Title: Of Earth I Dream
Type: Poem
Author: Karolyn Gray
Rating: G
Spoilers: None
Disclaimers: Disclaimers: All Farscape names, characters and other related indicia are the property of Jim Henson Productions, Hallmark Entertainment, Nine Networks, the Scifi Channel and all associated parties. No copyright infringement is intended.
Notes: John's POV
Archive: Yeah, I guess if you like it.

Of Earth I Dream by Gray

I have seen the heart of darkness
And slipped through shattered memories.
Laughed in the face of pale anger,
What of my soul, the mind did scream?
For yearning of home,
Of Earth I dream.

I have danced amongst the starlit heavens
And walked on soils unknown,
Heard the whispered songs of Ancients gone
And seen a thousand sunlit seas
Yearning still,
Of Earth I dream.

I have walked the path both steady and unwise,
Tread through folly and delight,
Cried in terror and humbled by grace
By the magnificence of one raven wing
And for a time, no yearning
Of Earth I dream.