Lines You Wont Hear on Farscape......we hope #3 (2002)

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And yes, a rare few of these lines made it onto the show. What can I say? GMTA I guess. OK. Maybe not so great minds. <g>

1201. Aeryn: "Hold on boys, you can't all die at once." [12-30-01]
1202. Pilot: "There is no power like firepower." [12-30-01]
1203. D'Argo: "They won't catch us, we're on a mission from 
God!" [12-30-01]
1204. Chiana: "You never know what you know!" [12-30-01]
1205. Rovhu's Pilot to Kaarvok: "You can't eat your friends and have 
them too." [12-30-01]
1206. Zhaan: "Forget patience! I'm gonna kill something... " [12-30-01]
1207. Pilot: "John Crichton, You have been fined ten credits for violating 
the verbal morality statute." [12-30-01]
1208. Advertising on the Planet'O'Starks: Pepsi brings your ancestors 
back from the grave [12-30-01]
1209. Pilot: "Grep." [12-30-01]
1210. Aeryn to Rygel: "Let's talk about sex, baby." [12-30-01]
1211. Jool: "The king is dead!" Chiana: "Don't be stupid, I saw him in 
asda just a few minutes ago" Jool: "A frozen turkey was dropped on 
his head." Chiana: "Damn." [12-30-01 Anne Dobbs]
1212. John: "I was a rat!" [12-30-01 Anne Dobbs]
1213. D'Argo: "Frell. I need a witty remark right now to break the 
tension and I haven't got any ideas." [12-30-01 Anne Dobbs]
1214. Pilot: "Oh crap!" John: "What?" Pilot: "We just found fivehundred 
star trek videos and moya wants to watch them!" [12-30-01 Anne Dobbs]
1215. Jool: "Frell. Christmas carolers. John, get the hose!" [12-30-01 Anne Dobbs]
1216. Moya: "Boom boom!" [12-30-01 Anne Dobbs]
1217. Talyn(singing): "I'd like to teach the world to sing...." [12-30-01 Anne Dobbs]
1218. Rygel: "Aaaaah!" John: "What?" Rygel: "Oprah Winfrey!" [12-30-01 Anne Dobbs]
1219. Aeryn: "Which is worse. A chat show or Anne Robinson?" All: "Anne 
Robinson!" [12-30-01 Anne Dobbs]
1220. Crichton to Scorpius: "OK, let's settle this like men. I challenge you to 
a game of tiddley-winks!" [12-30-01]
1221. Pilot: "Nice bikini, Officer Sun."  [12-30-01]
1222. Jool: "Bring on the grog!" [12-30-01]
1223. Velorek: "It isn't fair, no one ever does a line you won't hear on 
farscape for me!." Crais: "Too bad, how about I kill you instead?"
Velorek: "Oh yay!" [01-12-02 Anne Dobbs]
1224. Aeryn: "Have a cookie." Crichton: "I want to die." Aeryn: "Then have 
a cookie!" Crichton: "Kill me!" Aeryn: "Shut up and just have the damned 
cookie!!" [01-12-02 Anne Dobbs]
1225. Stark: "Life is a butterfly." [01-12-02 Anne Dobbs]
1226. Rovhu's pilot(singing) : "Life is a rollercoaster." [01-12-02 Anne Dobbs]
1227. Rovhu: "If we don't sue kaarvok then he'll give us that nice big check 
with lots of naughts on!"  Rovhu's pilot: "Yes dear." Rovhu: "Why it's so 
big the only numbers on it are naughts!" Rovhus pilot: "Ofcourse 
dear.....anything you want dear." [01-12-02 Anne Dobbs]
1228. Chiana: "Yo cucumber!" [01-12-02 Anne Dobbs]
1229. Scorpius: "Why if you weren't dead I'd kill you!" [01-12-02 Anne Dobbs]
1230. Velorek: "All i ever wanted was a can of beer, a sofa and a wide 
screen TV with the sports channel." [01-12-02 Anne Dobbs]
1231. Pilot: "Terribly sorry to interrupt you Commander Crichton, but I 
beleive you have my fuzzy ear-muffs." [01-12-02 Anne Dobbs]
1232. Zhaan: "Sorry Stark, your out, I'm dating John 
Lennon." [01-12-02 Anne Dobbs]
1233. Pilot (to john): "Smart ass!" [01-12-02 Anne Dobbs]
1234. Xhalax (prior to the chioce): "Yuech, look at my hair, 
its......messy!?! Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" [01-12-02 Anne Dobbs]
1235. Aeryn: "Why the frell won't anyone try my cookies! Will someone 
PLEASE try my cookies! I made them myself for drens 
sake!" [01-12-02 Anne Dobbs]
1236. Crais: "Whoops, I killed Xhalax, oh well," 
(gets out PK check list) "Pilot, check, first officer, check, 
mutilated Ex-pk, check...." [01-12-02 Anne Dobbs]
1237. Pilot (in best del-boy impression): "John! John! Wake up 
ya frelling plonker!"  [01-12-02 Anne Dobbs]
1238. Commerce Planet: "Attention K-Mart shoppers...." [01-12-02]
1239. Pilot: "Moya has space herpes." [01-12-02]
1240. PK: "Attention: Will the owner of the little white death 
pod please return through the wormhole." [01-12-02]
1241. Crichton: "Whoa! Who knew Furlow is such a good figure 
skater?" [02-03-02]
1242. Aeryn: "I am of the severteam." [02-03-02]
1243. Rorf: "Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf." [02-03-02]
1244. D'Argo: "Frell! A Tickle me Elmo." [02-03-02]
1245. Pilot: "Cool. Space amoebas!" [02-03-02]
1246. Anyone: "Raggle fraggle brick brack braggle." [02-03-02]
1247. Scorpius: "Gosh. I'm sorry." [02-03-02]
1248. Zhaan: "I'm dead and I still have to talk to stark?!"
 John: "Oh yeh." Zhaan: *faints* [02-03-02 Anne Dobbs]
1249. Harvey(to john, SOD): "Hell yeah? What kind of a person 
wants to get a hell yeah? I'll tell you John Crichton its YOU. Hell 
no, you ain't getting a hell yeah John Crichton, you're getting a 
pizza! [02-03-02 Anne Dobbs]
1250. Aeryn(singing): "Ma prowlers gone....nothing but D'Argo 
sad ass crummy little ship where it used to staaaaand! ma 
prowlers gooooone. Only DRD's I shall kick for no mantinance 
they give to ma prowler anymore!" [02-03-02 Anne Dobbs]
1251. D'argo: "How is a hobbit like a hynerian?" [02-03-02 Anne Dobbs]
1252. Chiana: "Whats the difference between a pilot and a 
hynerian? Round about five foot! hahahaha, 
geddit!" [02-03-02 Anne Dobbs]
1253. Stark: "Taste the rainbow." [02-10-02]
1254. Crichton: "Maybe it's the raslac, but Furlow is looking 
mighty fine right now." [02-10-02]
1255. Chiana: "Bork, bork, bork." [02-10-02]
1256. Aeryn: "Frell! Where's my pink uniform?" [02-10-02]
1257. Scorpius: "I don't want your mind, Crichton. I want your 
body!" [02-10-02]
1258. Braca: "Why couldn't I have gotten stuck with a nice 
normal psychopathic commander?" [02-10-02]
1259. PK Cook to Scorpius: "Sir, the troops are becoming 
suspicious of where the red Jell-O is coming from." [02-10-02]
1260. Pilot: "God I am so bored." [02-10-02 Anne Dobbs]
1261. Crais: "Why hasn't anyone noticed my new hair 
cut?" [02-10-02 Anne Dobbs]
1262. Scorpius: "Thats it, I'm getting insurance." [02-10-02 Anne 
1263. D'Argo: "Lock stock, and two smoking barrels!" [02-10-02 
Anne Dobbs]
1264. D'Argo: "I hate gangster movies." [02-10-02 Anne Dobbs]
1265. Crais: "Yes, I am the number one cause for global 
warming." [02-10-02 Anne Dobbs]
1266. Aeryn: "There's one thing I hate more than jar-jar-binks, and 
it's living without a dish washer!"  [02-10-02 Anne Dobbs]
1267. Pilot: "We be headin' out to the Never-never." [02-10-02]
1268. Aeryn (advising the love-lorn): "If they say 'You can be more', 
shoot them." [02-10-02]
1269. Chiana: "I'm worried about John. He arguing with the food cubes
over what tastes better-brown or green." [02-10-02]
1270. Jool (to barber): "Shave it all off." [02-10-02]
1271. Aeryn(stroking pulse pistol): "My preciousssssss." [03-17-2002 Anne Dobbs]
1272. Chiana: "Westlife rock!"  [03-17-2002 Anne Dobbs]
1273. Pilot: "Go away, not because I'm busy, because I 
really dont like you." [03-17-2002 Anne Dobbs]
1274. John to Scorpy: "Hey, who's your tailor?" [03-17-2002]
1275. Anyone (drinking): "Save the lecture and pass the nectar." [03-17-2002]
1276.  Pilot: "Attention Moya shoppers: We've got a boolite special 
in the maintenance bay." [03-31-02]
1277. Crichton: "Read my lips: 'No new wormholes!' " [03-31-02]
1278. Pilot to DRDs: "Ask not what your Leviathan can do for you, 
but what can you do for your Leviathan." [03-31-02]
1279. Pilot: "Where's a frelling surfboard when you need one." [03-31-02]
1280. Crichton: "Come to me." [03-31-02]
1281. Chiana: "What do you think this is, Burger King?" [03-31-02]
1282. D'Argo: "Is that what they're calling it these days?" [03-31-02]
1283. D'Argo: "All I need is a sun roof and I'll have the baddest ride in 
the Uncharteds." [03-31-02]
1284. Transmission: "Nuts." [03-31-02]
1285. Aeryn: "Well, you know what they say about black leather and a 
pulse pistol." [03-31-02]
1286. Rygel: "We're ensured for this sort of thing, right?" [03-31-02]
1287. Moya: "You know, we're due for a disaster about now." [03-31-02]
1288. Stark: "All right I admit it! I'm a lost GE repairman!" [03-31-02]
1289. DRD: beeping as Crichton listens. Crichton: "How the hell do the DRDs
know Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds?" [03-31-02]
1290. D'Argo to Rygel: "Nice right hook, Sparky." [03-31-02]
1291. Pilot: "I'm bored now, lets get drunk." [04-14-02 Anne Dobbs]
1292. Aeryn: "I love you guys!" [04-14-02 Anne Dobbs]
1293. Crais: "Stark, I insist you stop platting my hair at once! it makes 
me look feminine...hey, how did you do this, its really nice! you have to 
do my hair more often!" [04-14-02 Anne Dobbs]
1294. Aeryn: "I've been learning about earths history John." John: "So 
what did you learn about?" Aeryn: "I learned about people with the evil 
gene, including Anne Robinson, Walt Disney and Dale 
Winton!" [04-14-02 Anne Dobbs]
1295. John (to 1294 above) "Can we add David Kemper to the list?" [04-14-02]
1296. Crichton: "Whatcha doing?" Chiana: "Checking the nebari of my 
bonsai tree." [04-14-02]
1297. Chiana: "I'm from Nebar." Crichton: "The Nebraska Bar 
Association? You're a Lawyer?!" [04-14-02]
1198. Peacekeepers (marching cadence): "Bok, bok, bok, bok, bok, 
bok, bok, bok, bok-bok-bok-bah." (Think of the Burger King marching 
chickens; repeated ad nauseum and you get the idea. Wouldn't you 
surrender at such a sight?) [04-14-02]
1299. Rygel: "What do you mean I can't have any pudding?" [04-14-02]
1300. Crichton: "Hey, these marjoules aren't half bad." [04-14-02]
1301. Aeryn: "What is that on your arm?" John: "Oh, just a skrill 
from our Taelon overlords." [04-14-02]
1302. Aeryn: "Jeez, D'Argo don't take everything so 
seriously." [04-14-02]
1303. Crais (being choked by Jool): "I never leave 
the...urg....toilet seat...ack...up again!" [04-14-02]
1304. Grayza: "Where the frell is the rest of my uniform?" [04-14-02]
1305. Crichton: "I'm not crazy, just psychologically 
challenged." [04-14-02]
1306. Crichton (wolf whistling to Grayza): "Hey let me show you 
my module." [04-14-02]
1307. PK tour guide: "And this is the Room of Electric Balls of 
Death." [04-14-02]
1308. Crichton to Grayza: "You know, add a feathered boa and 
you could get a job in Vegas." [04-14-02]
1309. D'Argo: "OK, who let the Borg out?" [04-14-02]
1310. Pilot: "Since you're not seeing Aeryn any more, could we 
go on a date?" [04-21-02]
1311. Scorpius: "Just let me log onto the Dominion BB and 
I'll tell you what we should do next." [04-21-02]
1312. Crichton (watching Command Carrier burn): "I've heard of viking 
funerals but jeez. A little overboard there." [04-21-02]
1313. Anyone: "Bwahaha. This is the 1313 line you wont hear 
on Farscape!" [04-21-02]
1314. Alien (to Crais, Crichton & Aeryn): "Who the frell are you?"
Aeryn: "The Lone Gunmen." [04-21-02]
1315. Aeryn: "So a woodchuck chucks...wood?" [04-21-02]
1316. D'Argo whistling the theme to the X-Files while 
strumming his shilquin. [04-21-02]
1317. Pilot: "Commander, would you mind keeping your 
shirt off." [04-21-02]
1318. Crichton: "I'm hearing Sebacea Gregorian 
chants?" [04-21-02]
1319. Scorpius to Grayza: "Wow! Are those real?" [05-12-02 pkdefender]
1320. Chiana to Aeryn: "Hey, Wanna walk my vorc?" [05-12-02]
1321. Scorpius (referring to Braca): "One neuron short of a 
synapse." [05-12-02 pkdefender]
1322. Pilot (getting sucked into wormhole): "Well, this just sucks." [05-12-02]
1323. Scorpius (& Braca): "I'm leather boy and this is my 
sidekick, Toady." [05-12-02 pkdefender]
1324. Chef on Budong: "You want flies with that?" [05-12-02]
1325. Pilot: "To turn is to veer off course." [05-12-02]
1326. Rygel to B'Sogg: "So you are the waiter, right?" [05-12-02]
1327. Excerpt from Crichton's best selling book 'Wormholes for Dummies': 
"The first rule of wormholes: When you're in one, stop screaming."  [05-12-02]
1328. Rygel: "Never eat more than you can lift." [05-12-02]
1329. DK: "Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground." [05-12-02]
1330. Aeryn (on Favored Planet): "A day... is a miniature eternity." [05-12-02]
1331. Stark: "It is an ancient secret from the wushan." [05-12-02]
1332. Chiana: "Dare to be naive." [05-12-02]
1333. Pilot: "Coming soon in a theatre near you." [05-12-02]
1334. Scorpius: "She *was* a rather shapely lizard wasn't she?" [05-12-02 pkdefender]
1335. DRD: "We can't just go around fixing things!" [05-12-02]
1336. Crais to Talyn: "Oochie-woochie-coochie-coo?" [05-12-02]
1337. Pilot: "It's my job to boldly pun where no one has punned before." [05-12-02]
1338. Aliens (that look suspiciously like Scapers): "We are the Fenn. Sign our 
autograph books." [05-12-02]
1339. Blue the DRD to DRD Pike: "So whatever happened to DRD-cambot?" [05-12-02]
1340. Braca: "Sic semper tyrranus!" [05-12-02 pkdefender]
1341. PK Tech: "Dren Jonesy, They found the still!" [05-12-02 pkdefender]
1342. Grnnchlk: "The ice is thin, come on dive in." [05-12-02]
1343. Anyone: "Insert tagline here." [05-12-02]
1344. Alien: "I. Am. Weasel." [05-12-02]
1345. Crichton: "Hey Guys, we've been voted coolest starship crew in the 
universe." Crew: "Woohoo!" [05-12-02]
1346. Doctor: "I'm a Timelord." Crichton: "So you're the reason my watch 
always runs fast?" [05-12-02]
1347. Rygel: "I do NOT look like yoda! I use anti aging cream!" [05-12-02 Anne Dobbs]
1348. Aeryn: "They don't make prowlers like they used to." [05-12-02 Anne Dobbs]
1349. Crais: "I miss the seventies." [05-12-02 Anne Dobbs]
1350. Chiana: "Mmm, full fat cream." [05-12-02 Anne Dobbs]
1351. Chiana: "Ugh, can't breath in this...*gag*...corset, so tight..*gag*...
gonna sue 'New look'..." [05-12-02 Anne Dobbs]
1352. Jool: "I feel like such a rip off of Xena warrior princess. At least I have 
different hair though!" [05-12-02 Anne Dobbs]
1353. Aeryn: "Anyone wanna see my britney spears impression?" [05-12-02 Anne Dobbs]
1354. Crais: "Oh great, talyn's infested with six foot flees AND I've run 
out of hair spray!" [05-12-02 Anne Dobbs]
1355. Crichton: "I love mirrors, but my reflection morso." [05-12-02 Anne Dobbs]
1356. John to crew (after a bumpy starburst): "At what point
in your technological advancement did all of you
higher species UNinvent seatbelts?" [05-12-02 DWayne]
1357. Stark with an Oreo: "Cookie side, cream side, cookie
side, cream side..." [05-12-02 DWayne]
1358. Any Scarren zealously cuddling Rygel: "I shall love
him, and pet him, and call him George." [05-12-02 DWayne]
1359. Talyn [ITLD.2:WISC] (singing): "I'm going out in a
blaze of glory..." [05-12-02 DWayne]
1360. Jool to John: "Maria Carey's got vocal range? Ha!" [05-12-02 DWayne]
1361. D'Argo (doing the Tarzan yell). [05-12-02 DWayne]
1362. Any new aliens: "We are the aliens who say 'ni'!" [05-12-02 DWayne]
1363. John to everyone: "One word for you all: Decaf." [05-12-02 DWayne]
1364. Scorpius: "I demand--a shrubbery!" [05-12-02 DWayne]
1365. PK Commercial: "We've replaced the chakan oil in
Aeryn's rifle with Folger's crystals. Let's see if she
notices the difference." [05-12-02 DWayne]
1366. Moya's crew (chanting): "Spam spam spam spam, spam
spam spam spam." Old Woman: "I don't like spam!" [05-12-02 DWayne]
1367. Pilot (identifies ship as Spaceball 1): "Spaceballs!"
Rygel: "Oh shit, there goes the series." [05-12-02 DWayne]
1368. PK: "Incoming transmission from the Scarrans, Sir.
'All your Gammak base are belong to us.' What the
frell?" [05-12-02 DWayne]
1369. Pilot: "Preparing to initiate starburst. Please keep
your arms and legs--and any other appendages--inside
the leviathan at all times." [05-12-02 DWayne]
1370. Braca: "What are we going to do tonight, Scorpius?"
Scorpius: "The same thing we do every night, Braca:
try to take over the galaxy!" [05-12-02 DWayne]
1371. D'Argo: "My biggest regret in life is that I never had
a pet rock." [05-12-02 DWayne]
1372. John (wearing a t-shirt that reads): "I was swallowed
by a budong and all I got was this lousy t-shirt." [05-12-02 DWayne]
1373. PK: "It's Scarran Season." Scarran: "It's Sebacean
Season." PK: "Scarran Season!" Scarran: "Sebacean
Season!" Scorpius (trying to sneak away): "Eh-heh.
Don't mind me." [05-12-02 DWayne]
1374. Rygel: "I'll show you all once I put on my 
tap shoes." [05-12-02 DWayne]
1375. John: "We can beat the enemy with the terrifying art
of--shadow puppetry!" [05-12-02 DWayne]
1376. Chiana: "I feel so unsexy today." [05-12-02 DWayne]
1377. Pilot: "The yellow areas are for the loading and
unloading of hostile aliens only." [05-12-02 DWayne]
1378. D'Argo: "I can't do a thing with my tentacles today.
I'm just going to shave 'em all off." [05-12-02 DWayne]
1379. PK Pin: "Been there. Done that. Blown it up." [05-12-02 DWayne]
1380. Anyone: "Hold on, I lost a contact lens." [05-12-02 DWayne]
1381. Moya: "Moya, Maximize!" [05-12-02 DWayne]
1382. John: "It's not just a ship, it's a transformer!" [05-12-02 DWayne]
1383. D'Argo (with a rolled up newspaper): "Bad John, very
bad!" [05-12-02 DWayne]
1384. John (daydreaming): "Oh, Aeryn..." Scorpius (the
Harvey one): "Free porn!" [05-12-02 DWayne]
1385. PK Bumpersticker: "Keeping the peace as nature
intended: with big frelling guns." [05-12-02 DWayne]
1386. Anyone on Moya: "Pilot, we're out of toilet 
paper!" [05-12-02 DWayne]
1387. Aeryn: "What do you mean all we have is paintball guns?" [05-12-02]
1388. Aeryn (pointing to pink pumps): "I'll take two." [05-12-02]
1389. PK grot: "*grunt* Kill now?" [05-12-02]
1390. Crichton (trying to insult alien): "!" [05-12-02]
1391. PK Commentator: "He's destroyed a gammak base, a Command Carrier,
a shadow depository, and dozens of aliens but has yet to score." [05-12-02]
1392. Stark: "She may be an imaginary friend but she's *my* imaginary 
friend." [05-12-02]
1393. Chiana: "Do you have the bunny inside?" [05-12-02]
1394. Aeryn: "Why don't you ever buy me flowers?" [05-12-02]
1395. Pilot: "We're under attack by Peacekeepers." Crichton: "Whine. whine. 
whine." [05-12-02]
1396. Scorpius: "Crichton, would you like to come over for dinner?" [05-12-02]
1397. Aeryn: "So your plan is to get me drunk and take advantage of 
me?" Crichton: "Uh, yeah." Aeryn: "OK." [05-12-02]
1398. Harvey: "You can't go wrong with pastels." [05-12-02]
1399. D'Argo: "Let's have a snowball fight!" [05-12-02]
1400. Chiana (looking at bruised and battered Crichton): "What the frell happened to you?"  
Crichton: "Aeryn and I made up." Chiana: "Go back to arguing with her. You'll live 
longer." [05-12-02]
1401. Crichton to DRD: "You know, the trouble with machinery is that charm 
doesn't work on it." [05-18-02]
1402. Crichton: "Pilot, if you want me, I won't be anywhere." [05-18-02]
1403. Rygel: "I am Zoltan, King of the Gypsies!" [05-18-02]
1404. D'Argo: "I've trained myself not to laugh or smile." [05-18-02]
1405. Tombstone: "Here lies John Crichton, and he's frelling annoyed."  [05-18-02]
1406. Chiana (re:D'Argo): "One day he'll get so cunning, even he won't know 
what he's planning." [05-18-02]
1407. Pilot: "You know, if you're going to spy on me, you really should turn the 
speaker off." [05-18-02]
1408. Grayza: "To be honest, I wouldn't know what to do with an army." [05-18-02]
1409. Moya: "Typical human, you can always count on them to mess things up." [05-18-02]
1410. Crichton: "Bonvolu direkti min al kvinsela hotela?" [05-18-02]
1411. Crichton: "I don't believe it. I've been ippy-dippied to death." [05-18-02]
1412. Chiana: "Today's fish is trout a la creme." [05-18-02]
1413. Scorpius: "Time is too short to live forever." [05-18-02]
1414. PK: "Blue fourty-two, blue-fourty two. Hike!"  [05-18-02 pkdefender]
1415. Crais: "Walk the plank, you scurvy dog!" [05-18-02]
1416. Stark: "Wake the dead! Wake the dead!" [05-18-02]
1417. Vorcarian : "Greetings and salivations." [05-18-02]
1418. D'Argo to Chi: "Those are a nice set of legs....what time do they 
open?  [05-18-02]
1419. John to Aeryn: "Lets play army, I  lay down and you blow the hell out 
of me." [05-18-02]
1420. Pilot: "Who stole the stars and put them in your eyes?" [05-18-02]
1421. Stark: "Hi, the voices in my head told me to come and talk to 
you." [05-18-02]
1422. Crichton: "Was you father an alien? Because there's nothing else like 
you on earth!" [05-18-02]
1423. Chiana: "Pardon me, can I borrow your spatula?" [05-18-02]
1424. Zenetian: "So, you're a girl huh?" [05-18-02]
1425. Stark: "Can I please be your slave tonight?" [05-18-02]
1426. Anyone to Crichton: "Hello, well-formed Homo sapien specimen. Would 
you care to depart with me towards my domiciliary residence and observe a 
documentary of the ontogenesis of hybrid-homosapien individual just prior 
to fertilization?  [05-18-02]
1427. Prisoner to other prisoner: "Your cell or mine?" [05-18-02]
1428. PK: "Want to help me polish my jinka pole?" [05-18-02]
1429. Mcquilas: "The devil made me do it!" [05-18-02]
1430. Spray painted sign: "Erpboy was here!" [05-18-02]
1431. Crichton: "When did Moya grow fangs?" [05-18-02]
1432. Crichton: "Nice bunny ears, D'Argo." [05-18-02]
1433. Aeryn: "It's all in the calculus."  [05-18-02 pkdefender]
1434. Crichton: "Don't mind me Pilot. I'm just going to bungee jump to 
the neural cluster." [05-18-02]
1435. Old Lady to Chiana: "Well my ouija board is more accurate than 
your visions!" [05-18-02]
1436. Crichton: "Look, can't I just die in peace?" [05-18-02]
1437. Grnchllk: "Have you  filled out your organ donation cards?" [05-18-02]
1438. Moya: "Asteroid? What asteroid?" [05-18-02]
1439. Aeryn: "I just love to tango." [05-18-02]
1440. D'Argo: "Let us consume mass quantities and then commit homicide." [05-18-02]
1441. Crichton: "Hey, I'm running out of pop culture references here!" [05-18-02]
1442. D'Argo: "High five, dude!" [05-18-02]
1443. Anyone to Aeryn: "Yo, Topgun." [05-18-02]
1444. Alien: "Awowedas." [05-18-02]
1445. Crichton: "But she's a sheila!" Aeryn: "Who the frell is Shiela?" [05-18-02]
1446. Crichton: "Frell, my life insurance coverage just got cancelled." [05-18-02]
1447. Crichton: "I can't believe I left earth before I heard 'who let the dogs out', I'm gonna 
run out of earth referances in less than two cycles!" [05-26-02 Anne Dobbs]
1448. Stark*looking at crichton* "And they said I was crazy!" Bob: "oh yeh." Sue: "true." 
larry: "huh, the frelling human has vioces in his head." Stark: "we don't though, do we 
guys?" Bob: "nope." Sue: "no way......." [05-26-02 Anne Dobbs]
1449. Stark: "gee bob, are you sure I should massacre the crew?" Bob: "of course they'll 
be happier dead...." Stark: "OK" *loads rifle* [05-26-02 Anne Dobbs]
1450. Pilot:  "Chiana, you know those two rabbits you brought on board...I think one was 
a girl" *bunnies hopping around everywhere* [05-26-02 Anne Dobbs]
1451. Aeryn: "crichton for the last time, no light sabers!" [05-26-02 Anne Dobbs]
1452. Moya: "oh come on pilot! lets stop at the intergalactic mcdonalds! oh lets 
do!" [05-26-02 Anne Dobbs]
1452. Transmission to First Command: "Who's responsible? Signed, a 
disatisfied customer." [05-26-02]
1453. Anyone to John (while watching hockey): "And you say our people 
are violent?" [05-26-02]
1454. D'Argo: "Yo, surf babe!" [06-29-02]
1455. Peacekeeper: "Poslushay ty, mudack." [06-29-02]
1456. Noranti: "Well, H-E-double toothpicks!" [06-29-02]
1457. Pilot: "Babu." [06-29-02]
1458. Crichton: "Don't force it, get a larger hammer." [06-29-02]
1459. Pilot: "Woops. Gravity check." [06-29-02]
1460. Crichton: "My name's Ivan Svoloch." [06-29-02]
1461. Scorpius (after getting shot in the back by Braca): "Oh dear, that's going
 to stain." [06-29-02]
1462. Chiana: "You guys eat like a pack of rabid wolverines." [06-29-02]
1463. Anyone: "The rim's on fire." [06-29-02]
1464. Peacekeeper: "Der'mo." [06-29-02]
1465. Rygel: "I'm not as dumb as you look." [06-29-02]
1466. Braca: "Ebat'-kopat'!" [06-29-02]
1467. Rygel: "Try my new drink: a marjoule smoothie." [06-29-02]
1468. Braca: "Floggings will continue until morale improves." [06-29-02]
1469. D'Argo: "Hey! What do you think this is, a Gatorade commercial?" [06-29-02]
1470. Braca to Crichton: "So what was Grayza like?" [06-29-02]
1471. Crichton: "You call this a hallucinagen? All I taste is the music!" [06-29-02]
1472. Grayza: "Who's your Sugermama?" [06-29-02]
1473. Aeryn: "Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's hand grenades I throw..."  [06-29-02]
1474. Pilot: "When in doubt, ignore it." [06-29-02]
1475. Aeryn: "When in doubt, shoot it." [06-29-02]
1476. Grayza: "I can't believe it! He was using me!" [06-29-02]
1477. Peacekeeper: "Ignore alien orders." [06-29-02]
1478. PK Tech to other Tech (watching Carrier explode) "I told you we needed to
replace that gasket!" [06-29-02]
1479. Scorpius: "You forgot to change the oil, Braca, didn't you? [06-29-02]
1480. Crichton: "We're in search of a plot." [06-29-02]
1481. Chiana: "Ah! It's toilet duck!" [06-29-02]
1482. Crichton: "Wow. All the modern inconveniences." [06-29-02]
1483. Zhaan: "To err is human. To forgive is Delvian." [06-29-02]
1484. D'Argo: "To err is human. To hyperage is Luxan." [06-29-02]
1485. Sign over Aurora Chair: "The torture never stops." [06-29-02]
1486. Crichton: "Hell, there are no rules here--we're trying to accomplish 
something." [06-29-02]
1487. Crichton to Grannie:"Don't try to outweird me, three-eyes.  I get stranger 
things than you free with my breakfast cereal." [06-29-02]
1488. Crichton: "Semper Fi, dude." [06-29-02]
1489. Crichton: "Sta sol ne moeare." (trans for the rest of ya: Stand, sun, 
move not.) [06-29-02]
1490. Crew to geeky looking writers: "Your artistic licence has just been 
revoked." [06-29-02]
1491. Pilot: "Operation Overkill has started." [06-29-02]
1492. Chiana: "They're only trying to make me look paranoid." [06-29-02]
1493. Jool: "You humans are all alike." [06-29-02]
1494. Anyone: "Tandem Felix" [06-29-02]
1495. Aeryn (on Earth): "Veni, Vidi, Visa - I came, I saw, I shopped." [06-29-02]
1496. Harvey: "The human mind is an amazing thing... it echoes." [06-29-02]
1497. Aeryn to Jena: "Any similarity between you and a human is 
purely coincidental!" [06-29-02]
1498. D'Argo: "True nobility is in being superior to your previous self." [06-29-02]
1499. Peackeeper: "If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun." [06-29-02]
1500. Rygel to Chiana: "Don't tell your friends about us." [06-29-02]
1501. D'Argo: "You can't surf a desert!" Crichton: "Watch me." [06-29-02]
1502. Crichton: "Wormholes: It's not just a hobby, it's an obsession." [06-29-02]
1503. Crichton: "I'm John, founder of Wormholes Anonymous." [06-29-02]
1504. Scorpius: "Hi, I'm Scorpius and I've got a problem with wormholes...I can't 
make them." [06-29-02]
1505. John to Aeryn: "Love conquers all but I'll settle for sex." [06-29-02]
1506. John to new aliens: "You're not gonna do the anal probe thing are you?" [06-29-02]
1507. D'Argo: "Remember where we parked." [06-29-02]
1508. John: "Are you a reject from Salvadore Dali's mind?" [06-29-02]
1509. Pilot: "Squid alert!" [06-29-02]
1510. Rygel: "It's the end of the world as we know it." Crew: "So?" [06-29-02]
1511. Peacekeeper: "I'm voting for the anarchist party." [06-29-02]
1512. Scorpius: "Scarrans are just so cute and cuddly." [06-29-02]
1513. Anyone: "Bali. It's not just for rabid 'shippers anymore." [06-29-02]
1514. Grayza: "Don't you see? We can dominate the market for tie dye shirts." [06-29-02]
1515. Braca: "I really must visit for the latest weapons-o-
doom soon." [06-29-02]
1516. Scarran: "If we can't threaten the safety of a world, galaxy, or universe, 
how are we supposed to dominate it?" [06-29-02]
1517. Grayza to Braca: "Is that a target painted on your back?" [06-29-02]
1518. Braca: "According to the evil plan generator we need to blackmail a 
scientist, wear black leather, steal the Sydney Opera House, and create an 
army of fuzzy bunnies." [06-29-02]
1519. John (showing off new body armor) "And it's Energy Star compliant!" [06-29-02]
1520. Chiana: "I can predict the future." Aeryn: "That'ss a lie Chiana, don't deny it."
Chiana (crying): "It's true!! I can't! I just read spiolers!!" [07-05-02 Anne Dobbs]
1521. Pilot: "Attension crew, Klingons on the starboard bow!!" [07-05-02 Anne Dobbs]
1522. Talyn(after blowing up hospital ship): "Oops. Well, thats three weeks of 
pocket money down the drain!" [07-05-02 Anne Dobbs]
1523. D'Argo (outside bar): "They won't let me in anymore." [07-13-02]
1524. Anyone walking around tapping their comm. "Can you hear me now?" [07-13-02]
1525. Crichton: "Since there are no humans around what's in your soylent 
green?" [07-13-02]
1526. Jool: "Hand me that rock." [07-13-02]
1527. Chiana: "Who's the man now, huh?!" [07-13-02]
1528. PK Advert: "Closed Captioning provided by the Propaganda Ministry" [07-13-02]
1529. Pilot: "That's it! You're getting detention." [07-13-02]
1530. Alien: "Welcome to the pits of hell. Would you like one room or two?" [07-13-02]
1531. Rygel: "So what did the chicken do after crossing the road?" [07-13-02]
1532. Rygel: "Sometimes you just gotta hula." [07-13-02]
1533. Rygel: "Welcome to the wonderful world of Disney." [07-13-02]
1534. Crichton to Jool: "What do you mean you decided to go touring with the 
Grateful Dead?" [07-13-02]
1535. Pilot: "Frell! I missed my soaps." [07-13-02]
1536. Pilot: "9-1-1 emergency. Please hold." [07-13-02]
1537. Crichton: "I'll take the fungus meal. Hold the shrooms." [07-13-02]
1538. Crichton: "I'm not acting like a drannit, I'm acting like a nurfer!" [07-13-02]
1539. Pilot: "And now presenting John Crichton and the Hammond side 
DRD choir." [07-13-02]
1540. Crichton (teaching the crew English): "See John run. Run, John, run." [07-13-02]
1541. Crichton (flashing a Pulse rifle): "Meet Winnona's sister: Big Bertha!" [07-13-02]
1542. Aeryn: "Feh." [07-13-02]
1543. Scorpius: "I say ol' boy. You seem to be in a spot of trouble." [07-13-02]
1544. Braca: "I think I'll just go slither under a rock now." [07-13-02]
1545. Aeryn: "It must be pulse rifle envy." [07-13-02]
1546. Crais: "Talyn, stop giggling in my ear." [07-13-02]
1547. ChostZhaan: "Welcome, Bialar." GhostCrais: "Noooooooo!" [07-13-02]
1548. Crichton: "What's black and white and red all over?" Aeryn: "A 
newspaper?" Crichton: "Nope. Scorpy in a blender." [07-13-02]
1549. D'Argo: "Granny's got back!" [07-13-02]
1550. Crichton to Scorpy: "I'd like to place an order for scrambled brains 
to go." [07-13-02]
1551. Diagnosian: "So you just want a little off the top. Correct?" [07-13-02]
1552. Crichton to D'Argo: "Cool, you got a Slurpee machine in here." [07-13-02]
1553. Chiana: "That came out more twisted than I thought." [07-13-02]
1554. Chiana: "That came out more thought than I twisted." [07-13-02]
1555. D'Argo: "Mmfmh, Pfmthp." Chiana: "D'Argo's a bit tongue tied at the 
moment." [07-13-02]
1556. D'Argo: "And he made a lovely thump." [07-13-02]
1557. Aeryn: "Who's the asthmatic drone in the oversized helmet?" 
Crichton: "Darth Vader." [07-13-02]
1558. Crichton: "Huh. Who knew lava bathing would be good for the 
skin?" [07-13-02]
1559. Rygel: "Hey! It's Disney Planet!" John: "Ah!" [07-13-02]
1560. Anyone: "What did you do to the cow?" [07-13-02]
1561. Alien: "Hi, I'm John McCain, President Bush's nemesis." [07-13-02]
1562. Alien (over comms): "Die! Die!" Aeryn: "John, it's for you." [07-13-02]
1563. Pilot: "I fail to see the point in painting multi-colored circles on 
my head." [07-13-02]
1564. Crichton: "Captain's log: I'm wet, I'm cold, and I want to kill 
something." [07-13-02]
1565. Anyone to Rygel: "Shall we dance?" [07-20-02 Daria]
1566. Crichton singing to Rygel: "Somewhere, over the Rainbow..." [07-20-02 Daria]
1567. Scorpius in "Promises": "My clothes and accessories will be arriving shortly, 
in a PK-Haul carrier." [07-20-02 Daria]
1568. Boolite: "I come in pieces." [07-20-02 Daria]
1569. Chiana singing "Lady Marmalade". (Then again, you never know...) [07-20-02 Daria]
1570. (PK's singing the hymn International.)Grayza: "That's it boys, Soyuz 
Nerushimiy." [07-20-02 Daria]
1571. (In LGM, when Scorpy's cooling rod explodes in the nurse's face.)Crichton: "Oh well, 
another PK blondie gone." [07-20-02 Daria]
1572. Aeryn's t-shirt, in response to line #1372: "All HE may have gotten was a lousy t-shirt, 
but I got a lot more than that, and it's half his." [07-20-02 Daria]
1573. Aeryn:"Oh, John, you shouldn't have! You know just how to bring joy into a woman's combat boots!" [07-20-02 Daria]
1574. Aeryn vs. Chrichton: "Prowlers!" "Starfuries!""Prowlers!" "Starfuries!" 
Everyone: "You realize this is pointless, right?" [07-20-02 Daria]
1575. Crichton:"He looks like Darth Vader." Chiana: "Hey, that's Anikin to you, 
Crichton." [07-20-02 Daria]
1576. Rygel browsing over their stolen treasure, singing"Diamonds Are a Girl's Best 
Friend."  [07-20-02 Daria]
1577. Crichton, to new alien adversary on comm: "Eh...what's up, doc?" [07-20-02 Daria]
1578. Evil Alien from "Promises" with heavy Russian accent: "Pardon, I do not speak 
English too vell. Now, vot's zis about Sputnik?" [07-20-02 Daria]
1579. Scorpius: "See I told you it wasn't me! It's the rods!" [07-20-02 pkdefender]
1580. Crichton: "Wow. It really was the rods. Sorry, Scorpy." [07-20-02 pkdefender]
1581. Chiana to D'Argo: "Hi, Cap'n Wiggles." [07-20-02 pkdefender]
1582. Crichton (stroking 1812): "Soon, my pet. Soon." [07-20-02 pkdefender]
1583. D'Argo: "Bend over, Crichton." [07-20-02 pkdefender]
1584. Aeryn: "Just because I kill someone you label me an assassin?" [07-20-02 pkdefender]
1585. Crichton: "C'mon Scorpy we are dumping these losers." [07-20-02]
1586. Chiana: "Cat power!" [07-20-02]
1587. Aeryn: "There's just something attractive about a four armed crustacean." [07-20-02]
1588. Scorpius: "John's going to show me how to surf." [07-20-02]
1589. Crichton: "Sorry, Aeryn. Scorpy and I have a date." [07-20-02]
1590. Scorpius (in best Beavis imitation): "Fire! Fire!" [07-20-02]
1591. PK: "I am not a number I am a man." PK OFficer: "Shoot him." [07-20-02]
1592. Noranti: "I just love Crichton's chicken soup." [07-20-02]
1593. Noranti: "I'm trying...(chop) to cook (Chop) a meal...(CHOP) 
HERE! (CHOP! CHOP!)" [07-20-02]
1594. Chiana: "Granny has the coolest clothes!" [07-20-02]
1595. Pilot: "Don't make me hurt you." [07-20-02]
1596. Aeryn: "Pony tail time." [07-20-02]
1597. Scorpius: "Really, John. How can I find a job if you keep me locked up?" [07-20-02]
1598. Pilot: "We need breathing room." [07-20-02]
1599. Crichton: "It aint genuine if it don't have a worm." [07-20-02]
1600. D'Argo: "I bet mine is longer." [07-20-02]
1601. John: "My brain is like teflon: nothing sticks." [07-27-02]
1602. John: "Look, it's the dancing baby." [07-27-02]
1603. Scorpius: "Ah, how cute." [07-27-02]
1604. Crichton: "Excuse me while I go bang my head in the wall." [07-27-02]
1605. Aeryn: "What do you take me for, a human?" [07-27-02]
1606. D'Argo: "Dagnabbit." [07-27-02]
1607. Chiana: "Yeah, but it glows!" [07-27-02]
1608. Furlow: "More human than human. That's my motto." [07-27-02]
1609. Pilot (re: Scorpius) "Well, there goes the neighborhood." [07-27-02]
1610. John to Noranti: "I knew it! You're Samantha Stevens!" [07-27-02]
1611. Zhaan: "Talk to the plant." [07-27-02]
1612. Noranti: "Excuse me I'm trying to make a soufle here." [07-27-02]
1613. Scorpius: "My Carrier for a refrigerator!" [07-27-02]
1614. Braca to Grayza: "Ma'am, you are a skanky ho." [07-27-02]
1615. Sikozu: "Gag me with a spoon." Rygel: "Gladly." [07-27-02]
1616. Pilot: "If only I had a fifth arm." [07-27-02]
1617. Sikozu: "You can't shoot me! I'm the plucky sidekick." [07-27-02]
1618. Aeryn: "Who knew Sikozu couldn't tell the difference between a 
door and an airlock?" [07-27-02]
1619. Scorpius: "Stop bothering me, you're interrupting
my origami." [07-27-02]
1620. Rygel: "Three stomachs is not enough! I need more!"  [07-27-02]
1621. Pilot: "I'm going for take-out. Anyone want some?" [07-27-02]
1622. Aeryn: "Where's a harpoon when you need one?" [08-03-02]
1623. PK Advertising: "We'll launder and press your brain for the low 
cost of $19.99." [08-03-02]
1624. Crichton: "Do you know how to play Go Fish?" [08-03-02]
1625. Pilot: "Go away, I'm sleeping." [08-03-02]
1626. Crichton (in Aurora Chair) "Let's go for a spin." [08-03-02]
1627. Crichton naming DRDs: "Robot, C3PO, Mecha-Godzilla, 
Robbie The Robot, R2-D2, Machine Man X-51, Gort, Terminator, 
Bender, Optimus Prime." [08-03-02]
1628. Pilot: "I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous." [08-03-02]
1629. Jool: "When you have to kill a man it costs nothing to 
be polite." [08-03-02]
1630. Aeryn: "Don't give me those Budong eyes!" [08-03-02]
1631. Chiana: "I'm hungry enough to eat a Budong." [08-03-02]
1632. D'Argo: "I call shotgun!" [08-03-02]
1633. Chiana: "I need to wash my brain out." [08-03-02]
1634. Crichton: "Pass the porn." [08-03-02]
1635. Stark: "We live in a rainbow of Chaos."  [08-03-02]
1636. Stark: "The goal of all life is death." [08-03-02]
1637. Braca: "If we are not victorious, let no one came back alive." [08-03-02]
1638. Rygel: "I generally avoid temptation unless I can't resist it." [08-03-02]
1639. Harvey: "Life is but thought." [08-03-02]
1640. Strappa: "This is one of those cases in which the imagination is baffled 
by the facts." [08-03-02]
1641. D'Argo: "Thou shalt have no idea." [08-03-02]
1642. Sikozu (during CK)"Oh, I'm sorry. Did I break your 
concentration?" [08-03-02]
1643. Rygel: "If I was drinking out of the toilet I may have been 
killed!" [08-03-02]
1644. Scorpius: "My, aren't I the popular one?" [08-03-02]
1645. Aeryn: "Bring out the gimp." [08-03-02]
1646. Crichton: "Surf or fight!" [08-03-02]
1647. Crichton: "Of all the things I lost, I miss my mind the most." [08-03-02]
1648. Moya: "Asteroids do not concern me." [08-03-02]
1649. Jena: "We got places all over the place." [08-03-02]
1650. Anyone: "May the schwartz be with you!" [08-03-02]
1651. Crichton to Aeryn: "I am insane and you are my insanity!" [08-03-02]
1652. Chiana: "The naked truth is exposed to all." [08-03-02]
1653. Sikozu: "All that glitters has a high refractive index." [08-03-02]
1654. Crichton: "All you need for happiness is a good gun, a good 
horse, and a good wife. Well, I'm one for three." [08-03-02]
1655. Aeryn to John: "Assassins do it from behind." [08-03-02]
1656. Stark: "Do not meddle in the affairs of budongs for you are crunchy and taste 
good with ketchup." [08-03-02]
1657. Crichton: "I'll believe you are dead when I eat the body." [08-03-02]
1658. Zhaan: "Being dead aint so bad. We get some really nice 
conventions." [08-03-02]
1659. Crichton (holding folded paper): "What's this?" Aeryn: "Peacekeeper 
origami." [08-03-02]
1660. Anyone: "Am I the only one who see's the plot hole lurking 
over there?" [08-03-02]
1661. Aeryn to Crichton: "Kiss me, you fool!" [8-03-02 Daria]
1662. Crichton: "Whoa, I'm glad that VR trip is over." Aeryn: "Yeah, but 
what about me? How am I supposed to get a new butler?!" [8-03-02 Daria]
1663. Anyone: "They're coming in on attack vector." [8-03-02 Daria]
1664. Crichton, in response to previous: "Who?" Pilot: "The Shadows, 
who d'ya think?!" [8-03-02 Daria]
1665. Rygel: "Anybody want a peanut?" [08-10-02]
1666. Braca: "The trouble with being punctual is that nobody is there 
to appreciate it." [08-10-02]
1667. Noranti: "Lick me, all of you." [08-10-02]
1668. Scorpius: "Don't torture yourself, John. That's my job." [08-10-02]
1669. Aeryn: "The art of flying is to throw yourself at the ground and 
miss." [08-10-02]
1670. Aeryn: "I will endure all this human driveling dren with a smile." [08-10-02]
1671. D'Argo: "I just can't believe we're going to walk into certain 
victory!" [08-10-02]
1672. Pilot: "Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, don't fail us now!" [08-10-02]
1673. Pilot: "Tetris is so unrealistic." [08-10-02]
1674. John: "That sentence is even more screwed up than even mine usually 
are." [08-10-02]
1675. Noranti: "I wanna sleep naked." [08-10-02]
1676. Sikozu to Scorpius: "Dude, you suck." [08-10-02]
1677. AncientJack: "Everything tastes better with Hidden Valley 
Ranch." [08-10-02]
1678. Chiana: "I am all that is evil in the cat universe." [08-10-02]
1679. Crichton: "Just sic the Holian trill bats on them." [08-10-02]
1680. Moya: "Will Starburst for food." [08-10-02]
1681. Pilot (to Aeryn): "Apparently Commandor Crichton was into flower 
arranging before he left earth..." [08-10-02 Anne Dobbs]
1682. John (to Rygel): "Let me get this straight, your middle name 
is Muriel?" [08-10-02 Anne Dobbs]
1683. Chiana: "Did you watch eastenders last night?" [08-10-02 Anne Dobbs]
1684. Pilot: "Attension crew! Moya is under attack, report to command 
at once!" John: "Who is it this time, Scarrens..Peacekeepers, relatives 
of Aeryns?" Pilot: "No, SPOILERS!" [08-10-02 Anne Dobbs]
1685. Crais: "I didn't know the afterlife was this boring." Talyn: "Another game 
of scrabble Crais?" Crais: "Maybe later." [08-10-02 Anne Dobbs]
1686. Scorpius(to moya crew): "Before you leave my command carrier, I'd 
like to say how much i admire you, and that I have absolutely no interest 
whatsoever in wormhole technology." [08-10-02 Anne Dobbs]
1687. Aeryn: "Ahhhhhh! There's a fingerprint on my Prowler!"  [08-10-02 Anne Dobbs]
1688. Crais: "KILLKILLKILLKILLKILL!" John: "I wonder where Talyn got his 
destructive nature from. It is quite a mystery." [08-10-02 Anne Dobbs]
1689. Grayza: "Is this outfit too revealing?" [08-10-02 Anne Dobbs]
1690. Braca(singing): "Aga-do-do-do push pineapple shake a 
tree....etc." [08-10-02 Anne Dobbs]
1691. Pilot: "Attention, please debark Moya before the chainsawing
commences." [08-10-02]
1692. John: "Scorpy, I need the location of Earth?" Scorpius: "Why?" 
John: "We've been cancelled." Scorpius: "Let's roll." [08-10-02]
1693. Comms: "Crackers Don't Matter....Farscape does!" [08-10-02]
1694. Pilot: "It would've been polite of scifi to ask me if i were 
claustrophobic before they put me in a box.....AAAAAAAHHH! LEMME 
NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" [09-22-02 Anne Dobbs]
1695. Harvey: "What do you think of my bright pink tou-tou, John?" 
John: "Wow, I would look really good in that." [09-22-02 Anne Dobbs]
1696. D'Argo:(singing) *we're a couple of swells* [09-22-02 Anne Dobbs]
1697. Aeryn: (singing)(pointing gun at Scarren) "One more second and you'll 
go k-blammo.....Oh wait a minute, I've got no ammo!" [09-22-02 Anne Dobbs]
1698. Moya: "dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun, dun-dun-dun-
dun-dun-dun-dun-dun BATMAN!" [09-22-02 Anne Dobbs]
1699. Aeryn: "I must admit this chocolate is quite nice, Crichton." C: "That ain't 
chocolate." [09-28-2002]
1700. Moya: "Such precision, such grace! I give him an 8.7" [09-28-2002]
1701. PK Advertising: "Just do it." [09-28-2002]
1702. Chiana: "Nice legs, Rygel." [09-28-2002]
1703. Anyone to Jool: "Scream for me, baby." [09-28-2002]
1704. Zhaan to Stark: "What the frell did you just chant to me?" [09-28-2002]
1705. Aeryn: "Ninety-nine bottles of bottles on the wall..." [09-28-2002]
1706. Rygel: "Slug bug!" [09-28-2002]
1707. Anyone: "A proud and determined nation." [09-28-2002]
1708. Pilot to Moya: "Good they're gone. Let's Party!" [09-28-2002]
1709. John: "Get lost you freak!" Harvey: "Sniff. You know some of us do
have feelings." [09-28-2002]
1710. Jool: "John fractured his tongue while using the dentic." [09-28-2002]
1711. D'Argo: "Who the frell taught the dentics to yoeddle?" [09-28-2002]
1712. Dentic: "Yoeddle-ley-i, yoeddle-ley-u, yoeddle-ley." [09-28-2002]
1713. Kaarvok: "We bring good things to life." [09-28-2002]
1714. Pilot: "Attention: The server has crashed. Please reboot now." [09-28-2002]
1715. Anyone: "Wait wait wait. This makes no sense. Why the frell are twelve foot 
tall carrots attacking us again?" [09-28-2002]
1716. John to Scorpius: "Want some pudding?" [09-28-2002]
1717. John: "It could be worse, we could be stuck on Firefly." [09-28-2002]
1718. Chiana: "I'm not a tralk, I'm a companion." [09-28-2002]
1719. Pilot: "Good golly, Miss Molly!"  [09-28-2002]
1720. John: "Roar, Lions! Roar! [09-28-2002]
1721. Elack's Pilot: "Wow, that red bull makes me feel 2 
centuries younger!" [09-29-2002 Anne Dobbs]
1722. Rygel: "Of course John's sane." [09-29-2002 Anne Dobbs]
1723. Chiana (sarcastically) as Sikozu blows up: "I care." [09-29-2002 Anne Dobbs]
1724. John (as Elack blows up) *onboard Elack* : "Oh, sugar." [09-29-2002 Anne Dobbs]
1725. Aeryn: "Oh, fiddlesticks." [09-29-2002 Anne Dobbs]
1726. Pilot: "How you doin'?" [09-29-2002 Anne Dobbs]
1727. PK Trainer: "Pop quiz." *blam* "You pass." [10-05-2002]
1728. Chiana: "Let's play swiffle ball." [10-05-2002]
1729. Crichton: "You know, footie in Australia is much harder than American 
footie." Aeryn: "What the frell does that mean?" [10-05-2002]
1730. Noranti: "It's magically delicious!" [10-05-2002]
1731. Crichton: "And they say our sets er um...rooms are cheesy?!" [10-05-2002]
1732. D'Argo: "At least we have some cool mood music." [10-05-2002]
1733. Mal (from Firefly) to Crichton: "Please put me out of my misery!" [10-05-2002]
1734. Sign on Moya: "No vacancies." [10-05-2002]
1735. Crichton: "Talk about your shotgun weddings." [10-05-2002]
1736. Aeryn: "You know, I've never actually seen a morlian death spider." [10-05-2002]
1737. Aeryn: "I cheated on the pregnancy test." [10-05-2002]
1738. D'Argo: "I think I'm turning Japanese." [10-05-2002]
1739. Crichton: "Ha! My grandma gums her food harder than that." [10-05-2002]
1740. Braca: "I'm really just misunderstood. I didn't plan to be a weasel." [10-05-2002]
1741. Aeryn: "What is this Alpo you spoke about?" [10-05-2002]
1742. Rygel: "I eat Gritty-Kitty!" [10-05-2002]
1743. Pilot: "Follow the white rabbit." [10-05-2002]
1744. Gilina: "Hack the planet!" [10-05-2002]
1745. Braca: "I need to get some more powder." [10-05-2002]
1746. Wormhole Ancients: "Do you know what the Matrix is?" [10-05-2002]
1747. Aeryn (singing): "The thrill is gone. The thrill is gone away..." [10-05-2002]
1748. Scorpius: "Dance, Braca, dance!"  [10-05-2002] (for the Braca-ites)
1749. Aeryn: "I know I'm wierd. What's your excuse?"  [10-05-2002]
1750. Chiana: "Maybe I can catch a game of backgammon in the rectory." [10-05-2002]
1751. Aeryn: "Where's the blood? Where's the life or death struggle?" Crichton: "Aeryn, 
it's just a game of golf." [10-05-2002]
1752. Scorpius(to John) playing chess: "Checkmate." Aeryn: "Not if you want to keep your 
mivonks." [10-05-2002]
1753. Braca's Mom: "No, no, no. Stab them like this. See, much more gory." 
Braca: "Mom!" [10-05-2002]
1754. Crichton to Braca: "Do you mind if I call you Bob. You look like a Bob. Yeah, 
Bobby Braca." [10-05-2002]
1755. Braca: "All I wanted was a little domination and a lot of blood. Is that too much
to ask for? [10-05-2002]
1756. Crichton: "You mean this war started over strawberry ice cream?" [10-05-2002]
1757. Sikozu: "Girl power!!!" [11-02-02 Anne Dobbs]
1758. Pilot: "Moya and I would join the fight to save Farscape, 
but we have no weapons!" [11-02-02 Anne Dobbs]
1759. Commadant Cleavage (in bath): "Mm, bubblebath." [11-02-02 Anne Dobbs]
1760. Crichton (to Scorpy and Grayza): "Great! I get to choose between the evil 
of two lessers." Aeryn: "Heh." [11-02-2002]
1761. Aeryn: "Crichton, why does this missile say 'noo-ke'?" [11-02-2002]
1762. D'Argo: "I'm voting for the born again athiestic, purple and green polka dotted, gay, 
pro-life, pro-death, kill the whales but save the enviornment candidate." Crichton: "Why?" 
D'Argo: "Because he's the only one smart enough to keep his mouth shut during the 
debate." [11-02-2002]
1763. Crichton: "We've been fined 500 brandars since Moya is not 
handicap accessible." [12-21-2002]
1764. Pilot: "Yo, skiffy." [12-21-2002]
1765. Pilot: "The time is now 9:30 am. Have a nice day." [12-21-2002]
1766. Crichton naming DRDs: "Tinkerbell, Rover, Challenger, 
Squeeky, Don Vito..." [12-21-2002]
1767. DRD: "Quick! Look busy." [12-21-2002]
1768. Braca: "Frell! Here comes the dragonlady." [12-21-2002]
1769. Braca: "Ja, Frau Hitler!" [12-21-2002]
1770. Crichton: "It's Pilot in a box." [12-21-2002]
1771. Pilot: "Mwahahaha! Foolish television exec. Do you think a 
chainsaw can harm me!" [12-21-2002]
1772. Scarran: "A storm is coming." [12-21-2002]
1773. Scorpius: "I say. That is some rather lovely summer squash 
there." [12-21-2002]
1774. Scorpius: "Don't make me kiss you!" [12-21-2002]
1775. Scorpius: "Tickle me, please." [12-21-2002]
1776. Crichton: "What do you think this is, 'The Patriot' ?" [12-21-2002]
1777. Crichton: "At least there are no flying monkeys." [12-21-2002]
1778. Pilot: "Let me log on and check." [12-21-2002]
1779. Elder Kalish: "Bah, In my day we had to slog through hard vacuum 
without a suit and ate Scarrans for breakfast." Sikozu: "Well, that explains 
why they are our Masters." [12-21-2002]
1780. Aeryn: "Ruffles, rifles. Who cares? Whatever gets me the human." [12-21-2002]
1781. Braca: "Well, doc. I seem to have a slight problem. Everyone 
hates me." [12-21-2002]
1782. PK Patrol: "Here we go a 'Scapering, a 'Scapering we go..." [12-21-2002]
1783. Braca: "Hilarious. No, really." [12-21-2002]
1784. Crichton: "You traded the Prowler for a Geo?" [12-21-2002]
1785. Crichton: "Granny, make some of your 'special' brownies." [12-21-2002]
1786. Crichton: "Scorpy's a hack. Here's how you make a wormhole." [12-21-2002]
1787. Crichton: "Tequila, chocolate, and marjoules do not mix." [12-21-2002]
1788. Chiana to Grayza: "You just have such low self esteem. That's all." [12-21-2002]
1789. Pilot: "Who sprayed 'Don't shoot, we're pathetic.' on Moya's hull?"  [12-21-2002]
1790. Pilot: "Officer Sun is busy playing combat flight simulator." [12-21-2002]
1791. Chiana: "Uh, D'Argo, is it me or are you're tankas disks?" [12-21-2002]
1792. Crichton (trembling in fear): "I-It's...Disney." [12-21-2002]
1793. Scorpius: "Gray skies are going to clear up, put on a happy face." [12-28-2002]
1794. John (listening to Da'rgo's ear) "I can hear the ocean!" [12-28-2002]
1795. Rygel: "Mud Bog! Woohoo!" [12-28-2002]
1796. Crais: "Loser!" [12-28-2002]
1797. Anyone: "Do the Dew." [12-28-2002]
1798. Commercial: "The Joy of Raslac." [12-28-2002]
1799. Kahanyu: "Pizza. Pizza." [12-28-2002]
1800. M'Lee: "Eat fresh." [12-28-2002]
1801. D'argo: "The way to a Peacekeeper's heart is through their pulse rifle."  [12-28-2002]
1802. John: "D'Argo, all I want to do is kiss Aeryn." D'argo: "You're a dead man." [12-28-2002]
1803. D'Argo: "Aeryn, be honest. Am I bigger than Crichton?" [12-28-2002]
1804. DRD 1812: beeping out "Jingle bells." [12-28-2002]
1805. DRD 1812, One Eye, DRD Pike: beeping out "We Three Kings". [12-28-2002]
1806. D'Argo: "Merry frellin' Christmas." [12-28-2002]
1807. D'Argo: "Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud." [12-28-2002]
1808. Aeryn: "It's not destiny. It's bad management." [12-28-2002]
1809. Crais: "Good day to let down old friends who need help." [12-28-2002]
1810. Rygel: "Matter cannot be created or destroyed, nor can it be 
returned without a receipt." [12-28-2002]
1811. Crichton: "I love you." Aeryn: "What did you do wrong now?" [12-28-2002]
1812. DRD 1812: "Doo-diddle-diddle-diddle-dit-doo-doo. Ha!" [12-28-2002]
1813. Rygel: "Life without danger is a waste of oxygen."
1814. Zhaan: "I'm sorry, you seem to have mistaken me for 
someone who cares." [12-28-2002]
1815. Comm signal: "You have reached the number which you 
have dialled." [12-28-2002]
1816. Aeryn: "Too much of a good thing is WONDERFUL." [12-28-2002]
1817. Crichton: "Always glad to share my ignorance - I've got 
plenty." [12-28-2002]
1818. Aeryn: "Chess players mate better." [12-28-2002]
1819. Crichton: "You've sprained your brain, Pip." [12-28-2002]
1820. Zhaan (singing): "Sunshine, happiness and..." [12-28-2002]
1821. Pilot: "If you don't care where you are, then you ain't lost." [12-28-2002]
1822. D'Argo: "The Killer Ducks are coming!" [12-28-2002]
1823. Crichton: "Schizophrenia beats being alone." [12-28-2002]
1824. Pilot: "All life's answers are on TV." [12-28-2002]
1825. Ancient Einstein: "You cannot kill time without injuring eternity." [12-28-2002]
1826. Delvian Pau: "Welcome to the Church of the Holy 
Cabbage. Lettuce pray." [12-28-2002]
1827. Delvian: "You are being tried for fungicide." [12-28-2002]
1828. Aeryn: "Let's merge!" [12-28-2002]
1829. Crichton: "Her kisses left something to be desired -- the rest of her." [12-28-2002]
1830. PK Adertisment: "Help wanted... many positions available." [12-28-2002]
1831. Crichton (to Aeryn): "I'd like to tickle your belly button, from the 
inside..." BLAM. THUNK. "So is that a yes?" [12-28-2002]
1832. Harvey: "I put the 'hip' in chip." [12-28-2002]
1833. Chiana: "All I can see are some shapes and colors." D'Argo: "Then 
quit squinting." [12-28-2002]
1834. Crichton: "Hey Ryge, can I borrow the purple dress again?" [12-28-2002]
1835. Aeryn: "Oh, come on. Wear the wig!" [12-28-2002]
1836. Chiana: "Kiss me, Slugg-o." [12-28-2002]
1837. Scorpius (singing): "I love the night life, I like to boogie...." [12-28-2002]
1838. D'Argo: "It's time to strut." [12-28-2002]
1839. Pilot: "Oh, bubblegum." [12-28-2002]
1840. D'Argo: "I'll have the tongue." [12-28-2002]
1841. Chiana: "I'll have the chocolate mousse." [12-28-2002]
1842. Jool: "I'll just have wine." [12-28-2002]
1843. Sikozu: "I'll have cheese." [12-28-2002]
1844. Noranti: "I'll take some Prozac." [12-28-2002]
1845. Scorpius: "I'll have the fried iguana." [12-28-2002]
1846. Crais: "I'll have the fruit salad." [12-28-2002]
1847. Zhaan: "I'll just have sprouts." [12-28-2002]
1848. Pilot: "I'll have the crab legs." [12-28-2002]
1849. Rygel: "I'll have the frog legs." [12-28-2002]
1850. Aeryn: "I'll have a plain salad." [12-28-2002]
1851. Crichton: "I'll have Aeryn." BLAM. THUD. "Love you too, honey." [12-28-2002]
1852. Aeryn: "John, save the honey for dessert." [12-28-2002]
1856. DRD One Eye: "Pip sqwack." [12-28-2002]
1857. D'Argo: "Sowcow!" [12-28-2002]
1858. Scorpius: "How now brown cow." [12-28-2002]
1859. Noranti: "These Perfect Pasta bowls are wonderful." [12-28-2002]
1860. Scorpius: "Humanity's greatest weapon - marketing." [12-28-2002]
1861. Pilot: "Any one want to play Go-fish?" [12-28-2002]
1862. Chiana: "I need to work on my tan." [12-28-2002]
1863. Crichton: "Aeryn, a pulse rifle is not a pacifier!" [12-28-2002]
1864. Aeryn: "I'll pacify you." Crichton: "Ooh. Promise?" [12-28-2002]
1865. Aeryn: "How about paisley?" [12-28-2002]
1866. Noranti: "Hut-one, hut-two. Hike! Hike!" [12-28-2002]
1867. Pilot: "Let's pull a Crazy Ivan!" [12-28-2002]
1868. Rygel: "Excuse me, I'm off to my mudpack." [12-28-2002]
1869. Scorpius: "Mint?" [12-28-2002]
1870. DRD: "I'm hungry." [12-28-2002]
1871. Noranti: "I lakka like that." [12-28-2002]
1872. Pilot: "This is a no punning zone!" Aeryn: "Very punny." [12-28-2002]
1873. Crichton: "I need to get a life." [12-28-2002]
1874. Maldiss: "Hello, I'm from MetLife and have I got a deal for you." [12-28-2002]
1875. Peacekeeper: "Time-out!" [12-28-2002]
1876. Scarran: "No fair. You used wormholes!" [12-28-2002]
1877. IASA official: "I'm sorry, your application has been rejected." Crichton: "But I 
just spent four cycles among aliens!" IASA: "Come back when you have five." [12-28-2002]
1878. D'Argo: "I thinth I bith my thongue." [12-28-2002]
1879. Crichton: "I am a Raelian." Aeryn: "No your not, you're not...ahem...
big enough." [12-28-2002]
1880. Noranti: "I just love Marjoule Mirengue Pie, don't you?" [12-28-2002]
1881. Crichton: "I always wanted to dance on the sun." [12-28-2002]
1882. Braca: "How come Crichton gets all the women?" [12-28-2002]
1883. Grayza: "You have a choice, me or the Aurora 
Chair." Crichton: "Aurora chair, please, and make it extra painful." [12-28-2002]
1884. Crichton (in Aurora chair): Zzz. "More." ZZz. "More." ZZZ. "Ah, 
that's it." [12-28-2002]
1885. Aeryn: "Mm. Truffles." [12-28-2002]
1886. Aeryn: "There's nothing that survive my trusty +5 pulse 
rifle." Crichton: " 'Cept me." Aeryn: "Frell." [12-28-2002]
1887. Anyone: "I reckon." [12-28-2002]
1888. Crichton: "Save your own universe! I'm retired!" [12-28-2002]
1889. Jool: "Do you like my scar?" [12-28-2002]
1890. Crichton: "Happy New Cycle!" Crew: "What the frell?" [12-28-2002]
1891. PK Advertising: "What can Black do to you?" [12-28-2002]
1892. Boolite: "I think I just coughed up a lung." [12-28-2002]
1893. Pilot "Yep, we got weeds." [12-28-2002]
1894. Aeryn: "John, I like men with long hair and pony tails." [12-28-2002]
1895. Aeryn: "Like shooting trigapod in a pond." [12-28-2002]
1896. Velorek: "I knew I should have become canon fodder." [12-28-2002]
1897. Aeryn: "I forgot the bon-bons." [12-28-2002]
1898. D'Argo (re: his ship): "I named her Lexx." [12-28-2002]
1899. Scarran: "And now for the swimsuit part of the competition." [12-28-2002]
1900. Nebari: "Let's party!" [12-28-2002]