Like some fans of the original Battlestar Galactica I was hesitant over the re-imaging of the show for the SciFi Channel. Unlike the more virulent BSG OS fans I was willing to give the new Galactica a chance, and I'm glad I did. BSG 2003 is certainly more dark and gritty than the original but I believe is a much more realistic than its more innocent and action adventure oriented origins. The new BSG is refreshing, thoughtful, and above all attempts to be brutally honest in its storyline, which is what I think I enjoy the most. -- Karolyn Gray (aka gray3)


Here can be found my assorted graphics inspired by Battlestar Galactica, including icons, banners, and miscellaneous pieces.


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Battlestar Galactica inspired fiction and humor.

General Fiction

Distant Skies by Gray Rating: PG Characters: Kara Thrace
Summary: Pre-mini. She always looked to the skies.

Shade Slip by Gray Rating: PG Characters: Lee Adama, Saul Tigh Pairing: Apollo/Starbuck
Summary: Future AU. He knows this should concern him, but it doesn't.

BSG Haiku Trio #1 by Gray Rating: G Characters: Non-specific
Summary: Three BSG-mini inspired haiku

How Like Apollo by Gray Rating: PG Characters: Lee Adama, Tom Zarek
Summary: Somedays he forgets his namesake, this isn't one of them. Spoilers: S2 The Farm

The Three Loves of Saul Tigh by Gray Rating: PG Characters: Saul Tigh
Summary: He only had three loves in his life. Spoilers: S2 Scattered

Cylon Chronicles

Where everyone you know could be a cylon.

Did You Know...? by Gray Rating: PG Characters: Lee Adama, William Adama
Summary: In the end they were not so different after all.

In Progress

Stories currently in progess.

Mouse by gray3 Rated: PG Character(s): All Type: Alternate Universe
Summary: For he is the hand of God.