Title: Rygel Song
Author: Peacekeeperchuck
Type: Filk
No Farscape made me write a Rygel song fic.
Set to the "Log Song" from "Ren & Stimpy"
Disclaimer: I own nothing!
He floats on a throne sled,
Over your head,
He's a deposed dominar,
He'll stab you in the back,
Eat you as a snack,
He's Rygel, he's Rygel,
He farts helium,
He's Rygel, he's Rygel,
He's little, he's smelly, he's Hynerian,
No one listens to Rygel,
Everyone ignores Rygel,
He's Rygel, Rygel, Rygel!