BSG Ep. 4.07: “Guess What’s Coming To Dinner?”

The better late than never review...

Beware: Spoilers! (even if they're a week old)

BSG Ep. 4.07: "Guess What's Coming To Dinner?"

Plot: Starbuck arrives with the rebel Cylons and an alliance if formed in order to discover the identities of the Final Five.

Viewing Points:
  • So Baltar's been blabbing about Laura's visions as if that somehow matters to a fleet that had large numbers follow her to Kobol over prophecy.
  • Lee and Laura continue their arguing. No surprise.
  • Ok everything seems to being okay for the Baseship and the! Jump failure and comm failure. Murphy's Law at it's finest.
  • Adama's having launching the Vipers.
  • OK Sam Anders has competition for the Worst Cylon Ever award: Tigh. Dude, just flash your eyes red. Adama'll get the pint sooner than calling for a weapons hold on a lone Baseship.
  • So there's a proposed alliance after Natalie explains the Cylon civil war.
  • Gah! Poor Felix. I don't think I'd want to be awake while my leg was being cut off.
  • Of course Natalie has to potentially screw that alliance up by taking hostages so they wont be killed when the final five are revealed.
  • Leoben looks way to zen for me there. But then this guy is into the whole rivers and streams of God's plan shtick so maybe he's just going with the flow as it were. Pardon the pun.
  • The Cylons anonymous club is back together....sorta.
  • Anders is feeling guilty about Gaeta's leg. I wonder if he's going to held to account for that? (at least by his superiors)
  • Gaeta's got a pretty good singing voice actually. Sort of haunting for this episode really.
  • The Cylons discuss aborting their plan to hold humans hostage.
  • *snicker* Yeah I'd get out of the way of a Centurion walking through the deck.
  • Lee vising Gaeta and/or Roslin (at least I assume he was intending to) was nice.
  • Heh. Tory's shacking up with Baltar hasn't gone unnoticed as she thought.
  • Hera's coloring a bunch of images of 6. Cue the Athena panic attack program.
  • There's Chief Specialist Tyrol tooling around, literally.
  • Whoa! Athena shot Natalie. Just Whoa....though given her reaction to the images I can't really say I was entirely surprised.
  • Kara quoting hybrid prophecy to Roslin. Weird that not too long ago Roslin was in total airlock the cylon mode and now suddenly working with her.
  • Seems everything about the dream of the opera house is coming together: Roslin and Baltar going over to the baseship.
  • JUMP! AHHHHH!!!!

Rating: 8.0/10.0