LJ & Life

Obviously, I've been terrible about posting regularly on Livejournal. So I'm hoping to get back to regular postings (at least once a week) about whatever I feel like. Most likely that will be television related things. I'm not sure why I drifted away from LJ aside from being distracted by events going on in RL and a number of folks on LJ going elsewhere or dropping the service entirely. In any case, I'm going to try to post more. Yes, real posts. Not just the tweets of mine from Twitter. I admit getting a chuckle out of seeing the tweet title showing up in Russian here lately rather than English as it should. Good think I speak a bit of Russian, though the new Russian title's are pretty obvious. I think I may also browse through the themes and see what's available. While a simple theme, like the one I'm currently using, is good for most things there's something to be said to having some color. So what's been happening? I've been obsessing a bit over Syfy's Haven lately. I'm not sure what it is that grabbed me about the show but grab me it did. Now, like many fans, I'm merely waiting to see if Haven gets a third season. So in the meantime, I'm typing away at Haven fic. Of course I'm still into the usual shows: Warehouse 13, Bones, Sanctuary, and so forth. I've all ready added Alphas to this mix while I mull over whether to make Terra Nova a regular show as well. Torchwood: Miracle Day I found overall to be disappointing and likely won't return to watch it should it be renewed. The were moments of brilliance to the story, but overall it just ended up annoying me. I'm also been watching a lot of classic sci-fi and horror flicks lately, mainly thanks to Turner Classic Movies of all channels. This week should be good with The Mark of the Vampire and Nosferatu on the list. I've seen Nosferatu but not Mark of the Vampire. The last known surviving member of the feral cat colony dubbed "The Army of Darkness" I'd helped take care of died last month. Na'toth, named obviously after the Babylon 5 character of the same name, a 14 year old Burmese-Siamese mix, succumbed to kindey failure and was euthanized. That's all for now.