Lament for GA

Well, now that I've gotten my annoyance over the GA fiasco out of the way... 🙂 I've loved the GA board since I first visited the forum at the suggestion of several fans I knew from Farscape and elsewhere. Despite my good experience with Scaperdom I was leery of the BSG fans because of all the tension between TOSers and NuBSG and the fact that I absolutely despise the Skiffy boards. I had lurked around Ragnar Anchorage and Adama Realm for sometime but neither really caught my attention (though I did eventually sign up at RA). GA seemed different and it just "clicked" with me. I loved all the intense discussions that occured there as much as the hilarious ones, the jokes, the artwork, and just the overall feel of friendliness about the place. Sure there was the occasional flame or personal attack, but they were rare and often ended amicably (at least in the forums). There are plenty of fans there I've had fun discussing the finer (and not so fine ) points of BSG with over there, especially with those I disagreed with. Those were some of the best discussions to be hd. I hope we'll all be able to regather at another forum and continue the fun.