BSG fic writing thoughts

Is it a good thing or a bad thing if your unfinished BSG fic has led to a spin-off fic that might actually be completed before the original story is even half written? *flails* Oh, for any BSG fans who might see this post I need some names for the original 12 Battlestars for said fic mentioned above. Obviously already have Galactica representing Caprica but would appreciate suggestions for the remaining 11 Battlestars and their respective Colonies. How is it a simple 10-20k word Adama fic set during the Cylon has become same insane epic? OK, epic is an exaggeration but still. *eyes fic warily* Stupid muses. Scampering off for more BSG research...

2 thoughts on “BSG fic writing thoughts

  1. I can’t decide if I love it or hate it when fic does that. I guess it depends if it lets me sleep or not!

    1. Heh! I guess it’s a good thing. Served me pretty well back in my EFC writing days.

      It’s just the BSG fic is growing faster than plot bunnies breed.

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