments:

Honestly this episode was kind of boring. I like Leoben (and CKR's performance) and all that but I didn't really buy into events on Demetrius. KS and CKR continue to feed off each other in each scene together. Over all the episode while well acted felt slightly flat.

Rating: 7.0/10.0