Funny, you'd think I'd be more interested in the fact that tomorrow is the first day of classes for the new semester. I still can't seem to find myself much concerned or interested beyond deciding whether I should walk or bike the 1/2 mile to school since my car is unavailable. Guess it will depend on the weather. Meh. Fic writing/research is going well. Just need two more names for Battlestars for one fic. (thanks to those who've e-mailed suggestions!) Did the writer's really make in error in stating where the Lagoon Nebula is located (as another BSG fan has noted)? Normally I try and pay attention to these sort of things with my interest in space and all that, but didn't this time around. Guess I'll just rewatch Home P2 tomorrow and make sure. The Lagoon Nebula should be in Sagittarius. If they put it some where else, I'm going to have to seriously fight the urge to slap someone. That aside, I wonder how difficult it would be to plot out a general location for Kobol from Earth as reference point? Think I'll go pester one of my astronomy buds about that. Heh. Maybe even take a crack it myself. How's that for geekness? Now this is bugging me.