Doctor Who Review: The Age of Steel

Warning: Spoilers for US viewers!

Doctor Who: The Age of Steel 

Basic Plot: The Doctor, Rose, and Mickey attempt to stop the Cybermen.

Viewing Commentary:

  • What the hell was that? Good question. Ah ok. Part of the TARDIS.
  • Rose’s Dad is Gemini. Saw that coming to be honest.
  • For some reason the exaggerated marching of the Cyberman amused me.
  • That would be kind of freaky to see yourself killed. Poor Rickey and Mickey.
  • Seems Lumic wasn’t so eager to become a Cyberman himself, huh? Typical.
  • Poor Mickey, always getting kicked around. ‘Bout time he stood up for himself.
  • Jackie the Cyberman. Creepy.
  • Got to like Mrs. Moore’s toys.
  • Hard choice between killing a few to save many.
  • Poor Mrs. Moore.
  • Lumic is now Cyber Controller.
  • Heh. I love the Doctor communicating how to find the solution to Mickey.
  • What is it with Rose and Balloons? Okay Zeppelins in this case.
  • Mickey decides to stay to help finish up with the Cybermen,

Miscellaneous Commentary: 

I’d been eagerly awaiting this episode since I read the various posts and blogs about this episode from people in the UK. The episode more than met my expectations. I think it is perhaps one of the best, if not the best, episode of the season so far, in my opinion.

I'm going to kind of miss Mickey.

Rating: 8.5/10