Passing thoughts

Some brief thoughts... The Law of Nines by Terry Goodkind:  Thumbs up. And not just because I got a new hardcover copy for a ridiculously low price. I'll post a review for the book in the coming days. (Yes, a genuine, non-snarky review.) Stargate Universe: If they can keep up the improvement seen in last Friday's episode, they might just have drawn me back in. Maybe. Note to self: finish typing and post reviews for SGU. Fringe: Enjoyed the retro look for last week's episode. Heh. Clash of the Titans: Thinking about seeing it, if nothing more than to compare and reminisce over the original movie. Sam Worthington sure gets around tho' (CotT, Terminator Salvation, etc.). Sounds like Doctor Who did well in England this past weekend. Makes me look forward to the new season here. Over at ThirdsphereNet upcoming updates include some reviews and some more Babylon 5 downloads. I'm still hammering away on my LotS fic, which has gone far beyond what I intended. Ah well. I'm just happy to feel the desire to write fic again.