Title: All The Little Things
Author: Karolyn Gray <kmgray3@aol.com>
ScifiBB/Chat Handle: Gray3
Rating: G
Synopsis: Chiana apologizes for smashing Aeryn's Prowler
Type: Ficlet?
Spoilers: The Locket
Archiving: Yes
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All the Little Things
by Karolyn Gray

"What the frell is she so pissed off about anyway? It's just a frelling ship! It's not like the damage can't be repaired." Chiana yelled, stalking to and fro in the Central Chamber as Crichton's eyes tracked her progress. "I said I was sorry!"

Crichton swallowed the piece of fruit he had being enjoying in what had been a nice and peaceful Center Chamber not even twenty microts ago. Coming here to get away from his bickering companions and to get himself a snack had seemed like a good idea at the time since they had be at it for hour. 'Arns.' he mentally corrected himself.

Taking a drink from his cup, he realized Chiana was now still and staring at him with an agitated expression. Sighing he set his drink down and pointedly ignored her as he peeled of another piece of fruit and plopped it into his mouth.

"Well?" Chiana demanded.

Sucking a dribble of fruit juice from his thumb, Crichton finally relented and turned to face his Nebari shipmate. "Well what?" He asked innocently.

"Aren't you going to talk to her?" Chiana asked incredulously.

"Why should I? It's between you and her, Chi." Crichton noted with some irritation. "You borrowed her Prowler and then smashed it up. Of course she's going to be more than a little ticked off at you."

Chiana slouched onto the seat across from him with a cross expression on her features. "She's being totally unreasonable. I offered to help her fix it and she threatened to blast my head off with that frelling pistol of hers. I even apologized. What else could she want?"

"How about respect for starters?" Crichton replied quietly, before placing the last bit of fruit into his mouth.

Chiana gaped at him in surprise. "What do you mean 'respect'? I do respect her. She's saved our eemas more than once. I may not say it but I am grateful."

Crichton smiled slightly and shook his head. "I didn't say grateful, Chiana. I said respect. You don't steal from me."

"That's because you don't have anything worth snurching." She replied half in jest.

Crichton's face became serious. "And what about D'Argo and Zhaan? You don't steal from them."

"Well, yeah, but..." Chiana started to feel the guilt that had been nibbling at her conscious starting to get bigger.

"No 'buts', little girl. You respect them enough not to go taking their things without asking, but you don't hesitate when it comes to Aeryn's Prowler. That suggests a lot to me." Crichton noted, leaning back in his seat to watch her.

"Well, she's such a...a...she's always acting like she's so superior to us. Ordering us around like we're her personal servers. Like we're children or something." Chiana growled.

" 'Us'? 'We'?" Crichton queried, chuckling softly. "Did you ever consider the reason she treats you that way is maybe, in her own way, she cares what happens to you?"

"Yeah right. All she cares about is that frelling Prowler." Chiana snarled.

"Which you damaged after stealing it for a joy ride." Crichton remarked.

"I didn't mean to." Chiana protested.

"Doesn't matter. You didn't respect her enough to ask if you could borrow it." Crichton countered.

"She doesn't frelling respect me! Why should I do the same for her?" Chiana asked.

"Doesn't respect you, huh?" Crichton asked. "Did she ever ask why you took the Prowler?"

This stopped Chiana's intended tirade against her Peacekeeper shipmate as she considered Crichton's words. "No. No, she didn't ask." She admitted reluctantly.

"All she asked was how you damaged the Prowler. Am I right?" Crichton asked.

"Yeah." Chiana nodded her head.

"Well, it seems like she respected you enough not to ask why you felt you needed to take her fighter. All she wanted to know was how you got it damaged." Crichton noted, taking another drink.

"I said I was sorry. I meant it and she blew it off like I was lying." Chiana said sorrowfully. "She acts like it's the most important thing in the universe."

"Maybe it is for her."

"What?" Chiana asked startled but the sudden wistfulness in Crichton's voice. "What do you mean?"

"Look, the rest of us, we've all got something that ties us to home, to who we are. Zhaan's got her apothecary and the Seek, D'Argo-that holo of his wife and son and the hope that he'll find Jothee someday, Rygel-well, I'm not sure exactly what he's got aside from his throne sled and his desire to return to power. Pilot and Moya have each other. Me, I've got my dreams of going home and my module." Crichton explained.

"And what about me?" Chiana asked.

"You? You keep what's important to you here and here." He said pointing to her head and then her chest. "Your freedom is what you value most, Chiana."

"So she loves that Prowler because is her way to be free?" Chiana asked skeptically.

"No. Because it represents a tie to her past that she can look upon with pride. Something she's good at without questioning its validity in the Peacekeeper world or out here." Crichton chuckled sadly. "You know, you two have more in common than either of you will admit."

"Right, Crichton." Chiana replied sarcastically. "And what would that be?"

"You're both survivors who can never go home. You've both had to adapt to survive; did things you felt were wrong but did it anyway." Crichton replied.

"That's ridiculous." Chiana snorted.

Finishing his drink, Crichton shrugged and went to rinse his cup clean. "Well, it's just the way I see things, Chi. You and Aeryn are two sides of the same coin-- different and yet the same. It may not be much, but sometimes it's the little things that are the most important."

When Chiana had no comment and remained sitting there, brooding, Crichton shrugged to himself. "I'm going to check on Aeryn and see if she needs any help with the Prowler. At least think about what I said. OK?" With that Crichton departed the chamber.


"Hey, Aeryn." Crichton said by way of greeting as he entered the maintenance bay.

Aeryn Sun stopped briefly from packing away her tools to glance at him. "Crichton."

Crichton whistled softly as he got a better look at the Prowler. The damage Chiana had inflicted hadn't looked so bad when she'd brought the Prowler in earlier, but now with much of the surrounding undamaged armor plates removed the meter long gash along the fuselage's skin looked even worse. "Man, Chiana did a number on her this time."

A frustrated sound came from Aeryn as she slammed a torch into the container with more force than necessary. "Are you here to tell me to forgive her, too?"

Crichton frowned, in puzzlement. "No. Wouldn't think of it. Chi screwed up this time. Not two ways around it."

Aeryn paused as if surprised by his answer. She eyed him carefully, arching a brow in obvious skepticism. "D'Argo and Zhaan have both been here to convince me to accept Chiana's apology. As I told them, I will not. She needs to learn to be more responsible."

"No argument here." Crichton agreed.

"Why are you being so agreeable? You usually take her side." Aeryn noted as she closed the equipment pack and stowed it back into her Prowler's cockpit.

Crichton sighed. "You know Aeryn all I did was come down here to see if you needed any help, not get bitched at for something someone else did. If I wanted that I could back to listening to Chiana's whining. So what's it going to be? You want my help or not?" He asked with irritation.

"I'm sorry, Crichton." Aeryn said with genuine remorse. "You're right. I should not take out my frustrations on you."

He shrugged with a small grin. "I'm used to it. No problem." Running a finger along the cracked plating of the damaged fuselage, shaking his head slightly. "So how bad is it?" He asked tilting his head to indicate the Prowler.

"Not as bad as it looks. The damage to the armor is minimal but I do not have any of the necessary material after we fixed that last micro-fracture two weekens ago." Aeryn explained.

"Pilot says we'll be in range of a commerce planet in a few arns. Maybe we can find what you need there." Crichton offered. "Or something close enough to it that you can use until we get the proper replacements."

Aeryn nodded her head in resigned agreement.

"I'm going to get something to eat." Aeryn announced as she started for the door.

"Care for some company?" Crichton asked as he followed her.

"I thought you left to eat earlier?" Aeryn noted.

"I did. Just thought you'd maybe like some company, but if not I'll just tinker around on my module until it's time to go." Crichton slowed his pace, ready to do just as he said.

Aeryn paused before nodding her head to indicate he should join her.


Chiana sighed as she heard Aeryn's voice rise ever so slightly as she haggled with the merchant over the price of the parts they were trying to obtain. It was an ever so subtle pitch change but one Chiana easily recognized from the ex-Peacekeeper: stubbornness.

She cast her dark eyes over to her human shipmate noting the bland smile on his face as he half-heartedly suggested a price range between that of the merchant and Aeryn. Both balked at his suggestion and glared at him with matching 'stay out of our business' glares.

Chiana felt sorry for Crichton as she watched him shrug and back away. His offer had sounded reasonable enough to her, but then she was bored and just wanted to leave the commerce planet. Two arns of bickering over what should have been a straightforward transaction had gotten old very quick.

She was regretting pointing this place out to Aeryn when they had arrived at this rather low tech, waste hole of a planet. She should of known it was bad when Aeryn made some comment about Crichton's Earth was more civilized than the local populace. But she had decided to take Crichton's advice to heart and help out.

She did damage the Prowler and, as much as she annoyed and teased the former Peacekeeper, she did in an odd sort of way like Aeryn. She was tough, brave, smart, and most assured of her actions. All things Chiana often found herself bluffing her way through.

Despite her bluster Aeryn had her moments of compassion and understanding that surprised Chiana. The Sebacean woman was not comfortable with emotions and Chiana suspected that was the cause of some of the friction between them. As much as Chiana envied Aeryn's self assuredness, Aeryn envied Chiana's carefree approach to life.

'Two sides of the same coin.' Chiana grinned at that, realizing that of the endless stream of expressions Crichton had this one she understood. Aeryn had helped her to learn the ships functions better as well as helped her improve her somewhat limited fighting skills. Maybe it was time she did something to help soften up the emotional defenses of the Peacekeeper a little. 'Crichton would certainly appreciate it.' She mused.

"Don't even think about it, Pip."

Chiana grinned at Crichton's warning tone, putting on her best innocent look. Crichton frowned at her in mock disapproval, the edge of his mouth curling slightly into a smile. "Think about what?" She asked tilting her head in the way she knew always confused him.

Unfortunately it didn't work this time, she noted with some dismay as he turned his eyes back on Aeryn. "Whatever mischief you're planning. Whenever Aeryn finishes up here, we're heading straight back to Moya."

"I'm bored, Crichton." She said simply, dropping her act.

He grinned at that and looked back at her. "Well, I did warn you what we are here for. You didn't have to come along."

"I know, I know." She sighed in resignation, looking around at the other nearby vendors. Most of the merchandise was junk, but her eyes had continually lingered on a particular stand across the way that looked promising.

So far she had refrained from wandering on her own wanting to show both Crichton and Aeryn she could avoid causing trouble. Aeryn's comment to that affect when they had first arrived had surprisingly stung but she had shrugged it off as if it were nothing.

"I'm going to browse around." Chiana announced suddenly, earning a wary look from Crichton.

"Don't wander, Chi.,” He said.

She heard the warning in his voice and waved him off and pointed to the vendor she had been eyeing. "I'm just going over there. I'll be right back."

Seeing his resigned nod, she quickly made her way over to the stand. She frowned slightly as she realized the closer she got the less likely there was anything of value or interest laid out on the table. Chiana was about to pass on the table when an item caught her eye.

"Perfect." She murmured to herself and plastered on her best innocent expression.


Chiana slid quietly into the maintenance bay, noting only Aeryn was present wiping down the newly repaired armor of her Prowler. Smiling slightly she glanced down to the small object in her hand before nodding once to herself and sauntered over to the ex-Peacekeeper.

Chiana ignored the glare Aeryn gave her as she leaned in, pretending to admire the repair as if she had seen such things done a hundred times. "Not bad, Aeryn. You can hardly tell it's been damaged."

"No thanks to you." Aeryn replied icily, closing the repair kit she had used.

Chiana's face twisted into a grimace at that. Things weren't going as she had expected. What could she do to get Aeryn to accept her gift?

"What do you want, Chiana?"

The young Nebari shook her head in surprise at Aeryn's cold tone. "Me? Nothing." Chiana replied innocently, earning a not unexpected look of disbelief and a soft snort of derision.

"You know, Crichton says we are a lot alike"

"Yes. We're the females of our respective species."

Chiana wasn't sure whether to laugh at that comment or not, instead shaking her head. "No. We're survivors."

Aeryn paused at that with a considering look. "I suppose he's correct about that."

"He also says the Prowler is important to you because its a link to your past that isn't tainted." Chiana added.

A strangely cold but wary look came to Aeryn's face, a look that made Chiana extremely nervous. "And well, I was thinking that, maybe...maybe you needed something for...um...your life here on Moya. You know, something away from the Peacekeepers that you could call your own."

"And what would that be?" Aeryn asked neutrally.

"This." Chiana shrugged as she held out her hand to the Sebacean woman letting the locket swing from her fingertips. "I was thinking about what Crichton had said when I saw this on the planet and uh...bought it." At the puzzled expression she was receiving, Chiana hurried up her explanation. "I know you aren't much into personal adornments and all, but I thought...maybe...you could use something to remind you of your life out here. Something to be proud of for what you've done."

Aeryn looked at the dangling pendant with an unreadable expression as she reached for it slowly and took it. Chiana shifted nervously as Aeryn looked over the locket carefully.

"It appears to be valuable." Aeryn noted carefully.

"I know."

"I can't accept this." Aeryn held out the necklace.

"Please keep it." Chiana pleaded. "I wanted to give you something to say...I'm sorry. About the Prowler."

"Chiana, I don't..."

"Please." For a moment, Chiana was sure Aeryn would refuse the gift as the ex-Peacekeeper took a closer look at the piece of jewelry.

"All right." Aeryn nodded. "Thank you."

Chiana smiled and started for the entrance to the maintenance bay. "You're welcome."

Aeryn looked at the locket, briefly wondering why she had accepted it from the Nebari thief. Maybe it was Crichton subtly trying to convince her to forgive Chiana with points about unit cohesion and harmony. It had certainly be better than D'Argo's gruff demand and Zhaan chanting peace and forgiveness of the Goddess.

'Well, at least she paid for it.' Aeryn thought to herself as she looped it over her neck. She absently fingered the surface as she considered the Nebari's words.

'Something to remind me of my life out here.' Aeryn smiled. 'I think I know just the thing.'