First day of classes

Just me blathering on about the first day of the new semester and railgun stuff... Well first day of classes at ERAU-PR went about as I expected. Kind of a drag having to go from 8 am until 4 pm without a break but profs are cool about eating in class so it's not like I'll starve or anything. Decided to walk to school today instead of biking it even though I was feeling a little off for some reason. Wasn't to bad in the morning, a bit hot in the afternoon but got a ride from a school bud who kindly offered after overhearing me talking to another student about walking back to the apartment. Met a new prof to the school Dr. Mischka Kim (I hope I spelled that correctly. Hence forth referred here as Dr MK.), taking over the Attitude class from Dr. RS. Also got to reacquaint with the other Profs, Dr.'s RS & DM, and Professor PH. I kind of like knowing I've got Dr DM for the last two classes and in the same room so don't have to go traipsing all over the campus for classes. I think the semester will go all right. I think I might like my Space Prelim Design class the most so far, but I'm sure that will change if past stories turn out to be true. I'll just wait and see. Railgun update Also got word that the railgun project I was a part of last semester has got the interest of a few Profs on campus and our group might actually have a chance of getting some research funding, which would be pretty sweet. We still need to try and confirm if we were successful on our third firing or not as there seems to be some debate about it. Personally I think we were successful and the videographic evidence seems to support our case, but we still need to disassemble the housing and check the rails for scoring or other indictors of a successful test fire. If it turns out we were successful it'll be the lowest voltage I've heard of that was a success in firing, which bodes well for when/if we increase the number and type of capacitors we're using.