Guild Wars: Canthan New Year 2008

So this was my first Canthan New Years celebration in GW. I enjoyed it and thought it was fun overall from the Rollerbeetle racing (which I've done at other events) to the quests and getting a mini-Celestial Rat on my 34th lunar fortune. I mostly played my ranger, Gena Aster, but did things with all my chars save my Dervish, Lilred Scythinghood.

I was a little disappointed in some of my guild mates lack of interest, and spent much of the time alone or hanging with the guild leader or alliance members. In fact, I think I spent more time with my alliance mates then my guildies. Still, we did have fun blowing up Taco Bell (our nickname for the guild hall) to test out the new crates of fireworks and having our alliance mates enjoy the spectacle with us on Sunday..

The Good
  • All the guilds and alliances who sponsored districts for the feast. Cudos to all of them. Also had fun chatting and partying with a number of their members.
  • Celestial Rat mini. Some don't like the way they look but I think they're pretty neat.
  • Getting survivor on my Paragon, Morally Bankrupt. Only a ridiculous amount of XP more for Indomitable Survivor and Legendary Survivor. LOL.
  • New Party Animal title. I'm a little over half way there for the first level without even really trying.
  • Snowman Summoner drive-bys. Too bad the video of that didn't work out for some reason and is now lost. It was fun.
The Bad
  • Farming some of the items for the feast. Gave up farming them due to apparently low drop rates or over farming. Not sure what was up with that. DId my little part though for a couple of feasts before just kicking back and going to sponsored districts.
  • Rubberbanding and lag in Rollerbeetle racing. Just when you think you've got the win...BAM!...back to the halfway point. Kinda sucked, but still had fun.
The Ugly
  • Scammers.
  • Gold Bots.
  • 5 pigs for 1 Celestial Pig. Sure I could have made some mucho dinero selling my mini pig except I like my min pig along with the rest of my mini pets. Besides the exchange rate seemed a little insane to me.
So over all I had fun with it and thought it was well done. Lag seemed a lot better than during Winterfest 07 and in general people seemed more interested in relaxing and having fun.