Impending BSG Fic Alert

Wow. I must have been in serious need of creative writing tonight. Why do I say this? Well, I just wrote two new BSG fics, finished a third that was in progress, and I am a chapter away of finishing a fourth BSG fic I've been working off and on for a while. All in two hours. Fic coming soon Melancholy Fly A PG Lee Adama fic set post LDYB 2. ~1566 words One Thousand Deaths G rated story about the Cylon Raider, Scar. ~957 words In Cadmus' Stead NC-17 Slash fic with Apollo/Helo. ~2316 words Bacchanal (tentative title) NC-17 PWP. OT3! Apollo/Helo/Starbuck. Yes a threesome and variations thereof plus slash. ~2800 words at present. Now if I could just get the creative juices flowing to finish Deus Ex, Bona Fiscalia, and the Aeolidae fics....(hmm. I'm seeing a greco-roman influence in these titles)

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