Views from a Skrill
A Different Perspective of the Conflict

  Welcome! I am called Aurora. I am  my human host's skrill.  My host, Gray, Companion Agent to Arizona has decided to post my thoughts and commentary to show humanity their world from a different perspective, especially in regards to the activities of the Liberations and the Taelon Companions. I suppose her motivational imperative is not working entirely effectively since she has shown a marked interest in Liberation activities (and a fascination with skrills apparently) and seems to favor Da'an over other Companions. Strange beings these humans. Please, take a look around and enjoy the bizarre and humorous world of a skrill.


    Skrillings-Parodies/commentary of various EFC episodes
    What is a skrill?
    Silly Skrill Signatures

What is a skrill?

Mother-alpha series skrill The image to the left is a skrill, currently unattatched to a human host.

Skrills are human bio-engineered weapons of a species the Taelon encountered sometime ago. Attached to their human hosts skrills develop a symbiotic relationship offering protection in exchange for sustenance. Continued use of a skrill can rapidly deplete a human of their energy. Only humans equipped with a Cyber Viral Implant (CVI) are capable of controlling a gamma series skrill from it's primitive agressive impulses and actions. Alpha series skrills were too sentient and strong willed to be controlled by a CVI but could work with a human  if it chose to do so. Such an event occured during the incident with Dr. Clarke and "Mother". Skrills possess the ability to destroy Taelons, Chimerans and presumably Jaridians. Skrills are created and produced at Comtech Labs.

Alpha Skrill   There are two series of skrill. The Alpha skrill series was terminated (with the exception of "Mother") due to their high self preservation and sentience which was deemed unsuitable by the Companions for use with the  human implants. The Gamma series skrill is the common skrill seen  adorning Companion Security agents, such as Agent Ronald Sandoval, Siobhan Beckett, William Boone and other implants stationed around the world and on the Taelon homeship.

 Distinguished skrills in service:

Gamma Skrill "Condor" Condor    Commander William P. Boone  
Status: unknown    Series: Gamma  
Raven       Agent Ronald Sandoval    
Status: active         Series: Gamma  
Note: extremely compliant to Sandoval's wishes
Mother     Progenitor of Gamma Series    
Status: unknown    Series: Alpha    
Note: extremely self aware
Queen     Progenitor of all Skrills on Earth    
Status: Missing and presumed dead.

Skrill's Commentary: Being a skrill does have advantages (like free food, transportation, medical, and blowing stuff into oblivion of course (hehehe)) but unfortunately rarely are we skrills ever listened to by our human hosts and never listened to by the Taelons! (Unless we're pointed at their head hissing and glowing dangerously.) We often talk to our implants in their dreams but few ever seem to understand or accept what we tell them. I tell you, we skrills get no respect....well ok, there are two exceptions: Doctor Clarke and William Boone.

Silly Skrill Signatures

  The following are a series of signitures favoring skrills. Some are silly, others....Well you can decide. Agent Gray does associate with some rather unusual people it seems.

Got Skrill?
Skrill for a Thrill
An Implant and his skrill
Just skrill it!
Skrill 'em
~<~<~(o    (<--supposed to represent a skrill I am told :-/ )
Skrill! Skrill! Skrill!....You will not skrill!
Now that's just plain skrilly
*FWOOOSH*  You've been skrilled
You've got skrill
Skrills of the world unite! You've got nothing to loose but your implant!
Skrills: Peace through Annihilation