BSG Review “Black Market”

A little late for my usual SciFi Friday reviews, so I'm just posting my BSG review today. I'll post the SG1 and SGA reviews and commentary sometime in the coming days.

Following the link for BSG's Black Market. Spoiler Warning!

I appear to be in the minority in liking the episode despite its obvious flaws. I think the biggest problem that arose in this episode was the suddenness in which we were expected to accept the sudden pervailing black market as well as Lee's new "frak buddy". Normally BSG has done an excellent job in forshadowing events going on with the characters, whether it involved a grand overarching story tied to the series or a small character piece. This time they failed in that regard, and failed spectacularly.

Another badly done point was the new characters presented this episode. Both Shevon and Phelan started off as much more multilayered but in the end quickly dissolved into some rather poorly defined and somewhat stereotypical. Shevon gor stuck delivering the exposition on why Lee was with her, when a few flash backs with some actual dialog could have explained  a lot and in a more efficient manner. Unfortunately said exposition just didn't work with the character overall. Phelan started off as a nicely villainous character but they had to go and blow that by turning him into the instant boogey man when it was revealed about the child trade (and the implied slavery and pedophilia that follows it).

Now on to my general comments (in no particular order):

  • Commander Fisk. How little we knew thee. I know Fisk was an ass for horning in on the black market and then purposely creating shortages to feed his greed but I still kind of liked the bastard. He seemed like a reasonably competent officer, respectful of his people, the chain of command and Adama, and the President/civil government. Unfortunately it is likely Fisk would have become a problem with his growing greed if he hadn't been offed.
  • Ahh, how cute. Lee trying to make nice with Paya.
  • The doll. Bwahaha! I know I shouldn't laugh since Lee was so obviously chagrined at Paya's reaction, but that doll really was a work of horror.
  • Adama/Lee moments. So awesome.
  • I bet the bracelet belongs to Ellen Tigh.
  • See! I knew it. I really liked the Tigh and Lee scene. Tigh was so certain Lee was going to go all high and mighty on him and instead pulls no punches in admitting that so many people are doing the wrong thing. Tigh's understanding and accepting expression was so well done, you knew he and Lee were in perfect understanding there. I can understand Lee's disgust at Tigh using the black market to get fresh fruit after having seen through his interactions with Shevon and Paya the difficulty in getting food and medicine (essentials as it were).
  • So Shevon lives/works on Cloud 9? I wonder if Lee met her during Colonial Day, since it's implied that he's been seeing Shevon for some time.
  • Lee/Dee ackwardness. What the frak did Dee expect Lee to say? He knows she's still with Billy yet she's hanging around him a lot. I think any guy would wonder about that. And Lee's response was appropriate, IMO.
  • Tom Zarek. The guy I love to...well hate is too strong a word. Dislike? I think Zarek was mixing in some personal business (his desire to tap into the black market) with his genuine concern for Lee. Yes, I do think he was honestly concerned about Lee Adama and could equally care less about Shevon and Paya. I say this because I think he had developed a genuine respect for Lee and considers Lee someone he can reasonably deal with.
  • Aww. Lee definitely seems attached to Paya.
  • Yo know they just had to pick one of the cutest little girls they could find to play Paya. Right? 🙂
  • Damn! Shot him in mid sentence. Eek! Darkside!Lee has arrived.
  • I like the Bastille Day parallels with Lee striking a deal with the black marketeers and the reaction the deal gets from Le Prez and Adama.
  • Loved the relaxed familial feel of the "You should have told me about the woman" scene.  We don't get to see the Adama boys interacting much outside of the Admiral and CAG frame work very often. JB's expresion to the Adama comment was perfect: so many meanings and emotions in that look.

Rating: 7.8/10