More thoughts on 3.06

Spoilery thinking under the cut... Some points:
  1. While I enjoy the return of Trim!Lee, how long has it been? I mean we are kind of talking miracle weight loss here if its only a short time after Collaborators. Maybe Helo is the God of Personal Trainers. Maybe the Colonials developed a maic weight loss pill centuries before when hanging with the Lords of Kobol. Who know?
  2. The Pity Party Pair. I said it before but it still annoys me.
  3. Cylon Projection. Sorry that one still rubs me all the wrong way. Maybe because how it was written or presented. I don't know. The idea of visualizing what you want and then striving toward the goal is a common enough idea, but this? I don't know.
  4. Where is Jake the Dog?!? j/k
  5. Michael Hogan's performance as the tormented and bitter Saul Tigh. He continues to do such a beautiful job, you hurt along with him. (Even when you want to kick his ass to get him out of his funk and trying to drag everyone down with him.) From being haunted by whispers of Ellen asking him what he was doing to finding comraderie in his pain and bitterness with Starbuck just highlight how much his time and events on New Caprica damaged him.
  6. I wish we had seen more of some of the characters, particularly Lee and Leoben. Then again you could probably do a whole season on just the immediate fallout from New Caprica.
  7. The whole Cylons wanting to make Earth their new home still annoys me. Especially since there really isn't much reason for them to want to go there based on what we've seen so far. Seems more of a contrivance at this point.
  8. It was nice to see the majority of the pilots had no problems with Sharon and had even accepted her somewhat. The only sort of odd thing was Racetrack's acceptance but it has been quite a long time since she made clear her hate of Cylons. Also, tends to be people react more to actions rather than words and Sharon has provided some assistance that led to key victories for the Colonials. So I can see where Racetrack has mellowed somewhat with regard to Athena.