Title: Did You Know…?
Author: Karolyn Gray <kmgray3@aol.com>
Rating: PG
Synopsis: In the end they were not so different after all.
Type: AU
Characters: Lee Adama, William Adama
Spoilers: Through Season 2's Farms to be safe I guess.
Warnings: violence
Archiving: Yes (if you like it that much)
Word Count: 1,817
Disclaimers: Not mine. RDM said we could play with them. All Battlestar Galactica names, characters and other related indicia are the property of Glen Larson, RDM, Universal, the Scifi Channel and all associated parties. No copyright infringement is intended.
A/N: First BSG fic. Trying to work out some rustiness out of my writing. It's been awhile since I've written any fanfic. Comments, criticisms, and flames welcomed. Not betad, so all mistakes are obviously mine.

Did You Know…?
by Karolyn Gray (aka gray3, Gray)

Part 1

William Adama groaned as consciousness returned to him, and with it a ripple of pain that seem to emanate from every sinew of his body. He was cold, terribly cold. He could tell he lay on his side; arms painfully pinioned behind his back and tried to ignore the burning sensation he recognized from his legs. Broken. Maybe even shattered. He shook his head slightly, instantly regretting the move as a wave of vertigo washed over him, making him nauseous.

'What happened?'

“Oh. You're awake. Good.”

'Did I say that out loud?' Adama wondered briefly before shrugging the thought aside in favor of the relief the familiar sound of his son's surprisingly cheerful voice brought over him. Though he still had his eyes closed, he smiled. Or at least hoped it looked like a smile as he felt the protestations from his battered face. If his son was with him, then Galactica couldn't have been too bad of shape from whatever happened.

“Report,” Adama demanded, pleased that at least his voice sounded normal to him and not as sluggish as he felt. He hadn't felt this beaten and battered since…when? Ragnar? Recovering from the attempted assassination? No, he had never felt this broken.

“You're going to die.”

The reply so was simple, so off handedly delivered, that Adama snapped his eyes open at the frankness of the words to find Lee Adama watching him with a look he didn't recognize. An intensity in his son's blue eyes that actually sent a shiver down his spine, despite the accompanying trembles of pain along with it.


Lee actually huffed at the question, annoyance plain on his face as he rose from his kneeling position alongside his father.

“You're going to die,” he repeated slowly, as if speaking to a child. “At least God has granted me this request.”

“Request? What are you talking about?”

Adama tried to sit up, groaning in pain as he flopped back over in failure realizing his arms were firmly bound. The sudden burst of pain in his side as he felt the booted foot connect with his already bruised ribs left him gasping and curled up unable to draw breath.

“Shut up and listen. You don't have a lot of time,” Lee snarled, kicking him viciously once more and pushing the older man onto his back. “And I only intend to say this once.”

Lee leaned over Adama and snorted contemptuously.

“Did you know even as I hated you, I loved you, as a son should, as God has commanded? Did you know the sickening twist of hurt and betrayal as I turned away from you after I arranged Zak's death?”

Adama nearly choked at his son's words, Lee continuing on as if he were simply making another report on the condition of Galactica's Viper squadron or the Fleet's latest fuel consumption levels.

“Did you know I bided my time, ignored the snarl, snap, and howl of my true nature because God demanded it of me? Did you know I was one that sent the clarion call from Ragnar, brought Them upon you like a plague of locusts? Did you know I ignored the genius Traitor among you because his mission lay elsewhere? Did you know I recognized the Others among you upon sight? Did you know I heard Their whispers in my dreams?”

Adama shook his head in disbelief. “Lee…”

Lee lashed out, driving the air from Adama's lungs once more. “Shut up!”

“Did you know I reveled in the terror of the drunken fool you call friend as I pressed my pistol to his head? Did you know the flash of glee I felt as I watched the Other shoot you? Did you know fear? Did you know I relished defying you, you who would act as if you were Zeus striding the halls of Olympus itself?”

Adama flinched at his son's gentle touch to his forehead, almost a caress, as he watched his son's face, now terribly devoid of any emotion the older man could recognize.

“Do you know what love is? Do you know God loves you? Do you know I will find Earth? Do you know I will deliver them unto God?”

“Do you know I am your son?” Lee whispered, leaning close.

“Of course I know,” Adama's voice rasped as he struggled to regain his capacity to breathe properly, eyes widening in shock at the smirk on his son's youthful features. “Why did you do this, son?”

Lee Adama laughed, an underlying coldness stealing and true warmth and mirth from the sound. Lee leaned in slightly, a twist that might have been a smile upon his lips, until Adama could feel the warmth of his son's breath on his face as he whispered the final haunting words he would hear in this life.

“By your command.”

Part 2

Colonel Saul Tigh stared with disbelief into the cerulean blue eyes of Lee Adama, Commander of the Battlestar Galactica for the last year.

The brutal murder of Commander Adama at the hands of the Cylon known as Shelly Godfrey and Tigh's own career ending disability while trying to capture the same Cylon as it attempted escape had ensured the command structure of Galactica would change. It had fallen not to Tigh's firearm, as the older man had desired upon seeing the grieving son weeping over the remains of his father's body, but a pipe wielded with lethal precision by a vengeful and distraught son. Doctor Baltar had barely been able to confirm the identity of the Cylon model from what remained.

Captain Kelly acknowledged no desire or willingness to lead under the circumstances and so Lee Adama had stepped up, as always doing taking the duty he felt obligated to perform. In the end father and son were not so different after all.

When Tigh had returned three months later to the limited duty Doctor Cottle had allowed, he had been surprised at Lee's insistence that he take command. He had refused, remembering his own failings as a command officer and seeing the dedication and devotion the entire crew had given to Lee Adama, only relenting to the younger man's entreaties by agreeing to remain as his XO even if in name only, quickly applying his loyalty for one Adama to another. Gaeta and Thrace had stepped up admirably to take over the workload Lee could no longer cover alone, Thrace going a step further and providing the emotional support to Lee that Tigh wished Ellen could provide him. Tigh had never been so proud in his life of the Galactica crew and especially Bill Adama's son. Hell, he'd gone so far as to convince President Roslin to promote Lee Adama to the rank of Commander in her final decree a mere two days before she had succumbed to cancer wasting her body away.

It had all been for nothing. The Cylons had found the Fleet and Earth along with them. And all of it Lee Adama's doing.

Tigh sighed tiredly, allowing his body to lean back in defeat against the console behind him as he tightened his hold on belly, trying to stem the flow of blood from his gunshot wound. Beyond Lee he could see the blood, the broken bodies of the crew, and the wisps of smoke the clung wraithlike to the ruined remnants of CIC. The metallic clang of metal feet could still be heard as the Centurions tread through the room and adjoining sections, the occasional short staccato burst of their weapons heralding the death of the remaining crewmembers lucky enough to survive the initial assault.

“Nothing to say me, Colonel?” Lee asked as he calmly wiped blood spatters from his face with a small handkerchief.

“I have nothing to say to a traitor,” Tigh spat out.

“Traitor?” Lee actually looked surprised for a moment at Tigh's words before nodding. “I suppose it would appear that way to you, wouldn't it?”

Tigh snorted in derision but remained silent.

“I'm not a traitor to my people,” Lee insisted as he dropped the now stained cloth to the floor. “You, humans I mean, are just not my people. That's all.”

“Frak you! I practically watched you…no, watched Lee Adama grow up,” Tigh snarled. “I don't know what you think you are, but it is not Bill Adama's son!”

Tigh didn't even have time to react as he saw the fury wash over the human Cylons face and the pistol brought to bear on his head. He merely jerked as the blood spattered the floor beside him and the Cylon lay there grasping his ruined left shoulder with a mixed look of fear and joy.

“You all right, Saul?”

Tigh felt someone shaking him, a familiar voice calling his name.

“Saul. Come on, wake up.”

Another shake and Tigh opened his eyes to see Bill Adama smile at him in relief. “Thought we'd lost you there for a moment.”

“Bill?” Tigh sighed in relief, wincing at the pain in his gut. “I had the strangest…” Tigh's voice trailed off as he noticed Lee Adama flanked by two Centurions standing behind his father, his left arm hanging limply from his damaged shoulder, looking somewhat bemused.

“It's okay, Saul. Everything is okay, old friend.” Adama patted his friend on the shoulder with a small smile.

“You didn't have to shoot me, One.” Lee complained, pointedly looking at his damaged shoulder.

“And I told you not to harm Saul,” Adama countered with a small smirk. “Consider it payback for the broken legs and destroying Six. She wasn't pleased about that, you know.”

Lee looked down sheepishly. “Yes, Dad.”

“Shouldn't you be 'rescuing' Kara?” Adama asked.

Lee closed his eyes for a moment before he shrugged, wincing slightly. “She's still taking down Centurions like there is no tomorrow. She's up to twenty-seven kills. I figure give her and the others an hour before I go play hero and 'save' them from the mechanical hordes. Can't have the mother of my children getting butchered by a Centurion.”

“Very well.” Adama turned his attention back to Tigh prodding the wound seemingly oblivious to the man's flinch of pain. “Lee got carried away. He's still learning. You know how nuggets can be.”

“It calls you One.” Tigh noted determined to not give into his impulse to get as far away from the two things in front of him.

“Lee only does that when he's trying to annoy me,” Adama replied with something of an amused laugh.

“You call it Lee?” Tigh asked in shock.

“Why shouldn't I? That's his name.” Adama noted with a confused expression. “Caroline insisted on it when he was born.”

“But he's…you are…” Tigh swallowed hard against the horror threatening to overcome him.

“Cylons,” Adama confirmed with a nod as of that explained everything.

Lee smirked behind his father's back. “You know what they say. Like father, like son.”


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