Review: Eureka 4.11 “Liftoff”

Warning: Spoilers below the cut!

Eureka 4.11 “Liftoff”


Plot: Relationships are tested when an inadvertent launch strands Fargo and Zane in orbit.


Viewing Points:


  • The bride is having cold feet.
  • I knew the bride was SARAH.
  • Thanks Henry, now we know Jack and Alison are going to have some disagreement this episode for sure.
  • Disengaging aerospace engineer mode. Otherwise I’d never get past harping about the rocketry to enjoy the episode.
  • Never really thought Zane would freak out like that in space.
  • Not surprised Fargo is totally geeking out at achieving a lifelong dream (even if it was not the way he expected).
  • Horses!
  • Nice continuity with the bosun catcher’s mitt device.
  • The vomiting part in space is no surprise. Space motion sickness is a common occurrence when adjusting to a microgravity environment of space.
  • Merging old tech and new tech.
  • Jack and Alison just need to figure out how to balance their private lives with their personal lives.
  • So, obviously, Fargo told Zane something about Jo’s relationship with the other him.
  • Looks like things may get dicey for Eureka.
  • Reengaging aerospace engineer mode.




Obviously the return of season 4.5 is going to continue changing and reshaping Eureka’s relationships, more importantly that those relationships are a work in progress. For example, Jack and Alison realize they need to figure out how to separate out their personal and private lives while SARAH and Deputy Andy work out how to progress in their relationship after SARAH canceling their wedding. We also have Zane, after bonding and perhaps even getting a better understanding with Fargo, obviously deciding about how to proceed (if at all) with Jo given what he’s learned. And then there is Eureka’s relationship with the government (particularly the military) that is coming under scrutiny.


All in all a great start to the second half of season 4.


Rating: 8.0/10.0