Title: On the Benefits of Raslac
Type: Ficlet
Author: Karolyn Gray <kmgray3@aol.com>
ScifiBB/Chat Handle: Gray3
Rating: G
Spoilers: None
Synopsis: None.
Archiving: Yes
Disclaimers: All Farscape names, characters and other related indicia are the property of Jim Henson Productions, Hallmark Entertainment, Nine Networks, the Scifi Channel and all associated parties. No copyright infringement is intended. Notes: This was not originally written for Farscape, but instead as part of my own original science fiction musings. A friend read it and kept insisting it fit John Crichton and that I should post it to the web. So here you go.


On the Benefits of Raslac....
by Karolyn Gray

Raslac. Such an beautiful word really. So intoxicatingly simple, literally. Harder than fellip nectar, sweeter than katalla tea, and quite the useful numbing agent. Oh yes, good for what ails ya. Headaches, gone. Muscle aches, gone. Neural clones-...well, OK nothing is perfect. And the next morning can be a doozy. Still it's a good way to pass the time and forget the universe for a while.

"I think you've had enough, Crichton."

"No way, man. I'm just getting started. Pass me another one."

It's not beer, but it'll do.