Fannish stuff

After hours of grueling coding (okay, not that grueling, more tedious) and more than a few foul epithets I finally solved the issues I had with the skin I was working on for my eFiction based Thirdsphere Fiction Archive. I hate debugging especially when you discover the problem isn't your skin but several variables in the proggy's code that actually very simple to alter. Doh! I should update to the newer version of eFiction but it's just my own writing so I don't really feel especially compelled to do so. Now, if I was still running the Skrillwerks Fiction Archive, I would switch in a hearbeat. Maintaining the SFA when it was active was a pain considering it was all HTML. Gah! I would have automated it in a heart beat had I known about eFiction and progs like it back then. Anyway, I'm pretty happy with the general look and will now start modding it out to the BSG inspired schemes I've dubbed Colonial Simple, Raptor, Viper, and Cylon. I finished the first draft of my BSG fic, Mouse, but it won't be ready for a friday release as I had planned. I'll probably post Brigand and Sass IV or Homecoming, a fic I had sitting around since season 2 ended. I may do a little tweak as the events of season 3 potentially give Homecoming an interesting twist. And those who know me, know how I like to throw in twists to my stories when I can. >:-)