Title: The Good Ship
Author: Karolyn Gray <kmgray3@aol.com>
ScifiBB/Chat Handle: Gray3
Rating: PG
Synopsis: AU? Future fic. All on Talyn is not as it seems.
Type: Story
Spoilers: Minor references to latter half of Season 3.
Archiving: Yes
Disclaimers: All Farscape names, characters and other related indicia are the property of Jim Henson Productions, Hallmark Entertainment, Nine Networks, the Scifi Channel and all associated parties. No copyright infringement is intended.


The Good Ship
By Karolyn Gray

"What the yotz is wrong with you. I nearly broke my frelling neck because of the docking web. I swear I've never been..." Rygel complained as he maneuvered his throne sled from the transport pod to Crichton and Aeryn.

"My apologies, your Eminence. Talyn has been having some trouble with power fluctuations." Aeryn Sun interrupted Rygel's tirade with a bemused expression. "Crichton and I will fix the problem after we unload the supplies."

"Yes, go rest. We'll take of things here." Crichton agreed, with a slight smile on his face.

Rygel looked at them suspiciously. Crichton not babbling inanely to him? Aeryn Sun being polite? Something was happening. "All right, what are you hiding? I was gone only a weeken getting supplies. What happened?"

Crichton and Aeryn exchanged a brief look, which made Rygel narrow his eyes. "Well, I am waiting."

"Crais is dead." Aeryn stated simply.

"Dead?" Rygel asked in surprise. "How?"

"Talyn deemed him...unfit...for command and demanded he give up the neural transponder." She replied glancing once at Crichton with an expression Rygel was unable to decipher. "Crais resisted."

"I see." Rygel said, considering the implications. "So you are Talyn's Captain now?"

Aeryn smiled in a humble fashion and nodded. "Talyn chose me. Yes. He also chose to give Crichton a transmitter to help maintain the secondary systems."

"Hmm. Well anyone is better than Crais." Rygel replied and started his throne sled towards the corridor.

"Oh, Rygel." The Hynerian stopped briefly to see what Crichton wanted. "We'll be starbursting in an arn to rejoin Moya. I would stay away from Chiana and D'Argo. They are a little upset over what happened with Crais."

Rygel covered his surprise at this. Never could he imagine D'Argo would not welcome Crais' death and Chiana... well, Chiana was a survivor. She knew how the Uncharteds treated even the most fortunate of beings. He nodded is head in acknowledgement. "Thank you for telling me, Crichton."

"No problem, Rygel."

Rygel hovered into the corridor his ear brows furrowed with concern, ignoring the look that passed between the Human and Sebacean. He was more concerned about this sudden turn of events.

Something felt off. Aeryn had been polite to him, Crichton had refrained from his usual prattle, Crais was dead, and D'Argo and Chiana were not acting like themselves. Granted things had changed since they had taken on Scorpius directly and succeeded in stopping both the Peacekeepers and the Scarrans, but this was a little too much for the ex-Dominar to accept easily. Why Crichton and Aeryn had even been cordial with one another, instead of behaving with their usual mechanical interaction of the past two cycles.

He could not wait to get back to Moya and off the gunship. Too many strange things always happened here. Stark committing suicide shortly after their victory over Scorpius (though Rygel suspected the crazy Bannik had simply decided to visit another dimension for a while), Jool's still unexplained disappearance, the accident with Jothee shortly after his return and now Crais. Yes. It was definitely time to leave this cursed ship for good. Moya, even with the dozen or so aliens they had picked up over the cycles, was far more to his liking.


Half-arn later.

Rygel hummed to himself as he replaced the cover to the control panel he had been looking at. "Yotz! There has to be something in here."


The Hynerian jumped and turned his throne sled to see Chiana watching him. He grinned at her. "Ah, Chiana. Come to see what was worth snurching in this Luxan beast." He waved to the surrounding Luxan vessel D'Argo had adopted as his own so many cycles ago. Why the Luxan had insisted on bringing it along for a supply mission was beyond comprehension.

"Rygel. You should stop what you are doing and leave immediately." Chiana replied in a monotone voice.

Rygel looked at her in surprise. "Chiana, what is wrong with you?"

"D'Argo is coming."

"Well I'm leaving." Rygel said and maneuvered to leave the ship. He was shocked when Chiana grabbed him and held him in place.

"Chiana. What are you doing? Let me go at once." Rygel demanded.

"You will remain and apologize." Chiana replied.

"I will not!" The Hynerian shouted.

"What is going on in here?" D'Argo's voice could be heard at the bottom of the steps leading into the ship.

"Rygel was attempting to snurch possessions from your ship." Chiana announced, dragging Rygel down the steps into the docking bay.

"You lying little tralk. I was doing no such thing!" Rygel protested.

D'Argo simply shook his head, strangely impassive. "I'm afraid we can no longer allow you to move around Talyn unhindered."

"You have no right to dictate what I can or can not do." Rygel sputtered, able to yank his throne sled out of Chiana's grasp.

Rygel stared in horror as he noticed the black contraption and its flashing red lights attached to the smooth alabaster skin of Chiana's neck. "What the frell?"

"There must be harmony, Rygel. You are too disruptive to remain unsupervised." D'Argo growled from behind him.

"What the yotz are you talking about! D'Argo, look at Chiana. This frelling ship has...has..."

"Curbed her rebellious behavior." D'Argo finished. "As it will for you."

"I think not."

"I think so." With that D'Argo lashed out with tongue. Rygel anticipated this and easily dodged the attack and spat back. D'Argo bellowed in rage trying to wipe the goo from his eyes as Rygel fled the compartment calling over his comms.

"Crichton! Aeryn! Help! Something is wrong with D'Argo. He's trying to kill me!" Rygel maneuvered down the hall rapidly until coming to a dead end. Cursing under his breath he noticed an entrance to the ship's ducts and quickly opened it and crawled in, leaving his throne sled behind.

"Rygel! I'll kill you, you Hynerian slug!"

Rygel gasped and started crawling as fast as his stubby arms and legs could carry him.

Two arns later, gasping for breath after crawling to escape the constant hunt of the Luxan, Rygel crawled out of the shaft into a room that was empty and quiet. It took him a moment to realize he was in the Pilot's Den, remembering that Crais had locked down access to this area several cycles earlier after the near disaster with Stark.

Breathing a sigh of relief he sat down and massaged his aching limbs. "No Dominar should have to fear a Luxan brute." He muttered under his breath.

Rygel shrieked as the something large slammed into the door he was leaned up against. Scrambling away, Rygel turned a fearful eye to the door as it slid open to reveal D'Argo. The Luxan was wild eyed as he spotted the Hynerian. He growled and started toward him.

"D'Argo!" Rygel cried out, as the Luxan swung his blade back. D'argo chest seemed to explode as pulse blast over pulse blast struck his chest sending blood and flesh flying before falling backwards.

Trembling in fear, Rygel looked around to see who had saved him. Crichton and Aeryn came from opposite directions around the Pilot console. "By the Hynerian Gods! Crichton, Aeryn. Thank you."

A smile quirked Crichton lips, but no humor reached his eyes. The pulse pistol in his hand swung away from D'Argo's charred body to Rygel's own head. "Don't thank us. If you had just acted responsibly, we would not have had to do this."

"What?" Rygel whispered in shock.

Crichton glanced over to Aeryn, who was kneeling beside D'Argo's body. "How is he?"

"The cranium is undamaged. The neural pathways should still be useful." Aeryn replied.

Rygel just blinked looking between the two. "What the frell are you two talking abo....ah!" He struggled in Crichton's grip, but the human had to firm a hold on his collar. After a few microts struggle he stopped and just hung there, his anger growing. "Just who the frell do you think you are? I'll..."

He stopped his rant as he heard the familiar sound of Aeryn drawing her favored combat knife. He was surprised to find Aeryn leaned over D'Argo as if studying something before frowning and placing her knife back into its sheath. Instead she hefting D'Argo's blade into her hands.

Before he could say a word of inquiry, she swung the blade down severing the head from the body. Rygel watched in morbid curiosity as Aeryn grasped D'Argo's head by the tankas and walked over to Crichton lifting it as if to allow him a better view. Rygel swallowed hard as his three stomachs churned at the smell of the Luxan's blood.

"We'd better get him hooked up soon." Crichton said.

"Agreed." Aeryn's blue eyes flicked over to Rygel. "What about him?"

Rygel felt Crichton shrug. "I don't know. It's not like he'll be much help doing repairs."

Aeryn nodded in agreement. "True, but he is an excellent negotiator."

"And backstabber." Crichton added.


"Wait! Wait! I can help you. I- I can help us get food, information, equipment, whatever." Rygel hurried threw out. "I can do anything you want!"

Aeryn smiled slightly at that. "We will see."

Rygel smiled back in relief.

"Come on Aeryn. Let's get this over with."

With that Rygel was surprised as he realized they were walking around the Pilot console instead of leaving the chamber. A few microts later they were under the console in small area with several cylinders filled with liquid attached to Talyn's systems. When Aeryn waved her hand over a control, the area lit up and revealed what was in the tanks.

Rygel's screams echoed throughout the tier.


"You know, baby. When you're good, you're good."

Aeryn smiled, wiping the blood and fluids off her hands. "Thank you, John."

Crichton wandered over to look at her work and smiled appreciatively. "Talyn, status please."

After a moment Crichton laughed at the gunship's reply. "Yes, you're absolutely right." He chuckled again and tapped the tank with his knuckles.

Aeryn came up and slipped her arm around Crichton's waist as Crichton wrapped an arm over her shoulder. "I'm glad it worked. I wasn't sure they would blend well into the systems."

"Me neither." Crichton admitted. "Who would have thought D'Argo would be perfect for combat analysis and Rygel for strategic planning."

"Well you did damage Crais' brain too much to be of use." Aeryn noted.

"I know but he did not leave me much choice." Crichton replied with a shrug. "He refused to cooperate and very nearly killed me when he found out what was going on in here."

"I know. What about the rest of the transmitters?" Aeryn asked.

"Ready to go. Enough for all of those aboard Moya." Crichton replied.

"Good. I'm sure Pilot and Moya will understand that this is for the best." Aeryn replied.

"We'll convince them, if we have to." Crichton said as he leaned in, nuzzling Aeryn's hair. "How about we take a break. Talyn's got Chi watching things in Command. He'll let us know if something is up before we reach Moya."

Aeryn grinned and nodded, brushing her hand over his neck, fingering the implant protruding from the base of his neck. "I'd like that."

As they left the chamber, Aeryn lowered the lighting once more.

"Good night Big Guy, Fluffy." Crichton called out, bringing an actual chuckle from Aeryn.

Behind them Rygel's sightless eyes stared out of the container containing his head, while his mind processed the information Talyn happily fed him, plotting, planning, scheming to bring order to the universe whether it was wanted or not.

The human male and sebacean female had shown him the way. Compassion and discipline coexisting in perfect harmony. Talyn hummed happily, knowing he was an obedient ship, a compassionate ship. A good ship.