10 Ways For The Crew To Make Money:
Life in the Uncharted Territories is hard, especially when you have nothing. 
No cash. No credit cards. Nothing to trade but your charming smile. So I came
up with some ways for my fellow shipmates and myself to get some much 
needed cash. --John Crichton quoted in Svatiska-za-Coriin's Livin' in the Uncharteds.

1. DRD Races
2. Rygel XVI's Guide to Scamming Your Way Across the Galaxy
3. Luxan's Lament for shilquin in C minor
4. I Survived the Wormhole T-Shirts
5. Managing Your Anger tapes (Delvian Edition)
6. The Peace Keeper's Guide to Becoming More
7. 101 Ways to Eat Food Cubes
8. 101 Incomprehensible Human Sayings
9. Managing Your Anger tapes (PK edition)
10. Kiss the Human booth