Funny Last Words from Farscape Characters

Additions to this list are welcome.

Contributors: Gray, mailing list, in particular Meowzer and Anthony, Anne Dobbs.

1. Zhaan: "The light!" (Meowzer, who started it all <g>)
2. Rygel: "Brother! Cousin!" (Anthony)
3. Chiana: "Are you going to eat/snurch that?" (Anthony)
4. Pilot: "Guess who's scared now." (Anthony)
5. Crichton: "Son, are you okay?" (Anthony)
6. Crichton: "Sure am, dad.  I'd like you to meet my wife....Chiana." (Anthony)
7. D'Argo: "I now work for a mouse." (Anthony)
8. Moya: "Scared, eh?  Let's play chicken...with the sun!" (Anthony)
9. Anyone: "I'm bored." [07-05-02 Gray]
10. Anyone: "This is the happiest moment of my life." [07-05-02 Gray]
11. Pilot: "And away we go." [07-05-02 Gray]
12. Crichton: "Aeryn, that dress makes you look fat." [07-05-02 Gray]
13. Crichton: "My hopes are not always realized, but I always hope." [07-05-02 Gray]
14. Crichton: "Hey! It's a sushi bar." [07-05-02 Gray]
15. D'Argo: "What could possibly go wrong?" [07-05-02 Gray]
16. Valorek: "This is what I get for being a nice guy!" [09-22-02 Anne Dobbs]
17. John: "I will diminish, go to the west, and remain John Crichton." [09-22-02 Anne Dobbs]
18. Aeryn: "I've just finished a rubix cube!" [09-22-02 Anne Dobbs]
19. Zhaan: "uuuuuuh, food piosoning." [09-22-02 Anne Dobbs]
20. Rygel: "I'll be back." [09-22-02 Anne Dobbs]
21. Jool: "To infinity, and beyond!" [09-22-02 Anne Dobbs]
22. Moya: "I think I'll just go and investigate that big, black, hole shaped 
thing over there." [03-10-2003 Anne Dobbs]
23. Pilot: "We're out of gas!" [03-10-2003 Anne Dobbs]
24. Pilot: "Of course we can take on a few dreadnaughts. It's 
not a problem." [03-10-2003 Anne Dobbs]
25. D'Argo: "It can't get any worse!" [03-10-2003 Anne Dobbs]
26. Rygel: "I'm not hungry." [03-10-2003 Anne Dobbs]
27. Aeryn: "We're probably doomed right now." [03-10-2003 Anne Dobbs]
28. Zhaan: "But I'm not dead yet!" [03-10-2003 Anne Dobbs]
29. Sikozu: "Yes, it's the blue wire!" [03-10-2003 Anne Dobbs]
30. Moya: "30 seconds until auto destruct." [03-10-2003 Anne Dobbs]
31. Grayza: "Sure, there aren't any snipers round here, the whole 
areas cautioned off." [03-10-2003 Anne Dobbs]
32. Braca: "Treason's such a harsh word." [03-10-2003 Anne Dobbs]