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Virtual Season 5

Farscape VS5 by Anne Dobbs Rating: G
A list of potential VS5 fiction titles. Addressed some story lines left hanging in the show such as the Nebari.

Stories By Anne Dobbs

Farscape-in' by Anne Dobbs Rating: G
A Farscape filk of the Start Trek song Star Trekkin?

Stories By Browny

The First Star I See Tonight  by Browny Rating: PG
Downtime on Moya written by a warped fan.

Stories By Charra Loon

Wrath of The Hunter by Charra Loon  Rating: PG-13
Part 1of the Hunter Trilogy. The crew of Moya encounter a
legend while exploring a vast planet.

Secret of the Hunter by Chara Loon  Rating: PG-13
Part 2 of the Hunter Trilogy

Heart of the Hunter by Chara Loon  Rating: PG-13
Part 3 of the Hunter Trilogy

Stories By Chaym

Basic Necessities by Chaym Rating: PG-13
John Crichton discovers he's out of one very basic necessity. Moya's crew must find work in order to buy supplies.

Stories By Cyclone Jack

For Whom The Credits Toll by Cyclone Jack  Rating: PG-13
John makes it back to Earth

Stories By Kavanne

For The End by Kavanne Rated: G
   A PK Poem.

Stories By Rick Mantilla

Farscape Black Ghost
by Rick Mantilla 
Farscape Black Ghost takes place during season one's "The Flax" episode. It is about a sebeacean male who was a Peacekeeper, a former member of an elite Special Ops Unit called BLACK GHOSTS, who is now forced to hide as a bounty hunter. He is unknowingly thrown into the world of Farscape and eventually meets John, Aeryn, and the rest of the crew from Moya. Although none of the main characters appear in the story, there are several references made about them and the Farscape universe.

Farscape - Tracker, Part 1
by Rick Mantilla
Rating: None (Site Ops rating: PG-13)

Stories By Peacekeeperchuck

The Happy Couple by Peacekeeperchuck Rating: PG

Rygel Song  by Peacekeeperchuck Rating: G

Stories By Karolyn Gray
Alternate Universe Series

Mahadeva Alternate Universe Series by Gray Rated: PG

Part 1: The Star Hunters (Premiere)
Part 2: Abaoth Sol (EfG)
Part 3: Nightshades (TGiF)
Part 4: Blood Rights (DNA:MS)
Part 5: Kill Shot (TtBRC & The Flax)
Part 6: Matters of Duty (breaks from series)
Part 7: A Fate Worse Than This (Durka Returns)
Part 8: Mahadeva (The Hidden Memory)

Miscellaneous AU Fics
An Enemy's Love by Gray Rated: PG
   AU. John Crichton as remembered by a future enemy. Not Part of AU Series.

Regular Stories

A Distant Sun by Gray  Rating: PG
Aeryn shortly before and after the crew of Moya capture her.

A Captain's Compassion by Gray Rating: G
Post Mind the Baby. Crais ponders his situation.

Alien Eyes by Gray Rated: G
Poem from John's POV.

All The Little Things by Gray Rating: G
Chiana apologizes for smashing Aeryn's Prowler.

A Second to Infinity by Gray Rated: G
No description. Spoilers for LATP 2.

Counterpoint by Gray  Rating: PG-13 (language)
John & Aeryn Post Rhapsody in Blue scene.

Dog Daze Sunrise by Karolyn Gray  Rating: PG
J&A Shippyness from a different perspective.

Eating Companions  by Gray Rating: PG
John and Aeryn share a meal.

Flight by Gray  Rating: G
John & Aeryn discuss Farscape 1.

A Flutter In the Dark by Karolyn Gray
Rating: PG
Watch out for the holian trill bats, they're vicious!

The Farscraps #1 Series: This is a group of fics that I am posting even though they are unfinished and unlikely to be finished. All are rated PG-13 or less.

#1: How Many Miles to Babylon?
#2: Untitled #2
#3: Haiku
#4: Not What We See

The Farscraps #2 Series: This is a group of fics that I am posting even though they are unfinished and unlikely to be finished. All are rated PG-13 or less.
#2.1 Untitled WGFA Fic
#2.2 Rainfall

The Farscraps #3 Series: This is a group of fics that I am posting even though they are unfinished and unlikely to be finished. All are rated PG-13 or less.
#3.1 Tides
#3.2 I Will Remember

FS-shorts Series:
FS-Short: The Stars are Cold by Gray Rating: G
FS-Short: Razorblade by Gray Rating: G
FS-Short: On the Benefits of Raslac by Gray Rating: G
FS-Short: Say What? by Gray Rating: G

Fragments: Red. Black. White. by Gray Rating: PG
A moment in fragmented realities becomes what was.

Fuzzy Dice by Gray  Rating: PG-13
Fuzzy Dice (R version)-  Language

The Boys have to stop Crichton from making a Faustian deal.

Goliath's Tears by Gray  Rating: PG
The crew must rescue a Leviathan to save themselves.

The Good Ship by Gray Rated: PG
All on Talyn is not as it seems.

The Gunslingers of Moya by Gray Rated: PG-13
No summary. Would give away the story.

Hollow Eyes
by Gray Rating: G
D'Argo's thoughts after Aeryn 'dies'.

A Hop, A Skip, and A Jiggity-Jig by Gray Rated: G
Crichton has some explaining to do to the locals of a commerce planet. Humor.

Hunter's Moon by Gray Rating: PG
A bar room storyteller turns out to be more than expected by a young man searching for a legend.

I'll Get By by Gray Rated: PG
Crichton is resigned to his future.

Letting Go by Gray  Rating: PG
Post Human Reaction filler

My Kingdom by Gray  Rating: PG-13 (suicide)
Speculative fic for last four episodes of Season 1

Ne Humanus Crede by Gray Rated: R (violence, gore)
The crew is under attack.

Novus Sun Series
Series highlighting Aeryn Sun's life as a Peacekeeper.
Part 1: If I Should See You Tomorrowby Gray Rating: G
Part 2: Flights of Fancy by Gray Rating: G
Part 3: I, Alone (tentative title) by Gray Rated: PG-13

Ode to Foodcubes by Gray Rated: PG

Of Earth I Dream by Gray  Rating: G
Poem/John's POV.

Penny For Your Thoughts by Gray  Rating: PG

Silent Understandings by Gray  Rating: G
J&A or D&A scene during "Nerve".

Time and Again (Jaenus Mix) by Gray  Rating: PG
An alien's experiment proves disastrous for the crew but will an unexpected visitor give them a second chance?

The Chains of Freedom I: Aeryn Sun by Gray Rating: PG
Aeryn Sun contemplates after joining the fugitives on Moya.

The Dark Rating: PG-13 (language, violence)
Transporting aliens to a colony reveals a deadly secret.

This Side of Paradise by Karolyn Gray  Rating: PG
Crichton & Co. must deal with the effects of the Aurora Chair.

Thoughts on a Man I by Gray Rating: G
Post Jeremiah Crichton thoughts. D'Argo's POV.

Thoughts on a Man II by Gray Rating: G
Post Jeremiah Crichton thoughts. Aeryn's POV.

Thoughts on a Man III by Gray Rating: G
Post Jeremiah Crichton thoughts. Zhaan's POV.

To Kill Furlow by Gray Rating: PG
Every Scarran has his day, every Charrid has his lunch, and Aeryn has her revenge.

To Kill Furlow...Too by Gray Rating: PG
A more musical sort of revenge.

Untitled #1 by Gray Rating: PG
Post DNA:MS journal entry in Crichton's log.

Untitled #5 by Gray  Rating: G
Missing Scene from Jeremiah Crichton

Untitled #20 by Gray Rated: G
Braca must explain his failure to Scorpius

The Valley of Dreams by Gray Rated: PG
More trouble on a commerce planet. Fluff warning. :)
A Scapering We Go

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