BSG Ep. 4.06: “Faith”

Warning: Spoilers below the cut!

BSG Ep. 4.06: "Faith"

Plot: Kara makes temporary alliance with the Cylons to complete her mission while Roslin and another dying cancer patient discuss their faith and impending demise.

Viewing Commentary:
  • Continuing....chaos ensues on Demetrius as Kara attempt to jump the ship despite her mutinous crew.
  • I knew Sam would back Kara.
  • Poor Gaeta. That leg looks completely frakked.
  • Bald!Laura. Very striking moment really. Nearly shocking.
  • At east Troy's not all 'I'm a Cylon, I'm better than you' there.
  • Ok, so Kara couldn't come up with an alternate plan that everyone is suddenly willing to cooperate on before Helo decides to mutiny, Sharon suddenly has a mood swing the other direction, and Gaeta gets shot. Right.
  • Dang. Cavill's group did a number on the splinter faction's vessels.
  • Cool FX showing the biomechanical nature of the baseships. (I still prefer the name of Basestar for these vessel but eh...whatever.)
  • Kara's painting makes sense after all, just not how I expected.
  • Heh. Leoben looks so proud of her.
  • Gaeta's adamant about not letting Cottle take his leg. I can't really blame him given the state of the Fleet even though he'd still be better off on Galactica than many of the civilian ships. But I think they'd also manage to fashion him an artificial leg to keep to his duties on the bridge given they have at leat one knuckledragger that has an artificial arm working on Galactica.
  • Is that Nana Visitor? Ah, indeed it is. Cool.
  • You've been listening to the EIB...oh um, wait. Never mind.
  • Baltar and Leoben should meet up ad chat about rivers and streams and such.
  • Sam the Cylon tempted to touch the baseship control. See. Worst. Cylon. Ever. (At least at keeping a secret. *g*)
  • 6 kills Barolay for Barolay killing her on New Caprica.
  • Interesting really that the only 8's that developed a true sense of humanity and individuality are Boomer and Athena. One did it to join humanity against the Cylons and other to join the hard line Cylons over their own line. Just think it's interesting.
  • So Kara is the harbinger of death. Too bad she acts like means she is going to destroy the human race. Sad really since a harbinger is a sign of things to come, not the event itself. And bringing them to end didn't really specify what end exactly.
  • Athena can't forgive the 8, but Sam can.
  • Cottle.
  • Adama's obviously worried about the future of his "kids". Nice bit between he and Roslin.
  • Let's see. No Lee, Chief, or Tigh this episode.

Miscellaneous Comments:

This weeks episode was better than the previous one, though the title was somewhat of a misnomer I think given how little faith was genuinely talked about. What was there was good, but felt a bit tacked on to the story arc occurring with the Demetrius crew. In my opinion a few parts of the episode came off as being done simply for shock value more than anything else. Something just seems lacking from the recent episodes. Still it's good to see Kara seemingly back to her old self (mostly), Sam still Sam, Helo is well his usual self, and Athena uncomfortable amongst her Cylon kin.

Rating: 7.5/10.0