Title: Flight
Author: Karolyn Gray
ScifiBB/Chat Handle: Gray3
Rating: G
Synopsis: John and Aeryn discuss Farscape 1.
Spoilers: Premiere
Archiving: Yes
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by Karolyn Gray

John sighed heavily, tossing the screwdriver on top of the assembled mess of wires and gauges that had once been his ship's flight controls. He had been working for hours going over the systems to assess the damage.

He had expected it to be bad. After all he had had an electrical fire shortly after being brought aboard Moya. But this was far worse than what even he had expected. It would be a long time ('If ever' a part of his mind echoed darkly) before his ship would fly again.


John turned to find Aeryn Sun critically eyeing the craft he sat in. He couldn't help but notice she was dressed for her daily calisthenics giving him a clear view of her well muscled form. "What?"

"I was studying your ship." Aeryn replied.

"And?" John prompted, sensing she wanted to say more.

"And I'm amazed that you were able to successfully launch such a primitive craft. You probably used some sort of planet bound delivery system to get it in orbit of your world. Correct?" Aeryn asked, her face unable to hide the twist of disdain.

"Uhm, yeah." John replied turning his attention back to his control panel, making sure not to reveal the spark of anger he felt at her superior look. A look he'd received from every one of these crazy aliens since he'd been brought aboard ten days ago.

He wasn't going to let them get to him. After all, much of the time they were right. He didn't have a clue what he was doing, but damned if he was going to let them think he was a complete idiot incapable of learning anything. Besides he figured he was doing pretty well with all this new technology. Well, new to him anyway.

"May I ask what you are doing?"

John looked at Aeryn carefully trying to decide if she were truly curious or simply looking for a way to bait him. Her expression was frustratingly unreadable. The other aliens he'd pretty much figured how to read their body language in a few days, but Aeryn confused him. Ironic that the most human looking of them all confused him the most. Wasn't it?

"Diagnostics check of Farscape One's systems." He glanced at the tangled, charred mass in front of him. "Well, what left of them anyway." He shrugged to himself. "A little beaten and battered, but I should be able to have her up and flying again someday."

"You are joking, of course." Aeryn stated with some surprise.

John frowned at that. "No, I'm serious. If I'm going to find a way home, I'll need my ship to get me there. Won't I?"

Aeryn nodded concession on that point but her disbelieving look never once left her face. She looked the ship over once shaking her head as she turned to leave. "Your people are either very brave or very foolish, Crichton."

"Maybe." John replied with a casual shrug. He couldn't help a small smug smile coming to his face. "But we're here. Aren't we?"

Aeryn stopped and snorted derisively. "There is only one of you, Crichton."

John shrugged again. "Well, there this little thing about humans you should know, Ms. Sun. Where one goes, more tend to follow. Sooner or later."

Aeryn frowned at that. "Just what Galaxy needs: more humans!" She replied sarcastically as she turned and left the bay. Crichton's booming laughter followed her, though what the human found so humorous was beyond her.

She was shaking her head as she passed D'argo at the entrance.

D'argo looked between the passing Peace Keeper and the human doubled up in laughter in his little primitive Earth pod. "What is so amusing?"

"I have no idea. Humans!"

D'argo fell in step behind her, intrigued by her comment. Aeryn glanced at him out of the corner of her eye. He saw the wariness there. They were soldiers from opposing sides thrown together. Neither trusted one another and he doubted they ever would.

"What did the human find so amusing?" D'argo repeated after a few more steps without any elaboration from the Peace Keeper.

"He seemed amused at my reaction to his declaration that more humans would follow him out here." She replied.

"More humans? Out here? If he's a prime example of their species, they are not ready." D'argo asked incredulously. One Crichton was enough. He couldn't imagine even one more like him, let alone a world full of Sebacean looking aliens with incomprehensible ways and even more incomprehensible speech patterns.

Aeryn actually grinned at D'argo's expression, suddenly realizing why Crichton had found her remark so humorous. If she looked as half as ridiculous as D'argo did at this moment she couldn't blame the human's reaction.

"More like we aren't ready for them." Aeryn replied and sauntered off, a wide grin plastered on her face at the shudder of revulsion that passed through the Luxan's frame.