BSG Fic Facing Hegira: Shed

Title: Facing Hejira: Shed Author: Karolyn Gray Rating: G Spoilers: Season 3.01-3.06 Characters: Helo (or Apollo depending upon your perspective) Series: Facing Hejira Author's note: Facing Hejira is a series of drabbles and fics following the events on New Caprica. Unbeta'd. He wasn't sure why he was doing this, helping a man that not long ago he viewed with distrust. Maybe it was the months spent away from New Caprica planning the rescue mission. He had come to understand the man better, his motivations, his reasons and found that in the end they weren't all that different. Distrust had given away to mutual respect. When he had come to ask for his assistance, he had done so without pretense, just a genuine and honest desire to enlist his aid, entrusting himself to his care. A leap of faith and trust in him rarely given to others. It was an honor and privilege he would not pass up. How could he? And so the workouts continued. Lots of sweat. Lots of blood. Plenty of exchanged curses and blows shed in anger and pain. In the end it was worth it as he shot him an easy grin and a nod before leaving the gym.