Comps, Life, and TV

Computer My computer's power supply died the other day, which was both a relief and annoying. A relief, since for a brief moment I thought I'd lost the hard drive and all my unsaved files for the week on it. Annoyance, since I had to go get another PS and then install it. But everything seems fine now, no other issues with the comp. Life Learned my contract job with be ending a month earlier than planned (November instead of December), which sucks, so I'm already back to the job search for another job, contract or otherwise. That's one thing that definitely sucks about this economy, especially in Arizona. But then that's why I'm trying to get out of the state now to someplace like say, Washington state. As a native, I love Arizona but have come to hate the people who've moved here with their poor, selfish attitudes and the generally bad job prospects. Television Feels strange knowing there isn't any Haven on television until December. Fortunately there is Sanctuary and Fringe. I like Sanctuary a lot but the show needs to start picking it up a little bit and tighten up the writing.Also a return to more drama would be nice instead of the political infighting that seems to have dominated the show of late. Fringe is in an interesting place, but I fear the reset from the previous season was more about getting the writers out of the corner they had put themselves in than any real development in a new direction as yet. Still, the new season is interesting to try and put together what's changed with what has happened and what is currently happening with Olivia, Walter and Co.