Lines You Wont Hear on Farscape......we hope #2 (2001)

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Contributors to the Things you wont see/hear on Farscape: Gray, Allan Mathews, starpaw, Browny, OboeCrazy, kitsah, Sillgon, #Farscape (the SFC's chatroom), AmidalaTrinity, Chrystina Riggs, Michael Miller, steelbird, Anthony D, Farscape-shippers@egroups, Susan Anne Irving, braken, Anne Dobbs

And yes, a rare few of these lines made it onto the show. What can I say? GMTA I guess. OK. Maybe not so great minds. <g>

601. M'Lee: "Mm. Salad." [12-30-00 silgon]
602. Prowler (with sign): "How's my driving?" [12-30-00]
603. John: "So what's it going to be: dismemberment, fire, suffocation, electricution?" 
Alien: "Uh, we thought we'd just shoot you?" John: "And you call yourself a villian? 
Get out of here you hack!" [12-30-00]
604. Pilot: "I need a vacation." [12-30-00]
605. Airline employee: "Sir, how many frequent flyer miles?" John: "Uhm. Do you 
know how many miles are in a light year?" [12-30-00]
606. Aeryn: "Here, have a sweetie." [12-30-00 Sue Irving]
607. Scorpius to John: "I am your nemesis!"  [12-30-00 Sue Irving]
608. Ja Rhumann: "Bloody lawyers!" [12-30-00 Sue Irving]
609. Carrgn: "Prepare to feel the wrath of my ponytail!" [12-30-00 Sue Irving]
610. Any Halosian: "I knew I should've gotten that part in The Wizard Of 
Oz!" [12-30-00 Sue Irving]
611. D'Argo to Chiana: "You little slut."[12-30-00 Sue Irving]
612. Scorpius: (to the Peacekeeper officers aboard the Command Carrier) "I just 
want you to know that I have sacked Lt. Braca and Blondie-What's-Her-Face. Meet 
my new assistant, Monica Lewinsky." [12-30-00 Sue Irving]
613. Tak: (singing) "I belie-e-ve I can flyyyyy...." [12-30-00 Sue Irving]
614. DRD: (with horn) "Beep beep!" [12-30-00 Sue Irving]
615. Chiana: "I'm-a gonna whup yo ass!" [12-30-00 Sue Irving]
616. Tak: "Is it just me or do I sound like a Scarren when I speak?" [12-30-00 Sue Irving]
617. Anyone: "You frelling piece of dren! (pause) I don't get it, what does that 
mean?" [12-30-00 Sue Irving]
618. Namtar: "I think I preferred Dr. Frankenstien." [12-30-00 Sue Irving]
619. Chiana: "I need to go poo-poo. Bad." [12-30-00 Sue Irving]
620. Scorpius: (addressing the entire crew of the Command Carrier) "This is Scorpius. 
We are abandoning our present course of persuing the Leviathan and we are heading for 
that small planet down there. There's a great nightclub down there." [12-30-00 Sue Irving]
621. D'Argo: (singing) "Ring-a-ring-a-roses...." [12-30-00 Sue Irving]
622. Zhaan to Stark: "Eat my ass, baby." [12-30-00 Sue Irving]
623. Scorpius: "Wait a minute. I have to refer to my copy of "Arch Villany for 
Dummies". [12-31-00]
624. Anyone: "You stole my line!" [12-31-00]
625. Any Halosian: "Quack, quack." [12-31-00]
626. Anyone: "Tra-la-la, tra-la-la." [01-06-01]
627. Zhaan: "Do not go to Z'Ha'Dum." [01-06-01]
628. Zhaan: "Why can't I be the frelling damsel in distress this time?" [01-06-01]
629. Natira: "I am spider-lady, hear me roar!"  [01-09-01 Sue Irving]
630. Aeryn to Crais: "Kiss my ass!"  [01-09-01 Sue Irving]
631. Natira: "How do you walk in these things?!"  [01-09-01 Sue Irving]
632. Natira: (wearing T-Shirt) "Rich bitch".  [01-09-01 Sue Irving]
633. Natira to Scorpius: "Bite me, baby."  [01-09-01 Sue Irving]
634. Zhaan: "Kill the scum!"  [01-09-01 Sue Irving]
635. Zhaan: (during Liars, Guns and Money pt.1) "Arrrr, ye scurvy dogs!"  [01-09-01 Sue Irving]
636. Scorpius: *snap snap* "Die cooling rods!"  [01-09-01 Sue Irving]
637. NamTar: "Feed me cheese!"  [01-09-01 Sue Irving]
638. Natira: "I am the prime example of why you must never piss off your bank 
manager."  [01-09-01 Sue Irving]
639. PK Nurse: "Is it just me or am I the spitting image of Teeg?"  [01-09-01 Sue Irving]
640. Natira to Scorpius: "Sorry Scorpy, but I've just met the Sheyang of my 
dreams."  [01-09-01 Sue Irving]
641. Aeryn to John: "Johnny will you marry me?"  [01-09-01 Sue Irving]
642. Scorpius to John: (during their final scene in Liars, Guns and Money pt. 1) 
"If you let me die I'll never speak to you again!"  [01-09-01 Sue Irving]
643. Natira: "Where did I leave my kinky whip?"  [01-09-01 Sue Irving]
644. Chiana to D'Argo: "You're proof enough that I can take a joke."  [01-09-01 Sue Irving]
645. Braca: (holding pulse rifle to head) "Goodbye, cruel world!" *Bang* 
*Splat* *Thud*   [01-09-01 Sue Irving]
646. Rygel: "Danger. I greet it with open arms."  [01-09-01 Sue Irving]
647. Chiana: "Sex. I greet it with open legs."  [01-09-01 Sue Irving]
648. Any Plokavian: "I'm melting! I'm melting!"  [01-09-01 Sue Irving]
649. Grath (the Scarren in Won't Get Fooled Again) to John: "Rygel in leather? I just threw
 that in for comic effect, I guess."  [01-09-01 Sue Irving]
650. John: (during The Ugly Truth) "Why are we being interrogated by a bunch of six foot 
candles?"  [01-09-01 Sue Irving]
651. Aeryn to John: "I hate to tell you this, but the test came out blue." 
John: *Faints* [01-09-01 Sue Irving]
652. Scorpius (re: Cooling rods): "And they make such nifty glow lights, too." [01-09-01]
653. Crichton: "Hey Pilot, is that a surf board behind you?" [01-09-01]
654. Crichton: "I've always wanted to be a minion of darkness." [01-09-01]
655. Scorpius (re: Cooling rods): "I'm always the party favorite at raves. It's the 
nifty light show coming out of my head." [01-09-01 sillgon]
656. John (while piloting Aeryn's prowler): "Jane, how do you stop this 
crazy thing?" [01-09-01 sillgon]
657. Anyone (just before credits roll): "Bring on the freaky screaming chicks." [01-09-01]
658. Br'Nee: "Fee fi fo fum!" [01-16-01 Sue Irving]
659. Crais: "I have got to shave this bumfluff off my face!" [01-16-01 Sue Irving]
660. Braca: "I am scum." [01-16-01 Sue Irving]
661. Any Vorc: "Piiiiikaaaaachuuuuuuu!!" [01-16-01 Sue Irving]
662. Natira: (singing) "I-I-I-I'm every wo-man...." [01-16-01 Sue Irving]
663. D'Argo: (wearing T-Shirt) "Limp Bizkit rock." [01-16-01 Sue Irving]
664. Zhaan: "Slipknot concert, here I come!" [01-16-01 Sue Irving]
665. Pilot: "I feel like joyriding today." [01-16-01 Sue Irving]
666. Scorpius to Natira: "Just gimmie the money! I need a new pair of 
sunglasses!" [01-16-01 Sue Irving]
667. Any Sheyang: (singing) "Burn, baby, burn...." [01-16-01 Sue Irving]
668. Chiana: "Mmmm. Whiskas cat food, favourite." [01-16-01 Sue Irving]
669. M'Lee: "I love the taste of ripe Delvian." [01-16-01 Sue Irving]
670. Natira: "Oh yes, sweetie darling." [01-16-01 Sue Irving]
671. Scorpius: (singing) "I need a he-ro...." [01-16-01 Sue Irving]
372. Aeryn: (singing) "I got the power...." [01-16-01 Sue Irving]
673. Pilot: (singing) "I want to break free-ee...." [01-16-01 Sue Irving]
674. Chiana: (singing) "I feel like chicken tonight, like chicken 
tonight!" [01-16-01 Sue Irving]
675. Rygel: (singing) "It's a small world after all." [01-16-01 Sue Irving]
676. Scorpius: (singing) "Dis is my island in de sun...." [01-16-01 Sue Irving]
677. John to Rygel: "Let's give you beans for tea, we need to fill up these 
party balloons!" [01-16-01 Sue Irving]
678. Pilot: "How do you spell "DRD"?" [01-16-01 Sue Irving]
679. Crais: (after getting his ass kicked by D'Argo in Family Ties) "Someone 
get the licence plate number! I have just been violated!" [01-16-01 Sue Irving]
680. Scorpius to Natira: "Natira darling, if you would consent to be my 
wife...." [03-19-01 Sue Irving]
681. D'Argo to Rygel: "Get on down, you funky party weasel." [03-19-01 Sue Irving]
682. D'Argo: (singing) "I feel good!" *ba na na na na na na na* "I knew that I wo-ould." 
*ba na na na na na na na* (etc.) [03-19-01 Sue Irving]
683. John: (singing) "That's the way, ah ha, ah ha, I like it, 
ah ha ah ha...." [03-19-01 Sue Irving]
684. Scorpius: (rapping) "I am whatever you say I am, if I wasn't, then 
why would I say I am?...." [03-19-01 Sue Irving]
685. John: "Just call me Rubber Johnny." [03-19-01 Sue Irving]
686. Chiana: (singing) "My name is Tallulah...." [03-19-01 Sue Irving]
687. Aeryn: (during her funeral service) "I will arise from the grave and 
KILL YOU ALL!! Mwahahahahaha!!" [03-19-01 Sue Irving]
688. Scorpius: (at the end of Die Me Dichotomy) "I'll be back....
bwahahahahaaaaa!!" [03-19-01 Sue Irving]
689. Scorpius: (at the end of DMD) "VICTORY!!" [03-19-01 Sue Irving]
690. Chiana: "Ummm, D'Argo....I've sorta found out that we are compatible 
after all...." [03-19-01 Sue Irving]
691. Braca: "I'll just go and gas myself to death in the Maruder." [03-19-01 Sue Irving]
692. Zhaan: "Kiss! My! Ass!" [03-19-01 Sue Irving]
693. Stark: "Suck my balls!" [03-19-01 Sue Irving]
694. Natira: "These aren't my real breasts." [03-19-01 Sue Irving]
695. Natira to Scorpius: "Uh, I hate to tell you this, but, um, you're going to 
be a father." [03-19-01 Sue Irving]
696. Braca: "Man, I love hybrids!" [03-19-01 Sue Irving]
697. Natira to Akkor: "Cook my dinner and then give me a manicure, slave!" [03-19-01 Sue Irving]
698. Akkor: "Hey, guess what? I've just won an award for "Worst Haircut Of 
The Cycle." [03-19-01 Sue Irving]
699. Natira to PK Nurse: "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful." [03-19-01 Sue Irving]
700. Aeryn to John: "Oi! Stop staring at my tits!" [03-19-01 Sue Irving]
701. Chiana: (after she nearly kissed Jothee in DMD) "Boy, now I know just how Linda 
from Coronation Street must've felt!" [03-19-01 Sue Irving]
702. Any Metallite: (Dalek impression on) "Destroy Moya! Destroy Moya! Destroy! 
Destroy!" [03-19-01 Sue Irving]
703. Scorpius: "I'm gonna kick your muthafrellin' ass into next weeken!" [03-19-01 Sue Irving]
704. Stark: "Two words for ya: SUCK IT!!" [03-19-01 Sue Irving]
705. Scorpius to Natira: "Is that a giant spider attached to the back of your head, or are you 
just glad to see me?" [03-19-01 Sue Irving]
706. Natira to Scorpius: "Is that your coolant rod or are you just glad to see 
me?" [03-19-01 Sue Irving]
707. Jothee: "WAAH!! Daddy! Chiana hit me!" [03-19-01 Sue Irving]
708. Rygel: (in best Cartman voice) "Kick ass." [03-19-01 Sue Irving]
709. PK Nurse: "Hey Niem. I just invaded your wardrobe and stole your favourite outfit. 
Nyah na na na na!" [03-19-01 Sue Irving]
710. NamTar: "Stop calling me "Dumbo"!" [03-19-01 Sue Irving]
711. Pilot: "Ae-ryn! I love you!" [03-19-01 Sue Irving]
712. Natira to Scorpius: "Don't eat my face next time, okay?" [03-19-01 Sue Irving]
713. Scorpius: "Freaky." [03-21-01] 
714. Aeryn: "I think I liked being undead" [03-21-01]
715. Zhaan: "Listen up you primates!" [03-21-01]
716. Aeryn to Stark: "Hey, can you get Jerry Garcia on the line?" [03-21-01]
717. Anyone to Vorc: "Whattup dog?" [05-27-01]
718. PK Reading small print on barrel of pulse rifle: "Warning: Pulling 
trigger while reading this message can cause severe eye irritation." [05-27-01]
719. John (watching clamshell): "Hey, I think I just found some porno on this 
thing." D'Argo: "Where? Where?" [05-27-01]
720. Anyone (at a computer console): "Monkey frelling keyboard!" [05-27-01, sorry, 
had to have been at #farscape to get this one]
721. Aeryn: "I broke a nail!" [05-27-01]
722. Scorpius: "Screw the wormhole technology, I want your recipe for pizza." [05-27-01]
723. Furlow: "I'll paint any car for $59.95." [05-27-01]
724. Zhaan: "I thought you said there was a Taco Bell around here?" [05-27-01]
725. Pilot: "We're off to Bali!" [05-27-01]
726. Peacekeepers singing: "Men in Tights" [05-27-01]
727. Moya: "I am the great trout of the galaxy." [05-27-01]
728. Aeryn: "So what do you want to do?" John: "How about sex?" Aeryn: "OK, 
but what about five minutes later?" [05-27-01]
729. Any Peacekeeper: "Flee! Run for your lives! The bunnies are coming! The 
bunnies are coming!" [05-27-01]
730. John to Scorpius: "So what do you use to avoid chaffing?" [05-27-01]
731. Pilot to crew: "Well it could be worse. We could be on Voyager." [05-27-01]
732. John: "Damn! It's my cousin, Flash Gordon." [05-27-01]
733. John: "Scorpius meet Black Scorpion, Black Scorpion this is Scorpius." [05-27-01]
744. Scorpius (writing a letter): "Dear Ming the Merciless....." [05-27-01]
745. Aeryn (to either Crichton): "I'd like you to meet my mom and let her frisk you." [06-16-01]
746. Rygel: "If I was a foot taller I'd show you." [06-16-01]
747. John (to Scorpy): "The secret to my pizza is wormhole technology." [06-16-01]
748. Crichton (in an argument w/ Aeryn): "Now we know who you get your 
personality from." [06-16-01]
749. Stark: "Call me now for your free tarot reading!" [06-16-01]
750. Talyn: "Caw. Caw." [06-16-01]
751. Crichton (reading the contents of food cubes): "Warning contents 
completely unpronounceable 
by the human tongue." [06-16-01]
752. Scorpius: "What do you mean we can't get the Playboy channel?" [06-16-01]
753. PK Advertisement: "That right! And with each Command Carrier you get 
a free psycho Captain." [06-16-01]
754. Crichton: "Boxers or briefs? You put me in the Aurora Chair to find out if I 
wore boxers or briefs?" [06-16-01]
755. Anyone (but Crichton): "My bologna has a first name. The problem is I can't 
spell it." [06-16-01]
756. Crichton to any bartender: "Does that bubbling purple milk shake have 
any liquor in it?" [06-16-01]
757. Anyone (except Rygel): "I'm so hungry I could eat a budong." [06-16-01]
758. Anyone singing the Budong Song
 (dont ask, just read the link.) [06-16-01]
759. Chiana: "They're having a slinky clothes sale. I gotta go!" [06-14-01]
760. Jool (replying to Chi above): "Do they have any patent leather corsettes?" [06-16-01]
761. Jool: "I promise I won't scream this episode." [06-16-01]
762. Anyone: "The Kemper made me do it!" [06-16-01]
763. Anyone: "Don't move or the teddy bear gets it!" [06-16-01]
764. Stark: "Live long and prosper." [06-20-01]
765. Crichton & Dargo: "Go fish!" [06-20-01]
766. John: "Happy birthday, Scorpy!" [06-20-01]
767. Pilot: "Attention Passengers. Starburst has been delayed due to the dirty 
socks clogging the amnexus system." [06-20-01]
768. Any Sebacean: "You haven't really heard Shakespeare until you've heard
 it in its original Sebacean." [06-20-01]
769. Chiana: "You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? Well, punk, you talkin' 
to me?" [06-27-01 Sue Irving]
770. Chiana to Rygel: "Oh, my darling, will you marry me?" [06-27-01 Sue Irving]
771. Natira: "'re not going to like this, but....I'm pregnant. And it's 
not your's Crichton's." Scorpius: *Faints* [06-27-01 Sue Irving]
772. Chiana: "Like, whatEVER!" [06-27-01 Sue Irving]
773. M'Lee: "Look at this terrible rash. Where's the lotion?" [06-27-01 Sue Irving]
774. Volmae: "I'm thinking of getting a mowhawk." [06-27-01 Sue Irving]
775. Scorpius: "Natira, my little sweetcheeks! I love you!" [06-27-01 Sue Irving]
776. Aeryn: "Oh my golly-golly-gosh!" [06-27-01 Sue Irving]
777. Chiana: "Oh, my cute 'ickle D'Argie-poos!" [06-27-01 Sue Irving]
778. Natira: (after she's, um, molested John) "Wow, and your feet are 
so big!" [06-27-01 Sue Irving]
779. Zhaan: "They'll be sorry when they find out that I do indeed have 
mystical Kung Fu powers." [06-27-01 Sue Irving]
780. Pilot: "You gotta ask yourself one question: do you feel lucky, 
punk? Well do ya?" [06-27-01 Sue Irving]
781. Chiana: (waking up all groggy) "Urgh, what a nightmare. I had 
this awful dream that I picked up a Scarren, brought him back to Moya 
and shagged him. (turns over) YAAAAARRRRGGHHHH!! I wasn't 
dreaming!" [06-27-01 Sue Irving]
782. Aeryn to John: "I'd only shag you at two in the morning if I was 
pissed." [06-27-01 Sue Irving]
783. Crais: "Aeryn, you're really not my type." [06-27-01 Sue Irving]
784. Br'Nee: "Got any zit cream?" [06-27-01 Sue Irving]
785. Braca: "Just call me Baz." [06-27-01 Sue Irving]
786. John: "Wanna see how I can juggle ten flasks of Ras'Lak and Rygel, with my eyes 
closed?" [06-27-01 Sue Irving]
787. John: "Aeryn, I'm pregnant." [06-27-01 Sue Irving]
788. Natira: "I'm off to play marbles with my eyeball collection." [06-27-01 Sue Irving]
789. Natira: "Scorpius, get back here and finish washing the dishes! Now!" Scorpius: "Yes, my 
lovely." [06-27-01 Sue Irving]
790. Rygel: (singing) "I wanna have sex on the beach...." [06-27-01 Sue Irving]
791. Zhaan: (singing) "Don't cry for me Argenti-ii-naaaaaa...." [06-27-01 Sue Irving]
792. Pilot: "Y'know, if we replaced the DRDs with Daleks, nobody would dare overtake 
Moya again!" [06-27-01 Sue Irving]
793. Rygel: "Everybody do the Hamster Dance!" [06-27-01 Sue Irving]
794. D'Argo: "Jokka moo pukea mul gozzle chumble spuzz. Me evil potato king, I take over 
your universe. Mwah ha ha!!" [06-27-01 Sue Irving]
795. Scorpius: "Don't worry, be happy!" [06-27-01 Sue Irving]
796. Anyone: (singing) "Always look on the bright si-ide of life...." [06-27-01 Sue Irving]
797. D'Argo: "Can you smell what the Rock is cookin'?" [06-27-01 Sue Irving]
798. Pilot: (before Moya Starbursts) "To infinity and beyond!" [06-27-01 Sue Irving]
799. Anyone: (singing) "Let's get ready to rumble...." [06-27-01 Sue Irving]
800. Zhaan: "My diabolical plan to take over the universe is 
complete!" [06-27-01 Sue Irving]
801. M'Lee: (singing) "Dem bones, dem bones...." [06-27-01 Sue Irving]
802. Anyone: "That was a bullocks of a good time." [06-28-01]
803. Anyone: "Computer: Activate the EMH." [06-28-01]
804. Pilot: "Pilot is such a boring name. From now on I am 
Baron Von Richtoffen. (sp)" [06-28-01]
805. Aeryn: "What do you mean Crichton is the missing link?" [06-28-01]
806. DRD: "Coffee, tea, pulse pistol?" [06-28-01]
807. Crichton: "Dranits of the world unite!" [06-28-01]
808. Talyn (after spacing Crais): "Oops. I knew I shold have Aeryn 
check that airlock. Oh, well." [06-28-01]
809. Crichton: "Talyn spaced Crais? Woohoo! Um, I mean...too bad." [06-28-01]
810. Aeryn: "Talyn you spaced Crais! Good boy!" [06-28-01]
811. Crais (floating in space): "Little help here." [06-28-01]
812. D'Argo: "You have insulted my family's honor!" John: "It was just my 
stomach grumbling, I swear!" [06-28-01]
813. Crichton: "You mean the foodcubes are tofu?" [06-28-01]
814. Anyone: "Protoculture." [06-28-01]
815. Aeryn: "I am a space age hedonist." [06-28-01]
816. Anyone: "Kill the incubator!" [06-28-01]
817. Crichton: "You know we're gonna have to blow up a planet soon or 
we'll be behind in our quarterly quota of mayhem, chaos, and destruction. [06-28-01]
818. Aeryn (naming stars after Crichton): "Doofus, klutz, moron, idiot...." [06-28-01]
819. Zhaan: "Only Nixon could go to China." [06-28-01]
820. Br'Nee: "I think I need to lose some weight." [06-30-01 Sue Irving]
821. Zhaan: "I vont to be a tree!" [06-30-01 Sue Irving]
822. Moya: "Aargghhh!! An iceberg!" (hint: Titanic anyone?) [06-30-01 Sue Irving]
823. Scorpius: "Have you heard this one? Three Scarrens walk into a 
bar...." [06-30-01 Sue Irving]
824. Nerri: "I really should stop walking into doors. I mean, look at the 
state of my eyes!" [06-30-01 Sue Irving]
825. Natira: "Screw eyeballs, I'm taking up stamp 
collecting." [06-30-01 Sue Irving]
826. Crais: (singing) "Sex bomb, sex bomb, I'm a sex 
bomb...." [06-30-01 Sue Irving]
827. Chiana: "I crave magic mushrooms!" [06-30-01 Sue Irving]
828. Talyn: "Oink." [06-30-01 Sue Irving]
829. Chiana: "YIPPEEEE!! I'm pregnant!" [06-30-01 Sue Irving]
830. Rorf to Natira: "Sure, of course you can have my eye!" [06-30-01 Sue Irving]
831. Stark: (singing) "Dancin' in the moonlight...." [06-30-01 Sue Irving]
832. Chiana to D'Argo: "Dearest, let's go over the wedding plans one more 
time...." [06-30-01 Sue Irving]
833. Scorpius: "Oh frell, a power cut! NURSE! Looks like the coolant rods have another use 
after all!" [06-30-01 Sue Irving]
834. Chiana: (patting her bulging stomach) "I wasn't aware of the risks!" [06-30-01 Sue Irving]
835. Scorpius: "I vont your close, your bootz ant your moderzykel." [06-30-01 Sue Irving]
836. Scorpius: "I need a holiday. Jamaica, here I come!" [06-30-01 Sue Irving]
837. Natira: "Help! How do you run in these crazy things?!" [06-30-01 Sue Irving]
838. Aeryn to Rygel: "Um, Rygel, remember when we kissed down on the 
Royal planet? Well, I really 
enjoyed it." [06-30-01 Sue Irving]
839. Chiana: "Hello, my name's Chiana and I have a sexually transmitted 
infection." [06-30-01 Sue Irving]
840. D'Argo: "I have a sexually transmitted disease....a child." [06-30-01 Sue Irving]
841. Scorpius: "My name is Scorpius, I'm an alcholic...." [06-30-01 Sue Irving]
842. Crichton: "Drew Carey is a drannit?" [07-01-01]
843. Crichton: "Fools! Little do you know of my plans to take over the universe 
through the inroduction of Spam!" [07-01-01]
844. Crichton to D'Argo: "Naming your Qualta Blade 'Fluffy'  just aint gonna 
cut it, dude." [07-01-01]
845. Budong: "Excuse me." [07-01-01]
846. Budong (with sign): "Wide Load" [07-01-01]
847. Crichton: "Insert vague human reference here." [07-01-01]
848. Aeryn: "Insert Sebacean curse here." [07-02-01]
849. D'Argo: "Ack! Ack! Ack!" [07-02-01]
850. Anyone (in best Croc Hunter imitation): "And here we have a rare breed of 
Freshie. Notice how they shoot at anything that moves." [07-08-01]
851. Scorpius: "Send in....the Russian." [07-08-01]
852. John: "Sorry, I've got a headache." Aeryn: "So do I." [07-08-01]
853. Vek: "I am King Tut." [07-08-01]
854. Xhalax (to Colartas): "I guess now would not be a good time to tell you that 
my boots are made out of
Colartas skin." [07-08-01]
855. Vek to Thek: "Honey, we just found us our retirement home!" [07-08-01]
856. Any Sebacean: "For the love of Kojak!" [08-18-01]
857. A Delvian prayer: "Supercalifragilisticexpealidosius" (hey you try to spell that 
from memory!) [08-18-01]
858. Aeryn (after IP2:IA): "Finally the little whiner is gone!" [08-18-01]
859. Furlow: "I'm a gutless wonder. That's my motto." [08-18-01]
860. Rygel: "They drew first blood." [08-18-01]
861. Any Scarran on dreadnaught in IP2: "Ooh. Pretty." [08-18-01]
862. Crichton (singing): "Blinded by the Light" [08-18-01]
863. Rygel: "What's for dinner?" Crais: "Sebacean Fried Scarran." [08-18-01]
864. Anyone: "Izvinitye mnye, poszhalsta." [08-18-01]
865. Rygel: "Hynerian marjoules are so boring. Hand me the foodcubes" [08-18-01]
866. Chiana: "Pilot, what are the DRDs doing?" Pilot: "Where did you think DRDs come from, 
a manufacturing plant?" [08-19-01]
867. Xhalax: "What do you mean you don't like my hair?" [08-19-01]
868. Stark: "I see marketing potential here." [08-19-01]
869. Stark: "By the Goddess, it's a planet full of me!" [08-19-01]
870. Crais: "Do you think they broadcast Crossing Over with John Edward?" [08-19-01]
871. Rygel: "Why are you staying in a dren hole like this?" Aeryn: "They've got 
the Sci Fi Channel." [08-19-01]
872. Ghost Crichton: "Man, who knew the afterlife would be so boring!" [08-19-01]
873. Anyone to a Vorcarian: "You dog, you!" [08-25-01]
874. Crichton: "You mean we raided that base so you could get the Sebacean 
equivalent of a snow cone?" [09-16-01]
875. D'argo to Jool and Chiana: "Girls! Girls! Some deorum here. Let me 
get the mud." [09-16-01]
876. Chiana: "So you slept with Crichton?" Aeryn: "Yes, and it's true. 
Humans are superior!" [09-16-01]
877. Crais (after Talyn blows up a planet) "He's just needs a teething 
ring. That's all." [09-16-01]
878. Aeryn: "Hellions. Fiends. Monster." John: "What is it?" 
Aeryn: "Bunnies." [09-16-01]
879. Kaarvok: "Welcome to the restaurant at the end of the universe." [09-16-01]
880. Pilot: "Orca off the hammond bow." [09-16-01]
881. John: "We have a hammond bow?" Aeryn: "We do now." [09-16-01]
882. John: "Wait, wait, wait. In episode 120 the froonium drive developed a leak and now we're 
using it as food?" Crew: "Your point being?" [09-16-01]
883. Rygel: "I detect a great disturbance in the force. Oh wait, nevermind, 
it's just my stomachs." [09-16-01]
884. John: "Hey Dad, you ever wonder what muppets having sex looks like? 
I don't anymore." [09-16-01]
885. Chiana: "Pilot get us out of here." Pilot: "Why?" Chiana: "The approaching ship is full 
of Monjonians." Crichton & Aeryn: "Woohoo." [09-16-01]
886. D'Argo: "Did Aeryn just say 'woohoo'?" [09-16-01]
887. Aeryn: "You have to break a few legs to make an omelet." John: "Uh, 
Aeryn..." Aeryn: "Shut up!" [09-16-01]
888. PK Childrens Song: "You are my pulse gun, my only pulse gun. You 
make me happy blowing Scarrans away. 
You'll never know how much I love you, please don't take my pulse gun away." [09-16-01]
889. D'Argo: "I don't get it. He save our lives, saves the universe, blows 
up all the bad guys, gets the girl, and doesn't even muss his hair. 
How does he do that?" Chiana: "Hair gel." [09-16-01]
890. Anyone: "Grok." [09-17-01]
891. Pilot: "Eject the warp core!" [09-19-01]
892. D'Argo: "We cant do this. We'll be violating the temporal prime directive." [09-19-01]
893. Mordil: "Welcome to Starbase 7." [09-19-01]
894. Scorpius: "Welcome. I'll be your waiter this evening." [09-19-01]
895. Jool: "Can I blow something up? Can I? Can I? Please?" [09-19-01]
896. Anyone: "G'day, mate." [09-19-01]
897. Anyone to John: "Seppo." [09-19-01]
898. Anyone: "Space. The final frontier...(etc, etc, ad naseum)." [09-19-01]
899. Braca: "Ave, Imperator." [09-19-01]
900. Cartoon D'Argo subtitle: "Tentacalus toungeus bipedus". [09-19-01]
901. Cartoon Aeryn subtitle: "Sebaceous Sexius Babeus". [09-19-01]
902. Cartoon Crichton subtitle: "Homo Dufus Astronautus". [09-19-01]
903. Any Peacekeeper: "And zo I zayz to zee Captain, nize Ztation." [09-23-01]
904. Anyone: "It's the Narn Bat Squad." [09-23-01]
905. Translation of Allue Masatta: "Sayonara sucker!" [09-23-01]
906. Translation of D'Argo's Luxan curses #1: "May your camel have kittens." [09-23-01]
907. Translation of D'Argo's Luxan curses #2: "Your mama makes Jell-O." [09-23-01]
908. Translation o D'Argo's Luxan curses #3: "I love you too." [09-23-01]
909. Cartoon Scorpius subtitle: "Sebaceous Scarranus Uglius". [09-23-01]
910. Pilot: "He gave me the finger! HE GAVE ME THE FINGER!" [09-29-01 Anne Dobbs]
911. Jool: "Chiana! give me back my hair dye or I'll tell on you!"  [09-29-01 Anne Dobbs]
912. John: "My god. Its full of lighbulbs!"  [09-29-01 Anne Dobbs]
913. Neeyala: "dat damn ship! dat leviathan get my plan all bad, no, no, yes!! I talk 
good english? yes,no?"  [09-29-01 Anne Dobbs]
914. Kaarvok: "sheeshkabeeshka!"  [09-29-01 Anne Dobbs]
915. D'Argo: (singing woody wood pecker song)  [09-29-01 Anne Dobbs]
916. Kahanyu: "God damn you all to hell!"  [09-29-01 Anne Dobbs]
917. Moya: "Ah geese, he's got stuck in the toilet again!"  [09-29-01 Anne Dobbs]
918. Talyn: "See who's the Kevin now yah!?!"  [09-29-01 Anne Dobbs]
919. Aeryn: "If they kick my ass one more time! yeh one more time! I'll hit them !" 
[09-29-01 Anne Dobbs]
920. Pilot: "Oh no, I'm travel sick *blleegegegeh!*"  [09-29-01 Anne Dobbs]
921. Rovhus pilot: "Know, the madness"  [09-29-01 Anne Dobbs]
922. Katrala: "Its true, I'm a slutt! NOOOOOOOOO!"  [09-29-01 Anne Dobbs]
923. Jool: "Who are you calling a tramp!"  [09-29-01 Anne Dobbs]
924. John: "I got me in some trouble.......again"  [09-29-01 Anne Dobbs]
925. Aeryn: "PILOT! GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!"  [09-29-01 Anne Dobbs]
926. Pilot: "Darn you crash bandicoot! (best Cortex impression)"  [09-29-01 Anne Dobbs]
927. Stark: "Oh my god. I'm sane! WOHOO! (jumps up and punched the air)"  [09-29-01 Anne Dobbs]
928. budong: "Whats that!?! I leviathan flew outta my butt!"  [09-29-01 Anne Dobbs]
929. Rygel: "Sorry, you lose! so who's up for a game of strip poker!"  [09-29-01 Anne Dobbs]
930. Pilot (after BtBW): "I have a confession. I didn't need to keep the 
thermals off. I just wanted to watch Crichton wear that ridiculous hat." [10-01-01]
931. Boolite: "What am I, chopped liver?" Crichton: "Well, now that 
you mention it..." [10-01-01]
932. Crais: "I'm going to stand in the corner and brood now." [10-01-01]
933. Crais: "No Talyn! You may not be repainted in plaids." [10-01-01]
934. GhostJohn: "Go Fish." GhostZhaan: "Kill me. Kill me now." 
GJ: "Been there, done that. Now deal. I want to teach you Old 
Maid next." CZ: "Kahalenn, have mercy!" [10-01-01]
935. Aeryn: "It's Crichton's Law #1: If any can go wrong it'll happen 
to the human." [10-02-01]
936. Aeryn: "Crichton's Law #2: Visit a commerce planet, draw the attention 
of the local bad guy." [10-02-01]
937. Kaba: "I've got my eye on you!" [10-03-01]
938. Tattoo (on Crichton): "Property of Aeryn Sun." [10-03-01]
939. Braca: "Sir, the troops are complaining that there is no more mustard 
in the canteen." [10-03-01]
940. Pilot: "I'm a hacker. What of it?" [10-03-01]
941. Crichton: "So raise your hand if you think that was a Peacekeeper 
water-tentacle." [10-14-01]
942. Crais: "The trouble with Command Carriers is that they're full of 
Peacekeepers." [10-14-01]
943. Aeryn (dinking raslac): "This should sharpen me up and get me ready 
for a bit of the old ultra-violence." [10-14-01]
944. Scorpius: "I am Satan, watch my head spin!" [10-14-01]
945. Rygel: "John, we are actors, not astronauts!" [10-14-01]
946. D'Argo: "By Grabthar's hammer, you shall be avenged! " [10-14-01]
947. Anyone: "Whoever wrote this episode should DIE!" [10-14-01]
948. Crais: "A great day comrades, we sail into history!" [10-14-01]
949. Pilot: "John, my mind is going! I can feel it! I can feel it!" [10-14-01]
950. Scorpius: "I am constant as the Northern Star..."  [10-14-01]
951. Aeryn to Crichton: "You're going to commit suicide if it's the last 
thing you do! " [10-14-01]
952. Scorpius: "Braca, at ease before you sprain something!" [10-14-01]
953. Anyone: "Fire at Will!" Will (the DRD Janitor): "Hey!" [10-14-01]
954. Chiana: "You're disgusting!" Rygel: "Itís a living." [10-14-01]
955. PK Instructor to recruit: "Of course it hurts. You just got shot by a 
pulse rifle." [10-14-01]
956. Stark to John: "Don't be afraid of your darker side, have fun with it." [10-14-01]
957. John to Chiana: "Oh my god! You're a mutant smurf?"  [10-14-01]
958. John to Niem: "I'd like to buy a vowel." [10-14-01]
959. John: "Orca Itae!" [10-14-01]
960. Anyone: "I give it two thumbs up." [10-14-01]
961. John to Braca: "Here. I got you the Evil Henchman's Guide to Fashion."  [10-14-01]
962. D'Argo: "Hey! Watch the lightsaber, pal." [10-14-01]
963. John: "We didn't start the fire..." [10-14-01]
964. Aeryn: "Quickly, to the Batmobile!" [10-14-01]
965. Chiana: "Would I ever lie to you?" [10-14-01]
966. D'Argo: "Batarang!" [10-14-01]
967. Calcivore: "Pardon me, but would you happen to have any Grey Poupon?"  [10-14-01]
968. PK Dating add: "PK Commando looking for partner for meaningless interlude of sex. 
Techs OK. Pulse rifle experience a plus."  [10-14-01]
969. Boolite singing: "Great big gobs of greasy, grimy, gopher guts...."  [10-14-01]
970. John: "Your momma wore dresses!" Aeryn starts shooting pulse rifle at John.  [10-14-01]
971. Scorpius: "Miru mir."  [10-14-01]
972. Pilot: "Kamblamymoo! You see, john been teaching me human... that right?" [10-21-01 Anne Dobbs]
973. Jool: (singing): "star trekin! across the universe, always goin forwards cus 
we can't find reverse....etc,etc." [10-21-01 Anne Dobbs]
974. John: "That's odd. I could have sworn they were green 
before...." [10-21-01 Anne Dobbs]
975. Zhaan: "Don't cry for me my children, horrors, you made my life 
hell." [10-21-01 Anne Dobbs]
976. Pilots answering machine: "Hello, I am Moya's pilot...the second 
one...yes, leave a message." [10-21-01 Anne Dobbs]
977. (Message on pilot's answering machine): "Pilot, it's me, Jool, I am 
your mother!" [10-21-01 Anne Dobbs]
978. Rygel: "If anyone in this frelling place is gonna get pushed around, it's 
me...You got that?" [10-21-01 Anne Dobbs]
979. Moya: "The F word is naughty, Talyn, never say it again!" 
Talyn: "Sorry mum."  [10-21-01 Anne Dobbs]
980. Rovhu's pilot: "I want too live!!" [10-21-01 Anne Dobbs]
981. Kaarvok:(singing): "dun, dun, dun! another one bites the 
dust!" [10-21-01 Anne Dobbs]
982. John: "Why are the DRDs yellow?" Pilot: "It's a union thing." [10-21-01]
983. Scorpius: "It's a new directive from Command: We are to kill our 
enemies with kindness. [10-21-01]
984. Peacekeeper: "They are people without status." [10-21-01]
985. Scorpius: "I'm thinking...pastels." [10-21-01]
986. Braca: "May I suggest the lemon chiffon." [10-21-01]
987. Peacekeeper: singing the Soviet National anthem. [10-21-01]
988. Peacekeeper banner: "Strike while the iron is hot!" [10-21-01]
989. Anyone (except John): "Holy smokes!" [10-21-01]
990. Aeryn: "Divine bovine!" John: "That's Holy Cow, dear." Aeryn: "Don't 
make me hurt you." [10-21-01]
991. John: "Please. Don't steal my sunshine." [10-21-01]
992. John: "It's not a keedva barbeque without KC Masterpiece." [10-21-01]
993. John: "Crap! I'm in a rerun of Little House on the Prarie." [10-21-01]
994. D'Argo: "That's just jacked up man!" [10-21-01]
995. John: "Was that Bob Dole?" [10-21-01]
996. Chiana: "Ace!" [10-21-01]
997. Aeryn: "Name's Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter." [10-21-01]
998. Rygel air guitaring to More Human Than Human [10-21-01]
999. PK: "Repetion is the mother of learning." PK Cadet: "Who's the father?" 
PK: "My pulse rifle." [10-21-01]
1000. Scorpius: "Time flies when your blowing up planets." [10-21-01]
1001. D'Argo to Xarai female: "So, you're a cannibal. " [11-04-01]
1002. Anyone: "It's probably just a rash." [11-04-01]
1003. Braca: "Why am I standing on a plastic sheet? " [11-04-01]
1004. Chiana to Xarai: "That's Barbecue sauce on your lip, right?" [11-04-01]
1005. Chiana: "Set the mud on fire!!!!!!!!!!!" (Zurich- who knows what thats advertising)
1006. D'Argo: "Oh frell, John, remember what we discussed? No watching Blakes 7, 
it's for the best." [11-04-01 Anne Dobbs]
1007. Aeryn: "note to self, kill john" [11-04-01 Anne Dobbs]
1008. "Talyn: do I kick ass or what!? " [11-04-01 Anne Dobbs]
1009. Tallip: "I do not look like a pheonix! and the rider does not look 
like a butterfly!  [11-04-01 Anne Dobbs]
Do I make myself clear!" [11-04-01 Anne Dobbs]
1010. Rider: "That's JOY rider to you buddy!" [11-04-01 Anne Dobbs]
1011. John (to pilot): "You've been repainted again haven't 
you?" [11-04-01 Anne Dobbs]
1012. DRD pike: "No! don't leave me! I'm the last of my 
kind!" [11-04-01 Anne Dobbs]
1013. Jool: "Deanna Troi is my role model!" [11-04-01 Anne Dobbs]
1014. Pilot: "I've thought of getting a name.  I shall call myself Pilot!" 
John: "um, Pilot....." [11-04-01 Anne Dobbs]
1015. Crais: "Talyn, toture me one more time and youre 
grounded!" [11-04-01 Anne Dobbs]
1016. Aeryn: "I watched eastenders, and I thought it was really good!" 
Everyone: "My god! 
You sad person!" [11-04-01 Anne Dobbs]
1017. Any Pilot: "Sure, kill my leviathan, blow her up, I don't care." 
PK: "OK!" Pilot: "No! wait, aw stupid reverse psychology!" [11-04-01 Anne Dobbs]
1018. Any Delvian: "Die you pathetic homo-sapien damn you!" [11-04-01 Anne Dobbs]
1019. Any PK: "All life is precious, all life should be preserved, love thy 
fellow alien." [11-04-01 Anne Dobbs]
1020. Any hynerian: "Only five foot to go before i can kill that frelling 
delvian!" [11-04-01 Anne Dobbs]
1021. Moya: "I think all pilots should die!" [11-04-01 Anne Dobbs]
1022. Aeryn(singing): "We'll not let you go! we'll not let you go! we'll not 
let ya go-o-o-o!" [11-04-01 Anne Dobbs]
1023. Chiana: "Well, now that you mention it, yeah, I am a bitch." 
John: "You don't know what it means do you?" Chiana: "Well, it's gotta be 
a compliment, right?" [11-04-01 Anne Dobbs]
1024. D'Argo(singing): "The cir-cle of liiiiiiiiife!" [11-04-01 Anne Dobbs]
1025. Any Sebaceans to crew: "We're from the Chronicle, could we get an interview?" [11-04-01]
1026. John (pointing to aliens): "What are they?" Crew: "Biker mice from Mars."  [11-04-01]
1027. John: "Why are you borrowing my earplugs?" D'Argo: "I'm going to have 
sex with Jool." [11-04-01]
1028. PK to a PK Tech: "Geek alet! Geek alert!" [11-04-01]
1029. Aeryn: "How many scars you have?" D'Argo: "Seven." Aeryn: "Ha! I beat you!" [11-04-01]
1030. John (singing): "You want to take my picture 'cause I won't remember...." [11-04-01]
1031. Aeryn: "Do the peppermint twist! John: "The what? Aeryn, what have i told you about 
using unknown subacean phrases!" [11-25-01 Anne Dobbs]
1032. Pilot: "Whoop, there goes my sanity!"  [11-25-01 Anne Dobbs]
1033. Talyn: "Ooh, there goes an entire fleet of dreadnuaghts!" [11-25-01 Anne Dobbs]
1034. Aeryn: "Hah, there goes crais out of the airlock!" [11-25-01 Anne Dobbs]
1035. Crais(to moya): "Moya! I have reason to beleive your son is a raving 
lunatic." Moya: "Well duh. " [11-25-01 Anne Dobbs]
1036. Scorpius: "Where the frell is the intergalactic ikea! How come we can't find it 
if it's so frelling big!" [11-25-01 Anne Dobbs]
1037. Kaarvok: "John crichton, I have seriously considered eating your wife John: I'm not 
married though." Kaarvok: "Oh. I'm just gonna kill me a pilot if thats OK 
with you." [11-25-01 Anne Dobbs]
1038. Namtar:  "Attack of the clones is such a lame movie  title!" [11-25-01 Anne Dobbs]
1039. Gammak Base announcement: "Attention John Crichton, please report the nearest 
curteousy phone. Report to the curteousy phone." [11-25-01]
1040. Crichton: "Uh, D'argo...Santa Claus doesn't carry a Qualta Blade."  [11-25-01]
1041. Aeryn: "Why do you looked so truamatized and frightened? Rygel: "D'Argo 
just admited he fancys me!" [12-02-01 Anne Dobbs
1042. Rygel: "Who's up for a game of spin the bottle?" [12-02-01 Anne Dobbs]
1043. Pilot: "John, I am your father!" [12-02-01 Anne Dobbs]
1044. D'Argo: "Crichton! I'm your sister!" [12-02-01 Anne Dobbs]
1045. Jool: "John, I'm, your mother!!!" [12-02-01 Anne Dobbs]
1046. Stark: "I'm not naked. I've got my mask on!" [12-02-01 Anne Dobbs]
1047. Talyn: "Aaaah! a re-run of Star Trek!" [12-02-01 Anne Dobbs]
1048. Scorpius: "Aaaaaah! John's underpants!" [12-02-01 Anne Dobbs]
1049. Moya: "Threesquillionsquillion dreadnuaghts? Oh they're no threat to me, 
three squillion squillion isn't even a number!" [12-02-01 Anne Dobbs]
1050. Any Pilot: "Thank god for my bazooka." [12-02-01 Anne Dobbs]
1051. Any Delvian: "I evolved from a crocus, sweet smelling, and 
blue; mmm." [12-02-01 Anne Dobbs]
1052. Any Hynerian: "Of course I didn't cheat? When would I 
ever cheat?" [12-02-01 Anne Dobbs]
1053. Crais: "I'm ready now, Ok, talyn, brace yourself, prepare for a polite 
civilized conversation." [12-02-01 Anne Dobbs]
1054. DRD : "Life is good." [12-02-01 Anne Dobbs]
1055. Pilot: "What do you mean I need to add a chatroom to Moya's databanks?" [12-02-01]
1056. D'Argo: "It's the Raelians." [12-02-01]
1057. Scorpius: "So should I wear the chartreuse or the magenta dress?" [12-02-01]
1058. Anyone: "Zoom, zoom, zoom." [12-02-01]
1059. Zhaan: "The Goddess is dead!" [12-02-01]
1060. Crichton: "No more Scorpy, no more PKs, no more Scarrans."
 ::pause:: "Damn I'm bored." [12-02-01]
1061. Aeryn: "What the frell is D'Argo doing?" Crichton: "The Luxan version 
of Lord of the Dance." [12-02-01]
1062. Scorpius: "Do you believe in the existence of evil?" [12-16-01]
1063. DRDs: "Greetings programs." [12-16-01]
1064. Pilot: "Roger, copy." [12-16-01]
1065. Moya to Pilot: "That's a big ten four, little buddy." [12-16-01]
1066. Zhaan: "Let's get dangerous." [12-16-01]
1067. Halosian: "I'm Darkwing Duck." [12-16-01]
1068. Aeryn: "I wanna be the Black Ranger!" [12-16-01]
1069. Anyone (except Humans): "It's Howdy Doody Time!" [12-16-01]
1070. Anyone: "Gooooaaaaallllll!!!!!!!!" (It's a soccer thing.) [12-16-01]
1071. Moya: "Gobble, gobble, gobble." [12-16-01]
1072. Talyn: "Gobble-heil, gobble-heil." [12-16-01]
1073. John: "No, no, no. Santa Claus. Not Satan's Claws!" [12-16-01]
1074. Any PK: "As the great Nietzsche once said...." [12-16-01]
1075. Scorpius (upon Carrier arriving on Earth): "Ich bin ein Berliner."
NASA Tech: "Well it does kinda look like a giant bagel." [12-16-01]
1076. Aeryn: "John, I feel that I must empower myself by removing
your male dominating presence from my existence so that I may
validate the affection I felt towards your other persona and grieve 
for the loss of his essence." John: "Huh?" Aeryn: "Go away." [12-16-01]
1077. Any PK: "We have failed the people we are supposed to protect." [12-16-01]
1078. PK Nurse: "Let me kiss it and make it all better." [12-16-01]
1079. PK Tech to PK Tech: "Say that's a nice spanner you've got there." [12-16-01]
1080. Anyone repeating: "Ode to Foodcubes." [12-16-01]
1081. Aeryn: "This one time at band camp..." [12-23-01]
1082. Strappa: "I find your lack of faith disturbing." [12-23-01]
1083. Pilot: "Wake up. Time to die." [12-23-01]
1084. Braca: "No sir! I didn't see you playing with your dolls again!" [12-23-01]
1085. Pilot "We all go a little mad sometimes." [12-23-01]
1086. Jool: "I'm only here to do two things, drink some beer and kick some ass. 
Looks like we're almost out of beer." [12-23-01]
1087. Crais: "There will be no fighting in the War Room!" [12-23-01]
1088. Xhalax Sun: "Don't give in. It's the gravity of love." [12-23-01]
1089. Tenga: "The revolution will not be televised!" [12-23-01]
1090. Any Hynerian: "Mess with the best, die like the rest!" [12-23-01]
1091. Scarrans: "Run away! Run away!" [12-23-01]
1092. Anyone: "Cloppity-cloppity-cloppity-clop." [12-23-01]
1093. Zhaan: "It's hard to be religious when certain people don't get incinerated 
by lighting bolts." [12-23-01]
1094. Stark: "The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the 
unconscious activities of the mind." [12-23-01]
1095. Scorpius: "War is just scientific murder." [12-23-01]
1096. Alien of the week: "Never under estimate us. Whoever we are. " [12-23-01]
1097. Chiana: "A polar bear is a rectangular bear after a coordinate transformation." 
Rest of crew: "What the frell?" [12-23-01]
1098. Anyone: "A picture is worth a thousand episodes." [12-23-01]
1099. Pilot instructing how to start Starburst: "Smash forehead on keyboard to 
continue." [12-23-01]
1100. Boolite: "My fingers on the button and you're in a very bad position" [12-23-01]
1101. Crichton voice over for Season 4 Intro: "I've seen suns that were freezing and 
lies that were true." [12-23-01]
1102. Stark: "Infinity is irritating." [12-23-01]
1103. Pilot: "The magnetic field lines are kinky." [12-23-01]
1104. Aeryn: "Kazhdyi okhotnik zhelayet znat' gde sidit fazan." [12-23-01]
1105. D'Argo: "The temporal refraction was caused by thermal modulations in the 
external adaptor of the traffic coupling." [12-23-01]
1106. Molnon: "In the fall you will see what is beyond reality." [12-23-01]
1107. Advertising: "Starburst. When you absolutely, positively have to get it there 
overnight." [12-23-01]
1108. Crichton: "Isthay isay igpay atinlay." Aeryn: "You speak ancient 
Sebacean?" [12-23-01]
1109. Rygel: "God, I love gruel." [12-23-01]
1110. Scorpius: "I hereby tender my resignation to follow my dream: to become a 
fashion supermodel." [12-23-01]
1111. John: "I'm an astronut not an astronaut! Can't you tell the 
difference?" [12-23-01 Anne Dobbs]
1112. Pilot (to John, floating outside Moya <RA>): "And while you're out there 
could you scrape the bugs and pedestrians off the windscreen?" [12-23-01 Anne Dobbs]
1113. Aeryn: "Crud." John: "What?" Aeryn: "Moya's heading straight towards that 
red giant at top speed." John: "So? your piont is?" [12-23-01 Anne Dobbs]
1114. Harvey: "Come along John, let me watch the muppets christmas 
carol!"  [12-23-01 Anne Dobbs]
1115. Jool: "Bumma" [12-23-01 Anne Dobbs]
1116. Rygel: "Oh du-u-u-de, you're totally rad!" John: "Excuse 
me?"  [12-23-01 Anne Dobbs]
1117. D'Argo: "Oooh golly gosh! get out the ginger beer Johnny we're going 
on an adventure!" [12-23-01 Anne Dobbs]
1118. Aeryn (singing): "The hills are alive with the sound of music...." [12-23-01]
1119. Maldis: "Life tastes good."  [12-23-01]
1120. John: "You know, this Scarran would taste pretty good with some barbeque
sauce."  [12-23-01]
1121. Harvey: "It's a blast from the past." [12-30-01 silgon]
1122. Scorpius: "These Humans are truly an advanced species. Look at 
this velcro." [12-30-01]
1123. Scorpius: "Lieutenant I mean." [12-30-01]
1124. Anyone: "Oh no! It's Mister Bill!" [12-30-01 silgon]
1125. D'Argo: "Shake the house, baby." [12-30-01]
1126. D'Argo: "Get jiggy with it." [12-30-01]
1127. Pilot: "Frelling telemarketers." [12-30-01 silgon]
1128. Braca: "Make love, not war!" [12-30-01]
1129. Matala: "Kiss my grits." [12-30-01]
1130. Any PK: "Sniffle." [12-30-01 silgon]
1131. Any PK: "Baby." [12-30-01 silgon]
1132. Scorpius (wearing t-shirt): "Grin and bear it." [12-30-01 silgon]
1133. A Scarran: "Nuclear weapons. What nuclear weapons. I don't see 
any nuclear weapons." [12-30-01]
1134. Furlow: "I am the ayatolla of rock-n-rolla!" [12-30-01 silgon]
1135. Peacekeeper: "Hey! No need to be mean." [12-30-01 silgon]
1136. Charrid: "Meanie!" [12-30-01 silgon]
1137. Plokavians: "Gulag! Gulag!" [12-30-01 silgon]
1138. Stark (singing): "Where have all the flowers gone..."  [12-30-01]
1139. John & Aeryn (introducing selves to new aliens): "I'm Guy Manly and 
this is Babs Femme."  [12-30-01]
1140. Aeryn: "It's just a lava monster, John." [12-30-01]
1141. Maldis: "I am Dracula." John: "Cool. The Prince of Darkness." Rest of 
crew: "Whatever."  [12-30-01]
1142. Anyone: "We've got fanfic! Woohoo!" [12-30-01]
1143. Pilot: "Tonight on the Moya report...." [12-30-01]
1144. Aeryn (re: TalynJohn): "I was looking forward to killing him myself." [12-30-01]
1145. Rygel: "I've never been one to criticize." [12-30-01]
1146. Crichton (to PK cuffing him): "Ah honey, I didn't get you anything." [12-30-01]
1147. Strappa: "Sir, wouldn't it be better to simply order the pizzas than 
wait for a stable wormhole?" [12-30-01]
1148. Scorpius: "Frell, they put anchovies on my pizza." [12-30-01]
1149. Pilot: "Reverse? You mean we have a reverse switch? How
cool!" [12-30-01]
1150. John (looking out window): "Wow. Aeryn really did flush him out an 
airlock." [12-30-01]
1151. John to Aeryn: "Oh yes, my most beauteous, glorificou one?" [12-30-01]
1152. Peacekeeper: "Procedamus in pace." [12-30-01]
1153. Jool: "Mom, Dad, this is a distant relation of ours John."
Jool's Dad: "Johnny of Earth?" John: "Uncle Bob, is that you?" [12-30-01]
1154. Zhaan: "Everyone loves a religious fanatic." [12-30-01]
1155. Maquillis: "It's a bit warm this time of year." [12-30-01]
1156. D'Argo: "Our love is a transcendant love, a pure love." John: "Chi 
wouldn't have sex with you?" D'Argo: "No." [12-30-01]
1157. John: "Hey Aeryn, the rash has gone away. Wanna go out?" [12-30-01]
1158. Zhaan: "Greed is eternal. " [12-30-01]
1159. Pilot: "I'd rather be flying." [12-30-01 silgon]
1160. Pilot: "Where are we now?"  [12-30-01]
1161. Chiana: "I'd rather be farming." [12-30-01]
1162. Crichton: "I'd hate to die twice. It's so boring." [12-30-01]
1163. Scorpius: "We have engaged...the Borg"  [12-30-01]
1164. Scorpius (re: PK Pilots liquifying in wormholes): "You can kill a man 
but you can't kill an idea."   [12-30-01]
1165. TalynJohn: "Death sucks" [12-30-01 silgon]
1166. Orrn: "I'm not ugly, I'm just aesthetically ambiguous." [12-30-01]
1167. Talyn (to Crais): "It appears we have lost our sex appeal, Captain"  [12-30-01]
1168. Rygel: "I am sorry I have no vices for you to exploit."  [12-30-01]
1169. Hynerian Military Motto: "Ours is not to reason why, Ours is but to 
do and die."  [12-30-01]
1170. Any PK: "Politicians start wars. We just finish them." [12-30-01]
1171. Pilot: "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known."  [12-30-01]
1172. John to Scorpius: "Beware the fury of a patient man."  [12-30-01]
1173. Aeryn: "Rainy days and automatic weapons get me down." [12-30-01]
1174. Scorpius: "Did anyone see my lost Carrier?" [12-30-01 silgon]
1175. Ancients: "We demand peaceful relations or we'll blow up your planet." [12-30-01]
1176. Stark: "When I want your advice, I'll beat it out of you!" [12-30-01]
1177. Anyone: "On the other hand, you have different fingers." [12-30-01]
1178. D'Argo: "Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder." [12-30-01]
1179. Scorpius: "Taken as a whole, the universe is absurd." [12-30-01]
1180. Anyone: "Bite the wax tadpole." [12-30-01]
1181. Crichton: "Black holes are where God divided by zero." [12-30-01]
1182. Strappa: "Black holes really suck." [12-30-01 silgon]
1183. Aeryn: "How can I miss you if you don't go away?" [12-30-01]
1184. Crichton: "Brain damage? No thanks, I already have some." [12-30-01]
1185. Pilot to Moya: "Don't look back, they might be gaining on you." [12-30-01]
1186. NASA Transmission: "Earth is full. Go away." [12-30-01]
1187. Scarran: "Extinction is the ultimate fate of all species." [12-30-01]
1188. AlienJack: "Nature loves a burst of energy." [12-30-01 silgon]
1189. Scorpius: "Never explain;your friends don't need it;your 
enemies won't believe it." [12-30-01]
1190. John: "Friends may come and friends may go, but enemies 
accumulate." [12-30-01]
1191. Jool: "Nothing a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster won't cure!" [12-30-01]
1192. Braca: "Look unimportant - The enemy may be low on ammo." [12-30-01]
1193. Scorpius: "The human spirit is a hard thing to kill, even with a frag 
cannon." [12-30-01]
1194. Aeryn to Crichton: "Have you been fighting 300 foot robots again?" [12-30-01]
1195. Any PK: "Happiness is a charged pulse rifle." [12-30-01]
1196. Aeryn: "Happiness is a Prowler." [12-30-01 silgon]
1197. Crais: "Happiness is a Command Carrier." [12-30-01]
1198. Scorpius: "Happiness is a stable wormhole." [12-30-01]
1199. John: "Happiness is a solar flare." [12-30-01 silgon]
1200. Scarran: "There is no honor in boring an enemy to death." [12-30-01]