Lines You Wont Hear on Farscape......we hope #4 (2003- )

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And yes, a rare few of these lines made it onto the show. What can I say? GMTA I guess. OK. Maybe not so great minds. <g>

1901. John: "Who's triangle is this?" [01-04-2003 Anne Dobbs]
1902. Sikozu: "I admit it, I'm a smart ass arrogant wall walkin' 
tralk." [01-04-2003 Anne Dobbs] 
1903. Pilot: "I AM the new James Bond, Halle Berry here I come!" [01-04-2003 Anne Dobbs]
1904. Aeryn: "Quick! to the den! Sikozu's kicking Pilots ass in a 
fight!" [01-04-2003 Anne Dobbs]
1905. Noranti: "I'll make the pop corn!"(BOOM) Pilot: "Moya appears to be 
lacking a hull...She  says: Ouch." [01-04-2003 Anne Dobbs]
1906. Pilot(to sikozu): "Chav!" [01-04-2003 Anne Dobbs]
1907. D'Argo: "No, I am your father!" [01-04-2003 Anne Dobbs]
1908. SIkozu: "I love Legolas!" [01-04-2003 Anne Dobbs]
1909. Grayza(to braca): "Is this too revealing?" [01-04-2003 Anne Dobbs]
1910. Braca: "Ma'am, does my bum look big in this?" [01-04-2003 Anne Dobbs]
1911. John: "That's it, I'm joining a cult." [01-04-2003 Anne Dobbs]
1912. Rygel: "Quiet, I'm thinking." [01-04-2003 Anne Dobbs]
1913. Sikozu: "I hope you don't mind Pilot, but I'm going to start trying to 
run this ship, walk all over you and leave foot prints on the ceiling." [01-04-2003 Anne Dobbs]
1914. DRD: "DRD Stampede!" [01-04-2003]
1915. Pilot: "Rustle up some DRDs." [01-04-2003]
1916. Noranti: "I've always wanted a leather whip." [01-04-2003]
1917. Chiana: "Testify!" [01-04-2003]
1918. Grayza: "I live to help the helpless." [01-04-2003]
1919. Crichton: "Who would you like me to kill today?" [01-04-2003]
1920. Crichton: "Suddenly the Apocalypse doesn't look so bad." [01-04-2003]
1921. Noranti: "It's in the Book of Revelations, people!" [01-04-2003]
1923. Noranti to Crichton: "Maybe you should see someone about those mood 
swings." [01-04-2003]
1924. Pilot: "We're starting a revolution." [01-04-2003]
1925. D'Argo: "Fear my feather duster of doom." [01-04-2003]
1926. Pilot: "No tracking mud on the ceiling." [01-04-2003]
1927. Pilot: "Moya has decided to become a cannibal." [01-04-2003]
1928. Crichton: "I'd kill to hear some Mozart." [01-04-2003]
1929. Rygel: "Tax me, please." [01-04-2003]
1930. Crichton to Noranti: "Hey, Roy." [01-04-2003]
1931. Aeryn: "Damn. We get to live." [01-04-2003]
1932. Aeryn: "Nice kitty. Good little kitty." [01-04-2003]
1933. Crichton to Chiana: "Go fetch the milk ring." [01-04-2003]
1934. Chiana: "Pop-Tarts? That's just wrong on so many levels." [01-04-2003]
1935. Aeryn: "You're the only sane human alive and you fled Earth for 
your sanity." [01-04-2003]
1936. Scorpius: "I think I'll switch to spandex." [01-04-2003]
1937. Grayza to Braca: "Good on ya." [01-04-2003]
1938. Sikozu: "I don't know." [01-04-2003]
1939. Crichton: "How come everyone sounds Russian or Australian?" [01-04-2003]
1940. Rygel: "I miss being tortured." [01-04-2003]
1941. D'Argo: "That's dope!" [03-10-2003]
1942. Braca: "Get thee to a nunnery!" [03-10-2003]
1943. Crichton: "Habla usted ingles?" [03-10-2003]
1944. Pilot: "Donde esta el bar?" [03-10-2003]
1945. Noranti: "Screw it. Kill yourselves!" [03-10-2003]
1946. Pilot: "Over the loitering and tardy I shall leap." [03-10-2003]
1947. Peacekeepers: singing the theme to Cops. [03-10-2003]
1948. Zhaan: "You get three wishes." [03-10-2003]
1949. Aeryn: "You gave me a counterfeit Peacekeeper pulse pistol?" [03-10-2003]
1950. Grayza: "Well, that was ackward." [03-10-2003]
1951. Scorpius: "You went to Earth and all you got me was a harmonica?" [03-10-2003]
1952. Pilot: "I can't believe how awesome this is." [03-10-2003]
1953. Chiana: "I don't want to go to the party." [03-10-2003]
1954. Aeryn: "Welcome to the jungle." [03-10-2003]
1955. Crichton to Scarran Emperor: "So, you're a Tyrannasaurus Rex. (sp?)" [03-10-2003]
1956. Chiana: "At least we get to finally hang out with an omnipotent being, 
even if he is an idiot." [03-10-2003]
1957. Charrid (re: Kalish): "They're French." [03-10-2003]
1958. Aeryn: "John, what's this rash doing here?" [03-10-2003]
1959. Braca: "I love you, Mr. Burns." [03-10-2003]
1960. Grayza: *singing the enterprise theme* [03-22-2003 Anne Dobbs]
1961. Braca(singing): "Its getting hot in here, why don't you take 
your jacket off?" [03-22-2003 Anne Dobbs]
1962. Aeryn: "Lets go to the chocolate factory!!" [03-22-2003 Anne Dobbs]
1963. Aeryn: I think I should go with John to the commerce planet, he might 
die if I'm not there to save him." [03-22-2003 Anne Dobbs]
1964. Pilot: "So we're all agreed: we're all going to die." [03-22-2003 Anne Dobbs]
1965. Sikozu: "Jimmany jellikers!" [03-22-2003 Anne Dobbs]
1966. (as the credits roll for the last episode) Pilot: "That's all, 
folks!" [03-22-2003 Anne Dobbs]
1967. John: "Whoops.." D'Argo: "Don't tell me... The whole universe is 
imploding because you screwed up?" John: *guilty look*. [03-22-2003 Anne Dobbs]
1968. Rygel: "I feel a song coming on..." [03-22-2003 Anne Dobbs]
1969. Aeryn: "I exfoliate." [03-22-2003]
1970. Universe (re: John's screw you comment in BT): "Oh yeah? Take 
that." [03-22-2003]
1971. Braca: "Boy, howdy." [06-02-2003]
1972. Chiana: "Hey! No fouls!" [06-02-2003]
1973. Aeryn: "Care for a shag, luv?" [06-02-2003]
1974. Pilot: "Oo, Powerball." [06-02-2003]
1975. Pilot: "Go home, Yank." [06-02-2003]
1976. Aeryn: "Who knew they were French?" [06-02-2003]
1977. Crichton: "Stupid humans." [06-02-2003]
1978. Rygel: "All right who ordered $10,000's worth of marjoules?" [06-02-2003]
1979. Braca: "Just making sure I wasn't standing on plastic." [06-02-2003]
1980. Aeryn (watching TV): "They act like we're going to take over the world." 
John: "We are." Aeryn:"They should at least show some grattitude." [06-02-2003]
1981. Moya: "Mm. Chewy." [06-02-2003]
1982. Crichton: "Uh, maybe Pilot should floss his own teeth." [06-02-2003]
1983. Aliens: "Vorlon tavutna chog." [06-02-2003]
1984. Crichton: "My dinner is watching me eat." [06-02-2003]
1985. Aeryn: "So the discombobulator...discombobulates?" [06-02-2003]
1986. Aeryn (applying for job): "I levelled a Shadow Depository, fried a Gammak 
Base, blew up a Command Carrier." [06-02-2003]
1987. Peacekeeper: "We've got them surrounded, everywhere." [06-02-2003]
1988. Chiana: "I'm a big fan." [06-02-2003]
1989. Rygel: "I'm going to be a stock car racer." [06-02-2003]
1990. Moya: "Last one there is a rotten budong." [06-02-2003]
1991. Pilot: "Thank you for flying Quantas." [07-09-2003]
1992. Temon: "Keedva for sale. Eats anything and is fond of miners." [07-09-2003]
1993. Peacekeeper: "You are under arrest for disturbing our war." [07-09-2003]
1994. Crichton: "The talking watermelon says we can find Rygel at the aquatic 
park." [07-09-2003]
1995. Chiana: "Care for some wasabi?" [07-09-2003]
1996. D'Argo: "I didn't realize you had such a large blade." [07-09-2003]
1997. Aeryn: "I'm off to have wild alien sex with John." [07-09-2003]
1998. D'Argo: "Is it me or do male tennis players suck?" [07-09-2003]
1999. Braca (re: Grayza): "What a jackass!" [07-09-2003]
2000. Pilot: "Got any gum?" [07-09-2003]
2001. DRD1812: "Here is a list of my demands." [07-09-2003]
2002. Aeryn: "Crichton, I'm gonna kill...ooh, peanuts." [07-09-2003]
2003. Peacekeeper: "You got a tail light out." [07-09-2003]
2004. Rygel: "What was this human delicacy called again?" Crichton: "Alpo." [07-09-2003]
2005. Crichton: "When did the DRDs get anti-lock breaks?" [07-09-2003]
2006. Aeryn: "Is this one of your experiments?" [07-09-2003]
2007. Chiana: "Why is D'Argo crying?" Crichton: "He just watched Old 
Yeller." [07-09-2003]
2008. DRD One Eye: "You poke it." DRD1812: "You poke it." One Eye: 
"No, you." 1812: "Uh-uh, you." (ad naseum) [07-09-2003]
2009. Crichton: "Nice whip, Aeryn." [07-09-2003]
2010. Crichton: "Hey Pilot, how goes the exploitation of the working 
classes?" [07-09-2003]
2011. Pilot: "Go away, I'm reading fanfic." [07-09-2003]
2012. Vorcarian: "Do you prefer to bite or lick?" [07-19-2003]
2013. Aeryn: "How many licks does it take to...?" [07-19-2003]
2014. Chiana: "Body for rent. Body for rent." [07-19-2003]
2015. Moya-John: "Go green!" [07-19-2003]
2016. Talyn-John: "Go black!" [07-19-2003]
2017. Aeryn: "Go me!" [07-19-2003]
2018. Pilot: "Wanker." [07-19-2003]
2019. Anyone: "He's Joxer the Mighty..." [07-19-2003]
2020. Braca (re: Scorpius): "Mozhet byit on gdye-to 
pryachetsa." (Maybe he's hiding somewhere.) [07-19-2003]
2021. Crais: "I do not have a lot of pent up anger!" [07-19-2003]
2022. Noranti: "Hi, I'm from Ambush Makeover." [07-19-2003]
2023. Peacekeeper Guard: "Rahspeeshitess zdyes." (Sign here.) [07-19-2003]
2024. Maldiss: "Who died?" [07-19-2003]
2025. Aeryn to John: "I think of you as a brother." [07-19-2003]
2026. D'Argo: "Are these manacles new? They're quite comfortable." [07-19-2003]
2027. D'Argo: "Davai kupim morozhnoye." (Let's buy some
icecream.) [07-19-2003]
2028. Crichton: "Poznakomsa s moim droogom Scorpius." (Meet 
my friend Scorpius.) [07-19-2003]
2029. Moya: "Pilot deleted himself in a sudden fit of existentialism." [07-19-2003]
2030. Boolite: "You are the ugliest creature I've ever seen." [07-19-2003]
2031. Harvey: "Nightmares never last. One day you wake up, 
and they're gone." [07-19-2003]
2032. Aeryn: "Drannit- Australian for american actor who is 
a wanker." [07-19-2003]
2033. Pilot: "You fascinate me more than the Fundamental 
Theorem of Calculus." [07-19-2003]
2034. Pilot: "Leggo of my Eggo." [07-19-2003]
2035. Staleek: "I have the evil gene." [07-19-2003]
2036. McQuilus: "Helluva day, huh?" [07-19-2003]
2037. Crichton: "I think I need a cape." [07-19-2003]
2038. Rygel: "I think I have indegestion." Chiana: "Not with Milk 
of Magnesia." [07-19-2003]
2039. Chiana: "Shut up and eat your meat like substance." [07-19-2003]
2040. D'Argo (bawling): "I stubbed my toe on that DRD." [07-19-2003]
2041. Alien: "We card before selling Raslac." [07-19-2003]
2042. Pilot: "Yo Frankie!" [07-19-2003]
2043. Aeryn: "Shave it all off." [07-19-2003]
2044. Chiana: "We're bigger than Jesus!" [07-19-2003]
2045. Scorpius to Braca: "You little sissy boy!" [07-19-2003]
2046. Aeryn: "Oh, come on, John. It's just a compound fracture." [07-19-2003]
2047. John: "That's a dangling participle." *blam* Aeryn: "Not 
anymore." [07-19-2003]
2048. John (after gunning down aliens): "I told 'em not to call 
me Johnny." [07-19-2003]
2049. Jack: "When pigs fly!" John: "Uh, Dad..." [07-19-2003]
2050. J&A's child: "I wanna be Universal Dictator when I grow up." [07-19-2003]
2051. PK recruiter: "There's a bonus if you get killed." [08-10-2003]
2052. Pilot: "The son of a bitch stole my watch!" [08-10-2003]
2053. Zhaan: "At my signal, unleash hell." [08-10-2003]
2054. D'Argo: "Forget it, John. It's Washington." [08-10-2003]
2055. D'Argo: "This was no boating accident." [08-10-2003]
2056. Noranti: "Either he's dead, or my watch has stopped." [08-10-2003]
2057. Bobby: "So you're from outer space?" Aeryn: "No, I'm from Io'a. I only work 
in outer space."  [08-10-2003]
2058. Braca: "Is kindness necesary in a war?" [08-10-2003]
2059. D'Argo: "Of all the nectar joints in all theworlds in all PK space, she 
walks into mine." [08-10-2003]
2060. John: "It's okay, I wouldn't remember me either." [08-10-2003]
2061. Aeryn: "I have nipples, John, would you milk me?" [08-10-2003]
2062. John: "That's where I saw the leprechaun! He told me to burn things." [08-10-2003]
2063. John: "I guess we can watch a Connie Chung Christmas." [08-10-2003]
2064. Chiana: "All right people, let's go kick some thorax."  [08-10-2003]
2065. Chiana: "Okay, but bear with us because we're old and stupid..." [08-10-2003]
2066. Sikozu: "I may be bad, but I feel good. " [08-10-2003]
2067. PK: "I didn't know it was loaded!" [08-10-2003]
2068. Rygel: "If you're looking for plausibility, you won't find it here."  [08-10-2003]
2069. Moya: "I'm a stranger with parasites."  [08-10-2003]
2070. Aeryn: "Existential void where prohibited." [08-10-2003]
2071. Pilot: :Can you have a platonic relationship before Plato?" [08-10-2003]
2072. Doc to J&A: "I think we have figured out why you've been throwing up in 
the morning. Congratulation." [08-10-2003]
2073. Aeryn: "Uniforms are sick!" [08-10-2003]
2074. Anyone: "Shazbat!" [08-10-2003]
2075. Zhaan: "Hey - watch the hair!" [08-10-2003]
2076. Scorpius: "You must be tired after your cab trip." [08-10-2003]
2077. John: "I laugh in the face of danger, then I run and hide until it 
goes away." [08-10-2003]
2078. D'Argo: "He look-a like a man." [08-10-2003]
2079. Crew: "Alright, let's get a real actor in here." [08-10-2003]
2080. Pilot: "I can't help it if we defy the laws of physics." [08-10-2003]
2081. John: "Their technology must be light-years ahead of ours!  Their use of stock 
footage is amazing!"  [08-10-2003]
2082. Scarran to other Scarran: "Do you think we'll freeze to death before the 
jackals get us?"  [08-10-2003]
2083. Announcer re: Scorpy, Grayza, Braca: "J.D. Powers and associates rank these 
guys the most loathsome in their class"  [08-10-2003]
2084. John: "You know, they shouldn't have set their phasers to miss."  [08-10-2003]
2085. Aeryn: "Yup, when you think of shocking horror, you think of German 
um-pah music."  [08-10-2003]