Review: BSG 4.08: Sine Qua Non

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BSG 4.08: Sine Qua Non

BSG 4.08: Sine Qua Non

Series: Battlestar Galactica

4.5 Stars

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Repost. Original Post Date: 05/31/2008 BSG Ep. 4.08: "Sine Qua Non" Plot: Roslin and the rebel cylon baseship's sudden disappearance creates repercussions throughout the Fleet, especially for the Adamas.
Viewing Commentary:
  • Six trying to project while she was dying was interesting. And it was touching that Cottle offered his hand to her as she was dying.
  • Wow. Didn't realize Adama hated Zarek that much. I say hate since his feelings seem to go beyond mere distrust or dislike.
  • Naturally the Quorum is upset when Lee acknowledges that his father won't recognize Zarek as President.
  • Zarek is rightfully pissed off, though his getting on talk wireless all but calling the government, his government, a sham with Adama as Admiral.
  • What pin is Lee wearing? Caprica?
  • So now Lee's off and in search of a suitable interim president. Of course he enlists his old bud Romo. Seems Romo and Lee keep in touch somewhat.
  • Romo! and Lance!
  • Hm. What has kept Romo i his quarters with a window all this time?
  • Tigh actually looks surprised that Adama is aware of his meeting with Caprica Six.
  • Ellen!Six. Freaky.
  • Wel the A/R shippers will be happy with that confirmation.
  • Missing Raptor returns. The Unlucky Duo (aka Racetrack and Skulls) go investigate and find Pike is dead.
  • Searider Falcon. So it was the President's Raptor. And Adama's voice as he notes so....just yeah.
  • Romo's psychoanalyzing interrupted by Galactica sudden jump.
  • That's a lot of wrecked spacecraft.
  • Sandman's dead.
  • Quorum upset. Again.
  • Hm. Why would Lee inquire about the cat if Romo was looking right at it? Ghost cat?
  • So Caprica's been impregnated by Tigh. That brings forth an interesting possibility about the Final Five: reproduction capabilities. What if the Final Five (7, 9-12) were through a quirk of their synthetic nature actually capable of breeding with humans and Cylons alike while the Seven, minus the 8's, were not capable. It will be interesting to see if this is part of the apparent schism between the Seven and the Final Five or not.
  • Heh. Good ol' knockdown, drag out fight between Tigh and Adama. What are friends for? LOL.
  • Too bad the ship's busted up. Again.
  • Heh. I can't help but think in any other situation Starbuck would ask about Adama\\'s bruise . But for now she\\'s just being the CAG.
  • "Without which not." As Romo and Adama deal with pesky legalese.
  • Wow. So Adama's relinquishing command.
  • Btw, nice shirt Lee. Very drool worthy.
  • So Romo decides Lee is the best qualified. Naturally he has to kill him.
  • Lance (the Cat) is dead! You bastards! And for weeks. EW! Pretty sick to kill someone's pet. Sadly I suspect someone did it because they were mad at Romo getting Baltar acquitted.
  • JB did an excellent job there looking shocked at finding the dead cat inside the bag.
  • So Lee talk Romo into choosing not to kill him.
  • Leeland Joseph Adama.
  • OK, I admit I actually laughed at hearing Lee's full first name of Leeland, even though it's not that bad. I guess I just figured Lee was Lee and that was that.
  • Jake!! Good to see the real hero of the resistance wasn't left behind.
  • "Good luck, Jake." "Ruff." ROFLMAO at Romo's expression.
  • *snicker* I think Romo is regretting playing his little games with Lee now that he's suddenly the provider for Jake.
  • Tigh as Commander. Heh.
  • Tigh's "you have no idea how I've changed" face was priceless.
  • Interesting back story nugget: Adama's first mission was a solo Raptor recon.
  • Husker! Nice to see Adama in a flight suit again.
  • Kara and Lee seeing Adama off was sweet.
  • Tory seems awful accepting of Lee as new interim president.
  • So Zarek is still VP.
  • Cool shot of the fleet leaving as he settles in.
Misc. Comments: A very entertaining episode focusing on the Adama's mainly. MH and EJO were especially good this episode as JB and Mark Sheppard. I didn't rate as highly as some given some of the near soap-ish instances and a certain air of inevitability over Lee Adama being chosen as interim President. Rating: 8.5/10.0