CVI Information Datastream Lexicon


Alpha series- class of skrill deemed too sentient for use by human implants. Used to create the Gamma series. Only one known Alpha series skrill remains in existence, designated "Mother".

Ari-Maiya's younger brother

Armitraj, Raina-Liberation scientist assimilated by Jaridian probe. Reconstituted by Sahjit Jinna, only to later revert into Jaridian Replicant and assassinate Synod Leader Quo'on.

Atavus-primitive form Taelons devolve to when seperated from the Commonality. Characteristics of earth vampire, possesses shaqarava.

Augur-capatalistic computer hacker genius tied to the Liberation.

Avatar- 1) Pike's description of himself & Boone. 2) Taelon legend of Shakarava and Umrath'ma


Basi, Dr.- Run ComTech Labs research into development of skrills

Beckett, Lt. Siobhan-Protector to the UK Companion.

Be'li-Taelon rival of Da'an's who opposed Da'an's "scorched earth" policy regarding the Jaridians. Reverted himself to the Atavus to gain revenge on Da'an for what he had done. Killed in his attempt but not before warning Kincaid not to trust Da'an.

Bellamy, Dr. Peter- doctor who contaminates Belman's experiment and leads to  Joyce Belman's "evolution".

Belman, Dr. Joyce- one of humanity's foremost geneticist in the are of human-taelon genetic research. The daughter of Julianne Belman. After injectin herself with a healing serum tained with pure Jaridian DNA she began to evolve at a tremendous rate, eventually deicding to destroy humanity and the Taelons to create a new "perfect" race with Liam. After Joining with Liam, Joyce realized her error and decided to leave knowing she could not remain on Earth wit as much as she had changed.

Belman, Dr. Julianna- Liberation mole/Companion scientist.

Boone, Cmdr. William Patrick- Liberation mole/Companion implant. See Boone for more information.  

Boone, Kaitlin "Kate" Barrett- Cmdr Boone's deceased wife. Murdered by Judson Corr by Sandoval's directive.

Boone, Sarah- William Boone's younger sister. Was used in the Companion Portal experiments to carry an apparent human-taelon hybrid.


Calvert, Barry- popular news-talk show host, runs the show: Barry Calvert Live

Chimera (also Kimera)-The race that genetically assimilated the Taelons. Destroyed by the Taelons

Churta- Alternate earth, another group fighting the taelons seperately from the Imerians.

Clark, Dr. Larry- creator of the gamma series skrills in use in Companion Security implants.

Collier, Willie-Doors bodyguard. Was killed in assassination attempt on Joshua Doors.

Companion-Title for Taelons assigned diplomatic posts on Earth of which only 71 positions exist. Also a general reference used by media for Taelons

Companion Reaction Syndrome-A catch all phrase used to describe the extreme reactions (many ending in suicide or death) after the Companions arrival on Earth. Also known simply as CRS.

Companion Science Academy-A Companion run school aimed at educating humans about Taelon science and technology.

Commonality, The- The psycho-spiritual-mental bond that exists between all Taelons linking their minds together. Taelons may keep their thoughts hidden from others. When a Taelon is cut off from Commonality entirely, they devolve into the Atavus.

ComTech Labs-Companion technology research buildings based world wide

Condor- designation of Boone's skrill

Corr, Judson William-high tech asssassin. Murdered Kate Boone and Katya Patrenko. Corr was later killed by Sandoval after he shot President Daniel Thompson in a plot by Zo'or to ensure the President's re-election.

CVI-shorter term for Cyber Viral Implant

Cyber Viral Implant- part Taelon germ, part machine. Increases mental (and with practice) some physical capabilities.


Da'an-Companion to North America, Synod member.

Dark Knight- A secret U.S. project to fight the Taelons should the aliens prove to be a threat. The size and scope of this group is unknown but is well orginized, trained and has support from somewhere within the United States Military and Government.

Degenerator Shield- device used to attempt to contain Jaridian replicant that assassinated Quo'on. The device momentarily delayed the replicant but did little else. In theory it would generate a series of magnetic pulses that would disable the replicant.

Doors, Jonathan-Founder Door International. Founder of Liberation.(S1) Presidential candidate. (S2)

Doors, Joshua-Lawyer, Secretary of Taelon-Human Relations. Son of Liberation leader Jonathan Doors. (S1) Campaign Manager to Jonathan Doors (S2)

Doors International- multinational firm heavily tied to Companion research


Earth Defense, Project- Taelon project to bio-engineer humans into warriors capable of fighting and defeating the Jaridians.

Eki'ha- part of Taelon physiology that can interact with human DNA.

Eye Scanner-hand held scanning device similiar to microscope.


Flat Planet Cafe- recreational establishment heavily tied to the Liberation, Owned by Kwai Ling Hong (S1) then Augur (S2)

4201- Portal emergency reroute security code


Gamma series- class of skrill utilized by human implants

Geosonic- device used in excavations, similiar to tnt but without the danger of explosives.

Goode, Elija- A Harvard Medical doctor who serves as physician for Paradise, Pennsylvania. Was an ER Resident at Massachuessets General when the Companions arrived.

Gravity Pulse-a passive weapons systen used by the Taelons in alternate earth to immobilize opposition.


Ha'gel-Last known Kimera. Joined with Beckett to create Liam. Killed by Boone.  

Hawk- name of a gamma series skrill listed on the wall of Doctor Clark's office. Assigned Agent unreadable.

Homeship, Taelon- Taelon mother ship  

Hong , Kwai Ling-Original owner of Flat Planet.

Hunter, The- Another reference to Shaquarava. See Legends, Taelon


Imerians-Alternate Earth's population for the area hat would be known as Spain.

Imerian Continent-Alternate Earth: Presumably the equivalent of Eurasia

Implant- Refers to human with CVI or the actual CVI within a person, depending upon phrasing

Interdimensional- Taelon means of transportation

IW- Information Warfare Weapon. Weapons created to neutralize electronic signals such as computers and such.


Jaridians, The- Sister warrior centric race of the Taelons created by the genetic assimilation of their original race by the Kimera. At war with Taelons.

Jinna, Sahjit-Liberation scientist that helps discover how to control Jaridian Probe. Killed in destruction of probe in Russia.

Johnson, Cpt. Lucas-Member of team that took part in Taelon experiments,  kidnapped Da'an and also used in experiment on Roha. Deceased.

Jordan, Edward "Eddy"-Boone's best man, war buddy. Liberation member. Killed by unknown parties after helping Jonathan Door fake his death.


Kaarpaaj-  An ancient Taelon ceremony used to reflect and evaluate ones decisions. Rarely ever performed. Alternate spellings: Ka'arpaaj, Ka'arpa'aj

Ka'ral- Companion mentioned briefly in the episode "The Scarecrow Returns"

Kayla-Lili Marquette's alternate universe self. Power hungry and manipulative. Taelon's Champion in her reality with implant and skrill.

Kee'sha-Taelon scientist. Killed at Naryan Mar by Jaridian Probe.

Kimera (also Chimera)-See Chimera

Kincaid, Major Liam-Kimeran-Human hybrid. Posing as former Major who served under Boone during SI War.

Kincaid, Colonel Liam Nevyl- The real Liam Kincaid who served with Boone during the S.I. War. He heads up a section of project Dark Knight, a secret U.S. government program created to fight the Taelons should the aliens prove to be a htreat to Earth.


La'Sha-character of taelon fable, known for his reliable and steady improvement

Lah'sha (possibly Fulah'sha)-game created by Da'an

Lassiter, Agent-Companion security member

Lazarus-Project Earth Defense; first successful member of PED to survive augmentation, directs training and selection of 'recruits'. Killed in his assassination attempt on Zo'or. See also Boone.

Legends, Taelon-   1) Shaquarava & Umrath'ma: A dire omen is seen in the heavens. Twins, two avatars of grace, Umrath'ma, Shaquarava , quarrel over the meaning of the omen. Umrath'ma defeats Shaquarava and casts him into the Void. But the void does not consume Shaquarava. Through anguish and denials he emerges with the fury that burns away all the illusions of Umrat'ma, the voice of all lies.

     2) Ma'li and La'Sha: A contest between the gifted but less disciplined Ma'li and the steady and dependable La'Sha results in La'Sha becoming triumphant. Similiar in nature to the fable of the Tortoise and the Hare.  

     3) The Servant of Po'on: The servant of Po'on went to the city one day but became frightened when in the market place Death smiled at him. In fear the servant asked his master to be sent to the outpost at Ghiron. Later that day, Po'on went to the market place and asked Death why he had smiled at his servant. Death replied that he was surprised to see the servant there since they were to meet at the Outpost of Ghiron that night.

     4) Quo'ni between the cliffs: A Taelon hero who defeated his enemies one by one.

Legends, Irish-  1.) The mystical king came down through the heavens galloping through the clouds on a white horse.

     2.) For all the hillside was haunted till the majick folk come again. And down in the heartland enchanted were the opal colored men.

     3.) We stand upon the lowest, We bow to the highest, But only penetrating vision can reveal the source.

Liar, The-Pike's description of Da'an. See Umrath'ma. See Legends, Taelon.

Lincoln Hills, New Hampshire- Location of Reverend Mitchell's low income housing where the virus that kills both humans and Taelons is released.


Ma'el-First Companion to study on earth. Gave humanity psychic ability. Mentor to Da'an.

Mahurava Galaxy- The Taelon's home galaxy.

Maiya- Brought back from parallel earth by Liam. Liberation member. Her presence also has attracted the interest of Sandoval.

Marquette, Cpt. Lili Denner (Purcell)- Liberation mole/Companion shuttle pilot. Was second under Boone until his demise. Now serves under Sandoval.

Martinez, Isabelle- Maiya's alternate personality from this dimension. Lili's sister. Born in Madrid, Spain on March 13,  1983. Father was Edward Purcell. A cultural anthropologist.

McIntyre, Mj. Raymond- Masterminded kidnapping of Da'an to rescue his men from Taelon experiments. Was killed by Ro'Ha.

Mexico City, Companion Headquarters

Morovsky, Lt. Robert "Bob"- Boone's second when he was Police Captain. Called in several times to assist with Companion Security matters.

Mother- Designation of last Alpha series skrill in existence.


Naryan Mar, Russia- Location of Companion research center that held the Jaridian Probe. Site was destroyed.

Ne'eg- Taelon's most valued scientist. Was killed  by virus from Jaridian probe.

Nickle- Streetwise gang member that was injured by Dr. Clark and Mother.


O'Malley, Tim- Tour guide who discovered Ma'el's buriel marker. Information shown on files are: Born 15/12/51; Height: 176cm; Eyes: Green; Weight: 6.4kg; Restriction: Class 6; Clearance: Level 4.

Ottawa, Companion Headquarters


Palmer, Renee- mysterious new head of Doors International.

Park, Dr. Melissa- Liberation Doctor

Patrenko, Katya-russian psychic killed by Corr at Zo'or order. Possibly gave Boone psychic ability*

Payton, Julie- Took part in Companion Limb Regeneration program, which worked for a short time then failed.

Paradise, Pennsylvania- location of Amish community that suffered unusual number of deaths due to presence of Jaridian probe

Pike, James- Brilliant lawyer turned murderer who was first recipient of CVI. When CVI failed Pike acted out an old Taelon legend attempting to kill Da'an in the process. See Legends, Taelon.

Pike's Message to Da'an: (Rough transliteration) "Umrath'ma sinaui euhura shaquarava, u'ra im'ri ma wuji"

Portal- device used for point to point interdimensional travel.

Portal Locations, US: (based on map shown in "Fissures", cities mentioned are confirmed from show) California (2 Portals: 1 in Los Angeles), Arizona. Colorado, Washintgon, Texas, Florida, Illinois, New York (New York City), Virginia (?)

Portal Locations, Non-US: London (England), New Dehli (India), Moscow (Russia)

Portal Project, The- Fixed link interdimensional travel system for world wide mass transit. Known Portal companies include: Guardian Travel, PortalTech and PortalSpace.

Po'on- Legendary taelon leader referred to in a Taelon legend. See Legends, Taelon

Pourtnoy, Anne- Doors International Representative who helped run "The Farm", a facility the Taelons conducted experiments and later contained failed experiments.

Price, Agent- Companion Security Agent, non-implant

Probe, The Jaridian - Probe that landed near Paradise, Pennsylvania resulting in several deaths in the Amish community. Later destroyed at Naryan Mar after the simulacrum of Raina was created. This simulacrum later reverted into the probe and assassinated Quo'on. While attempting to kill Da'an it was destroyed by Liam Kincaid.

Probe, The Jaridian(2)- Probe that landed in Australia disrupting the Taelon Commonality. Destroyed by Lili Marquette.

Protector-title refering to Companion security members directly involved with protecting a Taelon. Usually refering to an actual implanted human.

Purcell, Colonel Edward- Lili Marquette's father. Long time member of Military Intelligence.


Quo'on- Synod leader assassinated by Jaridian Probe Replicant at the funeral for William Boone. Moderate Taelon that listened to all sides of the Synod but often followed the more arrogant attitudes of the Taelons in regards to humanity.  


Raven-Sandoval's skrill

Reflector Shields- Defensive energy shield used by the Imerians. Proves innefectual against Taelon weapons.

Reggie- wheel chair bound informer that knows Boone.

Replicant, Jaridian-autonomous programmed intelligence device used by the Jaridians for a variety of purposes: intelligence gathering, communications, scientific study and militaryoperations such as sabotage and infiltration. Replicants are created by Jaridian Probes to carry out a specific function such as those mentioned. Known Replicant abilites: cloaking ability, energy based weapons, metamorphic capabilites.

Ro'ha- Scientist caste Taelon injected with the human gene for agression obtained from Lucas Johnson that reawakned the shakarava. Tried and convicted of the murder  Mj. McIntyre. Committed suicide after the verdict at the demands of the Synod.


Sam'had-A deep trancelike state that reduces the Taelons energy output to an absolute minimum.

Sandoval, Agent Ronald-Attache to Da'an, the North American Companion (S1); Attache to Synod Leader Zo'or (S2).  

Sandoval, Dee Dee- Wife of Ronald Sandoval. Committed to FBI mental hospital after Ronald Sandoval's implantation. Later rescued by husband and Boone. Ronald Sandoval believes Dee Dee was killed by William Boone.

Second Chances-Company offering genetic re-engineering to make the old young again using Taelon science.

Shaquarava- Legendary avatar from Taelon legends who destroyed Umrath'ma. See Legends, Taelon. Alternate spellings: shaquarava, shaqarava

shaquarava, Taelon- Vestigial organ  in their palms that at one time was a weapon. Also used to heal and communicate.

shaquarava, Jaridian- organ in the palms used as a weapon.

shaquarava, Kimeran- organ in the palms that represented all the Kimeran were. Can be used as weapon, to heal, to communicate, and to take the form of other races to be genetically assimilated or impregnated.

Shuttle- Airmobile vehicle created by Taelons for interdimensional travel and aerospace flight

Shuttle 2- Shuttle sabotaged by Doors that resulted in Maiya's crossing over to Liam and Augur's dimension.

Sinaui Euhura- Taelon greeting. When spoken softly it is a friendly greeting. When spoken harshly it is a threatening greeting.

S.I. War- Brutal (semi-)global conflict involving (North?) American forces in Asia. Apparent use of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons resulted in high civilian casualty rates. Known battle sites include Shanghai and Taipei.

skrill- Human bio-engineered weapon of a race the Taelons discovered. Used as weapons for humans implanted with a CVI and assigned protective duties to the Taelons. Alternate spellings: scrill, skryll

Sleeper, The- A being/race(?) the Taelons fear from their legends, possibly the Jaridians.

Sloan, Sergeant Michael-


St. Micheal's Church- Location of the Liberation Headquarter. Also place where Ha'gel was killed and Boone seriously injured.

Strandhill, Ireland- Location of Ma'el's tomb. Finberra, Cork County, Ireland.

Synod, The- The ruling body of the Taelon Commonality.


Taelon-race of primarily energy based aliens come to study and help humanity.

Taelon Human Genetic Research Facility- located in Dallas, Texas, United States

Thoreau, Michael- French Liberation leader mentioned in "Fissures"

Time travel-Taelons possess the ability to time travel but have banned its use.


Umrath'ma-The Liar from Taelon legends. See Legends, Taelon. Alternate spellings: Umrathma, Um'rath'ma


Void, The-Taelon euphamism for death, both good and bad depending upon the phrasing.

Void, Embrace the-A grave Taelon threat.


White Horse Tavern- location of Ma'el's tomb. Tavern was founded in 1689 in Finberra, County Cork, Ireland.

Wiley, Captain Zack- friend and war buddy to both Boone and Sgt. Sloane.




Zo'or-Companion to the United Nations/Synod Member (S1); Synod Leader (S2).