BSG Fic Facing Hegira: Will O’Wisp

Title: Facing Hejira: Will O'Wisp Author: Karolyn Gray Rating: G Spoilers: Season 3.01-3.06 Characters: Saul Tigh Series: Facing Hejira Author's note: Facing Hejira is a series of drabbles and fics following the events on New Caprica. Unbeta'd. Will O'Wisp by Karolyn Gray I hear her: laughing, accusing, loving, angry. I see her out of the corner of my eye, gone before I can see her properly. But even in that glimpse I still see her beauty. I walk the corridors, imagining seeing her a short pace ahead of me long hair flowing like golden silk, hips swaying in that slinky way she had. I reach out to grasp her, but she slips away. Like a brief caress. A flutter of her laughter. A whispered promise. A wisp of smoke. Like a will o'wisp rising from sharp fumes of ambrosia overflown. Should I follow you into the night?