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Here can be found a handful of E:FC merchanise reviews I wrote.


The Earth Final Conflict Soundtrack
By Mickey Erbe and Maribeth Solomon
Manufactured under license to Sonic Images.

 Review #1 by Skrill

After what seemed like an interminable wait, fans of Earth: FInal Conflict finally are abel to purchase and listen to the soundtrack of the show. An eclecetic mix of wind, brass instruments and synthetic sounds gives the soundtrack a unique feel that matches and compliments the show beautifully. While I do find the CD quite enjoyable, some of the song became somewhat tedious with its repetitiveness. However, this repetitiveness was in keeping with the overall theme and bound otherwise unrelated songs together nicely. My personall favorite tracks on the CD are the Main Title (the shows opening theme), Float Like a Butterfly with other favourties such as The Secret of Strandhill and Moonscape. I would highly recommend this CD to all Earth: Final Conflict fans, but especially to those with a love of music.


Earth Final Conflict: The Arrival
by Fred Saberhagen
Published by Tor Books

Review #1 by Skrill

While the premise behind this book (the Taelons arrival on Earth and Jonathan Doors' reason for founding the Resistance) is of interest to many EFC fans, myself included, the book itself fell short on both counts. On one point, the arrival of the Companions was well written but at the same time glossed over in it's importance. This can be forgiven considering the story centers primarily on Jonathan Doors and his perceptions of the Taelons. Overall I found I liked this book, but would only recommend it to truly dedicated fans of the overall show, not a particular character from the show. Mr. Saberhagen gives a nice descriptive account of the ongoing story while tossing in bits of information on the current geo-political state o Earth at the time of the arrival.

Pros: Ironically enough the reason I liked this book was not because it centered on Jonathan Doors, but instead focused a great deal of the book on Jubal Doors, Jonathan's father, and his encounter with a Taelon some years previous to the actual arrival. The introduction of a new alien, the Urdu, was interesting and adds another enemy to the Taelon's list of foes. I especially liked the abilities that were associated with the Urdu and added element of uncertainty through out the story. We do learn quite a bit more about Jonathan Doors and see a side of the character that was never portrayed in the series, a side of the character that would have gone far in making him more sympathetic to the audience had there been more hints dropped as to the reason for Door's animosity towards the Taelons.

Cons: Despite my liking this book, I found a lot that I did not like. The Urdu being the Egyptian god Sekhmet for example seemed like a blatant ripoff of Stargate (the movie) and Stargate SG-1 (the television series). There was also a large umber of inconsistancies (or at least perceived inconsistencies) with facts already stated in the series. Among these was Taelons that bleed even though they were no where near being in the Atavus state and a human already implanted with a CVI even though the very first episode of the series stated that CVIs were created jointly by human and taelon scientists (among them Dr. Belman) shortly after the Companions arrived and that the first successful implant with a motivational imperative was James Pike.
   I can accept these inconsistancies since books written for a television series often are contrary to the series facts in and of themselves. What I didn't like was the ending, which seemed rushed and fell into the rather cliched desire for revenge that motivates Jonathan Doors to turn against the Taelons. While this isn't necesarily bad, as it is often true in the real world, it seemed like a hurried wrap up to the story and left much to be desired.

Season 1 Cast

The season 1 cast for Gene Roddenberry's Earth Final Conflict.

Main Cast

Commander William Patrick Boone   Kevin Kilner

Da'an  Leni Parker

Captain Lili Denner Marquette   Lisa Howard

Agent Ronald Sandoval   Von Flores

Augur   Richard Chevolleau

Jonathan Doors   David Hemblen

Recurring Roles

Dr. Julianna Belman   Majel Barrett Roddenberry  (appeared in nearly every episode)

Lieutenant Bob Morovsky   John Evans (101-106, 108, 122)

Zo'or   Anita La Selva  (107, 113-115, 117-122)

Guest Roles

Kwai Ling    Miranda Kwok (101-107, 122)

Kaitlin "Kate" Barrett Boone   Lisa Ryder (101,102)

Judson Corr   Michael Filipowich (101, 102, 115)

Mayor Ruiz   Monique Mojica (101)

Eddie Jordan   Paul Boretski (101)

Dee Dee Sandoval   Shari-Lee Guthrie (102, 112)

Dan Spicer   Chad McFadden (102)

Female Reporter   Donna Holgate (102)

Young Boone   Matt Marek  (102)

Orderly   Theo Brand (102)

Ne'eg   Janet Zenik (103, 120)

Reggie   Sam Malkin (103)

Julie Payton  Emily Hampshire (103)

Travis Murray   Peter Krantz (103)

Clifton Samuel   Marvin Kaye (104)

James Pike   Richard McMillan (104)

Warden Cole   Peter MacNeill (104)

Biker   Lee Brown (104)

Dr. Kaplan   Hrant Alianak (104)

Elyse   Colette Stevenson (105)

Ramon   Matt Birman (105)

Ainsley   Lloyd Adams (105)

Peter   Danny Lima (105)

Jedediah   Trevor Blumas (106)

Samuel   Andrew Dinner (106)

Rachel Good  Haley Lochner (106)

Elijah Good   Brett Porter (106)

Amos    Richard  Denison (106)

Lucas    Ed Fielding (106)

Sarah Good    Brenda Bazinet (106)

Jacob   Steven Bush (106)

Abraham    George Dawson  (106)

Pieter Bakker   Robert Dodds (107)

Bettor  Matt Gordon (107)

Bud Lanier   Jeffrey Knight (107)

Cynthia Clarkson   Kristin Lehman (107)

Anne Portnoy   Laura Press (107)

Agent Price    J. Craig Sandy  (107)

Paul Chandler   Bobby Johnston  (108)

Philip Hart   Andrew Lewarne (108)

Frauke Manheim   Angela Asher (108)

General Kromer   Neil Dainard (108)

Newscaster   Sandra Caldwell (108)

Larry Clark   Jonathan Potts  (109)

Janice Green   Claudette Mink  (109)

Dr. Basi  Sugith Varugheese  (109)

Nickel   Joe Roncetti  (109)

Security Guard   Ken Girotti  (109)

Major Raymond McIntyre   Nigel Bennett  (110, 114)

Captain Lucas Johnson   Maurice Dean Wint  (110, 114)

Agent Price   J. Craig Sandy (110)

Door's Bodyguard   Lorin Raine (110)

Stunt Kidnapper   Brian Thomas* (110)

Sahjit Jinnah    Damon D'Oliveira (111, 119, 121)

Rayna Armitraj   Sonia Dhillon (111, 121)

Tong   Pam Mathews (111)

Technician   Phil De La Rosa (111)

Dr. Sharpe    Diana Belshaw (112)

Nell Hagar    T.L. Forsberg (112)

Siobhan Beckett *  Kari Matchett (113, 122)

Timothy O'Malley    Chris Wiggins (113)

Ma'el*    Leni Parker (113)

Quo'on*   Leni Parker (114, 115) / Brooke Johnson (121,122)

Rho'Ha *  Kari Matchett (114, 118)

Katya Petrenko    Shauna MacDonald  (115)

Madam Marie  Norma Clarke  (115)

Academic #1   Austin Schatz (115)

Academic #2   Lilia Yee (115)

Dr. Elizabeth Hurwitz   Marushka Stankova  (115)

Russian Delegation Leader   Costin Manu (115)

Agent  Lassiter   Peter Kelly Gaudreault (116)

Thomas Blanchard    Jim Codringham  (117)

Colonel Purcell   Doug Lennox  (117)

Joshua Doors   William De Vry (118, 121)

Anna Sims   Diana Reis (119)

Jamie Sims   William Greenblatt  (119)

Sarah Boone    Wendy Lyon  (119)

Dr. Walkin    Michael Burgess  (119)

Dr. Park     Kate Trotter  (119)

Kee'sha   Stavroula Logothettis (120, 121)

Robert Howard   James Kee (120)

Albert Cooper    Derwin Jordan (120)

Rev. Billy Mitchell   Conrad Coates (120)

Steve Burton    James Purcell (120)

Charles Burton    Austin Strugnell (120)

Cy Vincent   Vint Cerf (121)

Sergeant Michael Sloane    Paul Johansson (121)

Claude Bertrand   Raymond Accolas  (122)

Randy MacDonald*   Graeme Millington   (122)

Ha'gel*  Graeme Millington / Von Flores  (122)

Stunt Crews

Stunt Boone   Todd William Schroeder

Stunt Lili   Maxine Dumont*

Stunt Julie  Maxine Dumont*

Stunt Da'an   Loren Peterson

Stunt Corr   Brian Jagesky

Stunt Ed Jordan   Steve Licesko (?)

Stunt Nickel   Patrick Mark

Stunt Hart   Brian Thomas*