Farscraps 1: A Collection of Unfinished Farscape Fan Fics by Karolyn Gray
Rated: PG-13 or less.
Notes: Farscraps a series of unfinished fanfics that I've decided to post to the web even though they are incompletes and likely never to be continued.
Title: Farscraps #1: Untitled #2
Author: Karolyn Gray <kmgray3@aol.com>
Story Notes: An unfinished future fic. Aeryn returns John Crichton to Earth. Originally the story went that Crichton had died, leaving behind Aeryn and their son. The crew had agreed to preserve Crichton's body until they found Earth so that they could return his remains to his family.

Farscraps #1: Untitled #2

The bright sun light warmed the small gathering as they sat in the garden, enjoying the blooming vegetation and chirping birds. It had only been a little over a cycle since they had seen one another, but the trio laughed and talked as if it had only been a few arns since their last meeting.

Neither of them saw the dark clad form pause at the entrance of the garden, watching them with an expression that clearly showed the visitors ambivalent feelings. After a moment the other approached them silently, pausing just short of the bench they sat on.

“It's true.” D'Argo was saying, adding his laughter to Zhaan's own.

“Well, I've just got to hear this from Jothee myself.” Chiana threw in. “I think you're holding back on us.”

“I cannot imagine how Jothee would have gotten himself into such a situation.” Zhaan replied with a grin.

“Neither can I.” D'Argo admitted.

“Speaking of Jothee, shouldn't he back with the others by now?” Zhaan asked..

“Jothee and John decided to assist his Eminence.” Aeryn finally spoke, earning a roar of welcome from D'argo. She was surprised when she actually let out a yelp of laughter at D'argo's practically crushed her too him in an affectionate hug.

“Aeryn Sun.” He said releasing her and standing back to look her over. “It's been too long.”

It had been two cycles since any of them had seen her, having been on deep range explorations beyond the Territories. As he expected she hadn't changed much. A few more gray strands in her long dark hair, but just as lithe and muscular as she always was.

“Not that long D'argo.” Aeryn replied with a grin that instantly caught the attention of the others. It had been nearly ten cycles since they'd seen her smile with such joy.

“Long enough.” Zhaan replied, giving Aeryn a quick hug before moving aside to allow Chiana the same.

“You're looking good.” Chiana commented. “How's Pilot and Moya?”

“They're fine as usual.” Aeryn replied with a grin as they all seated themselves once more. “I've missed you all. I assume you did get my correspondence?”

“Of course. It seems you and John have had some amazing adventures out there. We'd love to hear them.” D'Argo said. “I am surprised to see you here. Your last message indicated you didn't think you'd make it for our reunion.”

“At the time I didn't.” Aeryn admitted with a slight shrug, her smile slipping away somewhat to reveal the ever present pain in her heart. “Things have changed.”

Worried at this sudden change in behavior, Zhaan leaned forward with concern.
“Is John all right?”

Aeryn blinked for a moment as if confused by the question. “Yes. He's fine.”

“Then what's wrong, my dear?” Zhaan asked.

Aeryn looked down, unconsciously clasping her hands together as she steeled herself. She had been so excited about the discovery. Now…now the old promise needed to be fulfilled, the old wounds finally allowed to heal.

“I found it.” She whispered.

There was no need for explanation. The others instantly knew what Aeryn was speaking about. She had found the very thing John Crichton had searched his entire life for. The very thing that had consumed the last fifteen cycles of her life.

Aeryn Sun had found Earth.

“When do we leave?” D'Argo promptly asked.

“As soon as you are ready.” Aeryn replied softly. She glanced up at them. “You don't have to come, of course. This is something I have to do. Something I promised him. None of you are obligated to accompany me.”

“Nonsense. John was our friend.” Chiana chimed in.

“Our friend and ally. It is fitting that we should see him home safely.” D'Argo added.

“You understand I must go to the surface. It may be dangerous.” Aeryn noted.

“We understand this Aeryn. We will shall accompany you.” Zhaan replied without hesitation.

Aeryn felt her restraint waver allowing a tear to trickle own her cheek. “Thank you.” She whispered.

“It's the least we can do for him. Or both of you.” Zhaan gently squeezed Aeryn's shoulder in reassurance.

“Mom! You got to see Jothee's shilquin.” A young sebacean looking male of approximately sixteen cycles came running into garden, his grin making him seem far more like a child than the adult he was near becoming. He had Aeryn's raven hair and eyes, but one look at his face erased any doubts of his human father's ancestry. Behind him, D'argo son, Jothee, walked in shaking his head in bemusement.

“John. Calm down.” Aeryn admonished her son gently, despite her own grin. Her son looked so much like his father it made her heart ache at times.

“Manners I tell you. Leave the child with me for a cycle and I he shall be properly civil.” Came a haughty voice that brought a grin to Aeryn's face.

“So snurching food cubes isn't civil, Uncle Sparky?” John deadpanned, earning uproarious laughter form the others and a doting smile from Dominar Rygel the XVI.

“Hmm. Well there is always something to be said for those who know how to procure items of rare value.” The Dominar replied nonchalantly.