The Budong Song
by: A Bunch of Drunken Scapers in Arizona
Note: ASWG is not responsible for the following sillyness. We just transcribed it here as a warning
to other Scapers to be carefull playing the Farscape Drinking Game during a Scaper marathon.

I was dancing on the budong,
Playing a gong,
And singing the budong song.
The budong song.
Yeah John, the budong song.
Scorpy's gone and I'm all alone
Starving on the budong,
With the budong song,
Yeah, the budong song.
Gong, bong, where's the budong gone?
Budong, budong, budong.

Pass the raslac, let's get Chi
She'll dance and sing on the budong with me.
Yeah the budong with me.
We'll dance and since the budong song,
Yeah the budong song,
Budong, budong, budong.

Thankfully the next ep of our little Scape marathon began and thus ended the budong song. :-)