Title: The Gunslingers of Moya
Author: Karolyn Gray <kmgray3@aol.com>
ScifiBB/Chat Handle: Gray3
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Synopsis: None. Giving a synopsis would give it away.
Type: Ficlet/Humor
Pairing: M/F (John/Aeryn)
Spoilers: Season 4's Promises (vaguely)
Archiving: Yes
Disclaimers: All Farscape names, characters and other related indicia are the property of Jim Henson Productions, Hallmark Entertainment, Nine Networks, the Scifi Channel and all associated parties. No copyright infringement is intended.
Notes: Silly useless fluff in honor of Aeryn's return. Never'll happen. If you're looking for drama, action, and an understanding the deeper meanings of life go elsewhere. This might destroy a few brain cells and really belongs on the Episodes You'll Never See on Farscape list.

The Gunslingers of Moya
by Karolyn Gray
11 July 2002

They stalked towards each other wearing matching black dusters. Steely eyed, lips peeled back in matching sneers, their fingers rhythmically flexed alongside holstered pistols as the closed the gap between them stopping a pace from one another.

"Heard you were back," the brown haired male said with a long drawl.

The dark haired female nodded once, sharply. "You have a problem with that?"

The man nodded. "Yeah, I do."

"Too bad," she replied with derisive snort. "What are you going to do about it?"

He shoves her. "Tralk."

She pushes him back. "Drannit."





"I hate you!"

"I hate you!"

A pause as they glared at one another. The female finally tilts her head slightly.

"Are your horny?"

"Yeah. You?"


"Wanna start killing or frelling?" He asks with a cocky grin.

A smile appears on her face. "Those are not mutually exclusive acts."

"Prove it."

"Frell now. Kill later."

He grins. "Maybe."

She returns the grin and nods. "Maybe."

The pair leaves and those who had earlier dove for cover slowly crawl out from the table, peer down from the ventilation ducts and squirm free of the refrigeration unit.

"They gone?" Rygel asks.

D'Argo climbs to his feet. "Yes."

Chiana replaces the cover to the duct. "It's nice to have Aeryn back around."

"Yes, but do they really need to involve us in their fantasies?"

"Hey! No complaining. Be glad Aeryn never asked why I borrowed her uniform and restrains."

Rygel paused for a moment from stuffing his face. "Or that Crichton never asked you about what you were really doing in his module."